Declawed Abyssinian Cat Reilly

Declawed Abyssinian Cat Reilly

by Jody
(Foster City, CA)

Thank you so much for speaking out about the horrors of declawing. I am not going to even watch your videos because I am sure that I could not stand it.

I have one gorgeous 9-year-old ruddy Abyssinian, who I am sure would do a number on my furniture – he’s a big, strong boy with huge claws that he readily allows me to trim – and he sure hates double-stick tape, the kindest and most effective anti-claw protection any couch ever had.

Since I suffer from the sin of having to work for a living, and an Aby cat is so human-oriented that it is downright mean to leave one alone all day, I decided to rescue another Aby, and the So Cal Abyssinian Rescue organization was happy to oblige. The same day that I called, a young blue male was dumped at the West LA animal shelter.

But the future was bleak for Reilly. He bit everyone who came near him, and was ranked by the shelter as a “vicious” cat – high on the list to be put down. It is pretty unlikely that he would have been adopted if not for the rescue organization, and they were more than happy to give him to me as I had an extra bedroom that he could acclimatize in.

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He was so fearsome, in fact, that nobody bothered to find out that he had been declawed. I suspected it, but did not really know until he allowed me to actually touch him.

It’s five years later. My two Abys have bonded as if they had been born together. And lack of claws – in addition to small size – has never prevented 7-lb Reilly from “giving the business” to my 12-lb Bugsy. His favorite thing is to bite Bugsy in the butt, which always results in much chasing and rolling around on the floor. Bugsy formerly appeared annoyed; not anymore.

Anyway, whoever did that horrible thing to Reilly, removing his claws (and it was done the “expensive” way, which is why no one could tell) – someone probably paid $1000 for a purebred cat, then spent close to $2000 to have his claws taken away – hooray for Hollywood, indeed).


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Declawed Abyssinian Cat Reilly

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Feb 15, 2010 NEVER justifiable
by: Jane A

Declawing is justifiable under NO circumstances at all EVER.
You are smug in that you think your cat is healthy and happy.You paid to have the main parts of your cat taken away.He had to adjust to live a half life not only imprisoned but crippled as well.
What about if declawing had already been banned, as it will be soon.Would you have sent that poor cat back to death row to save your oh so precious furniture ? If you truly love your cat the answer would be no, you would have trained him to a scratcher.
It’s far too easy to have cats crippled instead but soon that will change.
A home without a cat is just a house.

Feb 15, 2010 Is soft furnishing a good enough excuse for disablement?
by: Babz

Again the myth that indoor cats don’t need their claws! Those claws were so much more than a fistful of blades you know, they were put there for the purpose of grooming, walking and exercising, they are not optional they are part of the cat. You did good in rescuing him but that was cancelled out by disabling him by declawing and yes of course he is your responsibility for life seeing as it is down to you that he is an amputee. I’m afraid velevet bedding doesn’t impress me at all, I am far more impressed by kindness, compassion & empathy with dependant living creatures, you chose to share your home with a cat but when he settled in and made it his home too you decided that there were terms and conditions to his part of the deal. You may have no regrets at the moment and I hope your cat’s health doesn’t give you cause for regret, but declawing is evil, unnecessary, cruel and illegal in 38 countries and frankly if I’d declawed a cat I would do everything I could to hide the shameful fact and not post on anti-declaw sites about it.

Barbara avatar

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Feb 15, 2010 To anonymous
by: Ruth

Sorry but declawing is not right under ANY circumstances at all !
Your cat may have been lucky to have no problems so far but as he is now twelve years old he is very prone to arthritis at his age because you had his toe ends amputated. Since the operation he has not been able to exercise properly and his muscles have not been stretched as they should be.You need to keep a very close eye on him for signs of pain, cats hide their pain as much and as long as they possibly can, make sure your cat isn’t suffering in silence !
It’s too late now and no point in asking if he ever had a good strong scratching post and was taught to use it.
Nor any point now in saying that no furniture is worth crippling your cat for.
You have no regrets you say,but I think your poor cat will have felt othwerwise, deprived of his very essential toe ends. You say he was destroying ‘my’ home,surely since you took him in it was ‘his’ home too ????
Please don’t knock back all the good work the many people are doing to get this cruel uneccessary operation banned by coming here and trying to justify why you had it done to your cat.
You didn’t HAVE to have his front claws declawed,you CHOSE to !!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 14, 2010 Declawing under certain circumstances
by: Anonymous

