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Declaw Bouquets and Brickbats for Veterinarians — 13 Comments

  1. Firstly I couldn’t agree more with everyone! a brilliant poster Ruth!! I think we should sing the praises of non-declawing vets to the roof tops they so deserve all the positive press they can get and in turn hopefully this should shame the de-clawing ones.

    • lol yes a hatchet would be a good idea Dee, but I expect that house brick would do a good job of crushing that vet’s finger ends so he could declaw no more cats, but who could catch him? Coward that he is he’s taking off at a rate of knots when challenged.
      When that brick connects it might knock some sense and compassion into his head.
      As our late mother would say ‘Every picture tells a story’ 😉

  2. Yes forget the bat and stick with a well aimed brick at veterinarians who would harm cats for profit, forget also all the hogwash about declawing keeping cats in homes (remember the shelter study we did some years ago) and forget the “they’ll just go somewhere else” excuse, it’s all a load of twaddle, vets who declaw do it for one reason alone and that is profit, but never should we forget the vets who charge EXTRA for pain relief!

    • The vets who charge extra for pain relief need an EXTRA HUGE brick smashed off their bonce to knock compassion into them and NO headache relief allowed.

  3. lol yes a good dream, a great big brick is about to hit that smug vet who thinks that his clients are the people who take their cats to him, well of course he thinks that as they pay the bills!
    But in my opinion the cats are the clients, they are the ones the vets trained to care for, yet the fact that declaw vets agree to mutilate them says to me that they care more about making money than they care about those cats and their quality of life.

  4. Beautiful and clever poster, Ruth, the best bit of which is the bottom part where the lady throws the brick. Very intense. It is almost animated. Perhaps it fires up my imagination and pushes the button inside me. I’ll be dreaming about it tonight!

  5. Brilliant a very clever poster that gets the message across and I love the way the cats are showing their feelings towards those 3 vets.Your posters don’t need articles they say it all.

  6. Another great poster Ruth – these are great for passing around on facebook and anywhere you can really. ITs heartbreaking that this awfulness continues on year after year. I wish they would just stop doing it. It is outrageous and so very wrong. How can those who do this accept they are this tiny minority in a world where it is considered abusive, cruel and torture. Surely people who do it knowing that are just incredibly self centered assholes who dont care about the rest of the world or anything except their own needs. If I found out I was one of such a minority I would for sure think about it and change my ways.

    The people who do this are like the bankers who buy up houses in Notting Hill gate, completely destroying it with their basement renovations and constant building and destroying the community and vandalising the houses- and when asked if they even care that the communtiy hates them they answer that they just dont. The common theme here is money and self centered selfish and totaly un-empathic people who care only for what they want. They exist everywhere in all walks of life and they ruin it for everyone else. Ruining it for everyone else is usually a sticking point – the point where you think – yes I do care what other people think of me. But there are people who don’t. They don’t have built in morals. They just do what they want for money and furniture or whatever – they are disgusting.

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