by Ruth
(England )

Meet Vincent, the untouchable.

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Meet Vincent, the untouchable.

Following my story about poor little Pierce, declawed and in a Shelter at only a few months old, today meet Vincent.

I came across him in one of my monthly counts for Dr Jean Hofve of the reasons why declawed cats are in Shelters. He is in a Shelter in Los Angeles and this is the description of him given:

'Large adult male. If your taste in cats runs to look, but not touch, then Vincent is just the one for you! Vincent enjoys the company of other cats and humans, but does not want to be held or touched. He is declawed in front, and would love nothing more than to spend his days sitting on your windowsill, admiring the outside world'

Just look at his face, what has that poor cat gone though? Look at the weight he has to carry partly on those poor mutilated front paws.

Who can blame him for not wanting to be held or touched! All he has to look forward to if he does find someone to adopt him is sitting on the windowsill admiring the outside world.

These Shelter counts and our 2 weekly data counts too, break my heart as I'm sure they also do the other 2 volunteers doing the same thing as me!

How many more cats like little Pierce and large Vincent have to suffer the cruel and unnecessary amputation of their precious toe ends before declawing is stopped.

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Jun 05, 2011 Still there !
by: Ruth

Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month poor Vincent sits in his cage !
When will someone take pity on him ?

Apr 16, 2011 STILL there
by: Ruth

Vincent is still sitting in his cage !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Mar 26, 2011 "Extra Special" Vincent
by: Chris H.

I'd like to see him in adopted by an Extra Special Purrrson, who'd be patient, loving and understanding. The ideal purrrson would be interested in nutrition and getting Vincent's weight down without using prescription diets (like on They'd also be interested in trying holistic medicine and things recommended to reduce pain and inflammation.

Mar 21, 2011 Still there
by: Ruth

Vincent is still sitting in his small cage, day after day, week after week, month after month.
I'd like to cage forever his ex 'owner' and the corrupt vet who did this to him !

Jan 18, 2011 Look at how he's sitting
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

Look at where Vincent is bearing weight through his front paws. It's like he's bearing weight more through the large paw pad near the rear of the paw. His paw is at a funny angle and you can follow the change all the way up his limb. He doesn't seem to be sitting the same as a cat with claws would sit. That's because he would normally be bearing his weight through his toe ends which are now missing. I don't think people who are only around declawed cats notice the difference, but I saw it right away. Some declawed cats can bear weight more on the smaller, anterior paw pads (which are designed for cushioning, not weight bearing) but he's too heavy to do that. All cats suffer from declawing, but just looking at this cat's stance and the expression on his face and you can tell he's in a lot of pain, every moment of every day. Anyone who doesn't see that just doesn't want to see it.

Jan 10, 2011 Vincent
by: Ruth

Vincent is in Metairie, LA, I'd adopt him myself if I lived over there.

Jan 08, 2011 Still there
by: Ruth

I'm very sad to say that poor Vincent is still sitting in his cage.
Someone ruined that cat's life and probably hasn't given him another thought since dumping him.

Dec 08, 2010 Poor little soul
by: Leah (England)

Kathy W I'm not surprised she was probably petrified that your son was going to hurt her and she couldn't defend herself.

How is she now?

Dec 06, 2010 poor kitty
by: kathy w

My first expience with cats was when my son was small. Being our first cat everyone told us we had to get it declawed. Not being educated on the subject we did what everyone suggested. I hate myself for it. Well Friskie was never the same. She hid behind the fridge, under the bed, everywhere.

Dec 04, 2010 To Ruth
by: Maggie

That's just it, Ruth. They say declawed cats are declawed because they find homes more easily, but in all honesty, who would want a cat that is untouchable? A cat that is so lacking in confidence that you cannot interact with him... Declawing keeps cats OUT of homes, you've proved that by writing about Vincent. And when people say that declawed cats do not experience behavioural problems they are just nothing more than ignorant fools. A declawed cat who is untouchable with no behavioural problems? What a lie. This is why Vincent remains homeless, because ignorant people cannot see what the damage of declawing has done to him physically and mentally.

Dec 03, 2010 Still there
by: Ruth

Sad to say Vincent is still sitting there in his cage.
How I wish someone kind and understanding would take him home.

Nov 20, 2010 Poor Vincent...
by: Maggie

Poor Vincent. He's such a big beautiful boy. His life has been absolutely destroyed by declawing. The fact that he doesn't like to be held obviously means he's got little confidence. But can you blame him? He became crippled over night, he doesn't know what happened. It would have been an extremely frightening experience for the poor boy.

I hope he find a good home where someone will respect him. Who ever declawed him is an evil person. Vincent deserves better...

Nov 19, 2010 Vincent
by: Edward

The look in Vincents eyes says I dont trust humans any more because they hurt me.
Someone spoilt that cats whole life and then didnt want him.
That to me is heartbreaking.

Nov 16, 2010 So Very Sad: So Very Unthinkable
by: Jo Singer

How anyone can declaw a cat is beyond my grasp. It is simply unthinkable.