I rescued a cat from a shelter. He was on death row and would have been put to sleep that day if I did not take him. He is now 12 years old and is a wonderful companion. I live in an apartment and he is strictly indoors except for the screened in balcony where he has a little cat door to go outside and cackle at the birds. He is a great cat. Although I had tried quite a few alternative methods, I ultimately had to declaw his front paws because he was destroying the interior of my home including the carpet, the couch, the chairs, the velvet bedding, you name it. I vowed to keep him my pet under all circumstances throughout his lifetime as I feel it is my responibility now that he has no front claws. I have no regrets. He is happy and healthy.

Aug 15, 2009 Say No to De-Clawed
by: Anonymous

I have two cats, one adult & a young kitten. My fiance bought a big & tall scratcher from ebay when we first adopted the first cat. The minute we received it and put in together, it’s like magic, she went straight to it & started scratching like crazy. I have not caught her trying to scratch my furniture except for claw marks from jumping & running around. But who would expect not to have on your scratches on furnitures if you have cats, right? Trust me, your children can do much greater damages & they talk back,too. Your cats don’t.

I remember the day I took my first cat, Sassy to get fixed. I thought it was the end of the world. I started crying the minute I left the vet’s office. I kept thinking how scared & painful she’d be after she woke up from the anesthesia. I spent my entire lunch hour seating at the vet office holding her in my arms while she was still in and out from being sedated.

My second cat, Summer tends to use her claws more often on furnitures, but never it crossed my mind to put her through that evil procedure. If I catch her scratching something she’s not suppose to. I gently pat her on the nose and say “no”, then pick her up to the scratching pole. Cats are like little children, you can train them from young, just like how you would teach your children when they’re little.

Aug 11, 2009 “Declawing cats”
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

I am from Mumbai in India where cats are never “De-Clawed” and honestly i first heard the phrase “De-Clawing cats” through the internet blogs and sites like “Pictures of cats”. I have 2 cats, a queen doo-faced Persian and her 4 month kitten who happily scratch their way on my “Setteee”, a part of cat ownership, although at times it could be destructive.A cat can be cured from “Bad Habits” like scratching on prescious furniture by simple training, akin to ‘toilet Training”.I have owned cats and whose photo’s are on “Picture of cats” in my house since 1995 and have no complaints about their claws causing damage to furniture or humans.Ultimately, akin to dogs, its the animal upbringing that counts .Reilly is lucky to have an understanding and patient owner of your calibre.

Aug 11, 2009 Happy Ending
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

It’s wonderful to hear a happy ending story for a declawed cat.Poor Reilly even though missing out on the pleasures,let alone the necessity, of having his rightful claws is very lucky to have landed with you.Bugsy will recognise that Reilly is disabled,cats do you know ! So I’m sure he makes allowances when Reilly ‘gives him the business’ lol
We in England have a petition on the go to ban declawing, to eventually present to the AVMA along with statistics, horror stories of how many declawing operations go wrong and how many cats are suffering because of it.
PLEASE sign it if you will and pass it far and wide.Declawing is illegal in our country but we care about cats all the world over and won’t rest until this cruel mutilation of beautiful cats is banned worldwide.

Aug 11, 2009 Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for sharing and providing some first hand factual information about the madness of declawing. I would like to see a thousand stories like yours.

The West Hollywood ban needs to spread out across the USA. Calif prevented its spread in state legislation – typical – the financial interest is too strong.

To declaw a purebred cat as you say and then, it seems, give up the cat because declawing made him bite really does show up the idiotic nature of the person who did this to Reilly. It supports the argument that declawing often results in relinquishment, the opposite to what the vets who declaw say. In the long term I say it indirectly kills cats. Declawing kills more cats (new window).

I too have not seen the top one of the two videos on this page, even though I put it there! I just can’t watch them as it is too horrible and plain sad. To think that veterinarians do this daily in the millions is beyond belief. They obviously have no heart or true concern for animals, which makes them shams. The bottom video is about how important claws are to cats and is watchable! – it is slow though so bring a cup of tea…

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