Declaw Posters

As the title says, these are posters about declawing. They speak loudly about the unethical and immoral process of declawing cats. They were created by Ruth, AKA Kattadorra, who has kindly allowed anyone to use them, in any way i.e. online or by printing hard copies.  They are licensed for use under a creative commons license that requires that you credit the author and use the poster as is.

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. Please credit Ruth like this: “Poster by Ruth AKA Kattadorra”.

Ruth has made a huge contribution to the anti-declaw movement. If you want to print them and/or upload them to your website they can be downloaded to your computer by selecting the link at the base of the poster that says “(download original)”. The original sized poster appears. You then right click on the poster and “save image as” (Apple Mac) to your computer. You can then make the poster whatever size you desire using you own software or online software. You can see the original articles on PoC that these posters illustrated by clicking on this link (you’ll have to select the article!).

Update: In 2017 I had to close the account which held these posters for presentation as a slide show page in order to save costs. Her posters can be seen illustrating many pages on this site.

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