Of course this cat is untouchable, and that breaks my heart.

When will humans become humane? I ask you this?


Nov 15, 2010 Oh man.....
by: Sylvia Ann

Some months ago there was a fine article by Sue describing in detail a surgical procedure that eases the pain of declawed cats. The essay was a ray of light in the gloom of suffering.

Nov 15, 2010 So sad
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

Because every male cat I've ever met with his coloring has been a snugglebug.

Humans have turned him into what he is today. There's no turning him back. The most he can hope for is a home where he can be catered to but not help.

Hopefully in time he'll find a home and forgive the human race.

Nov 15, 2010 poor Vincent
by: Kathleen

Prayers for poor Vincent. I wouldn't blame him at all for being angry at the human race, although it's a testament to the incredible forgiving nature of domestic cats that his shelter description still says he enjoys the company of humans, provided they don't try to touch him. I hope he finds a loving home soon.

Nov 15, 2010 Handsome and sad.
by: Michael

He is handsome but he looks p*ss*d off! He looks upset with the human race! If he is untouchable by human he has learned that through experience and he is doing all he must to survive. It is sad as it is totally unnecessary.

Michael Avatar

Nov 15, 2010 Poor lad
by: Barbara

What a gorgeous cat he is and how sad he's hunching there and he only knows the worst kind of "owner" so far, I hope someone soon comes and takes him home and I hope they have an outdoor run so he can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air that is the right of every living creature. Fancy advertising him like a breathing ornament to put on the windowsill! What a life!
Ruth I should think you'll dread opening up the page next time you do the study incase he is STILL sitting there in that small cage.

Barbara avatar

Nov 15, 2010 Scarred for life
by: Leah (England)

To me he is a very handsome cat. If he was housed near to me I would fetch him in an instant. To many others he is now damaged goods thanks to the vile selfish person that ruined his life.

I hope and pray that someone takes heed that his personality was changed forever at the time he was mutilated and takes him into a home with all the love and understanding he needs and deserves.

My heart bleeds for him and for all other unfortunates that have been mutilated them dumped by the fickle, selfish, vile inhuman scum that perpetrate these acts time and again.

Nov 15, 2010 Vincents eyes show it all...
by: pamela marshall

Vincents eyes show it all! all the suffering and pain...and then not being wanted or loved...
Humans have done this to him!
Now he waits to see what the future holds for him. Who will take him home and love and respect him? He now has issues,...and horrid memories, and daily pain! My heart goes out to Vincent,
and I hope that for the rest of his life, he will have a good home and be loved.
Vincent is the picture of many, many cats who have been de-clawed...who will suffer pain and deformity for the rest of their lives...Who will want them and love them...permanently disabled in body and mind....?

Nov 15, 2010 Vincent
by: Rose

Poor Vincent,I wish I could go and fetch him home myself.He looks so like my Malcolm I could swear he was his brother.It's terrible that someone took his toes away then got rid of him for being untouchable.


  1. Hi everybody. I just happened upon this story because it was linked to an article I was reading about the horrible effects of declawing cats. Based on the link that is provided (Petfinder) Vincent has been adopted. Today is March 1, 2014, by the way. I sent a message through Petfinder and I’m also going to contact the rescue organization directly tomorrow, to find out the truth about if he actually has been adopted. If he indeed has, I’m still going to pass on my contact info, just in case he comes back due to the new home “not working out” or something. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is about 60 miles away, and I go to New Orleans 1-2 times a week, so transport is not an issue here. I realize that whoever the new owner is may be overwhelmed or might not be prepared for having such a unique guy, and I’m going to make sure that this rescue group has my info if he comes back, which I pray he’s happy, but realistically, not all people are like us and unconditionally love their cats, and understand that Vincent is only as he is because he’s a product of horrible circumstances beyond his control. I have 3 furkids now, so my ONLY issue might be Vincent’s friend, but since I have a kitty family for him to be a part of, it might be okay, or maybe we can spend a few weeks together to see if he can happily live with my furkids, or if I need to smuggle in his friend Tori. My little girl that I have now was a feral that I picked up from a parking lot on a rainy day, and she’s become a very well-adjusted and happy kitty! I’ve had cats for all of my 37 years and I can even provide references if they need. Like I said, I hope he’s okay and in his furrever home, but if that’s not the case, I’m giving them another option.
    Hugs and purrs and head bomps from me and my kitty krewe

    • Thanks for your interest in Vincent. He HAS been adopted with his best friend Tortie and they are both doing very well at the sanctuary. They has to go together due to their very strong bond.

      They are living with two other kitties and have all become great friends. I personally spoke with the woman who owns the sanctuary. They are not caged anymore.

      That was all the info I was able to get but according to the personnel at the shelter they were at and the sanctuary owner they both are well and being cared for with lots of love.

      Hope this helps.

  2. lol ‘not a dicky bird’ means ‘not a word’
    No it’s not looking good for Connor returning here is it. We have it about Vincent and Torti all over facebook too but so far no one wants them. Just hoping for a Christmas miracle, they do happen sometimes.


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