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  1. I read Deb’s letter. We took in a precious kitty from a caring foster home. He was abused by all the cats and dogs in the place, so his foster mom was happy that he could be in a home alone. We watched him and he was bad about clawing furniture. We have silk upholstery among other easily marred fabrics in our home. He refused to use scratching posts. His back claws have destroyed my leather office chair.

    So that we would not have to scold him constantly and make him nervous, we had him declawed. (incidentally by a vet who said she would never have another cat that was NOT declawed.) If we ever have another one, (we’re in our mid sixties,we may not out-live him), I do not think I would declaw again. But with one claw sharpening, the draperies and furniture are in tatters.

    Every one of our cats have been rescuees. This one is the best and the smartest. He keeps us laughing,and also “takes care” of us when we are ill. When I had hip surgery, he walked slowly in front of me to guide me. When I had both shoulders replaced, he never demanded that I hold him. It’s been a year and a half. Now he is on my chest, tweeting padding, and purring demanding my attention.

    He daily calls for his Papa to pick him up and love him. He is a definite lap cat. He is OCD also. If any of his things are out of place, he pads Papa so that he will fix it. If his sand box needs changing, he goes to the linen closet door where we keep the sand box supplies, and sits with his nose to the door until Papa fixes it. (I can’t lift heavy things yet).

    In answer to Deb, our inside kitty never goes outside. He even asks me to take him to the sand box, (tnx to his Foster Mom, he won’t go alone, unless we have company). My daughter says he’s spoiled. Lol We see cats outside in our neighborhood who we know are declawed. I agree, that’s dumb and careless as we have dogs running loose that are cat killers. We had a hole in our fence that our neighbors helped with and before we could afford to get it repaired, he got in twice and killed 5 of our babies and adults.

    We also feed and shelter feral cats. Ours are “homeowners”‘ have heated water dishes, homemade shelters and blankets, plenty of food. They are all beautiful and have magnificent fur, thanks to my kind-hearted, precious husband. It is expensive and labor intensive, but he told me one day that he’d thought about them and realized that they can’t help their situation. It’s not their fault that people were not responsible pet owners. Some one has to take care of the ones who were dropped and ousted.

    We are fortunate. There are enough Cats besides the ones we have for all our neighbors to feed. Lol. About 8 of us feed water and shelter the ones we know about. We just don’t have the funds to neuter them, yet.

    We have asked for help and funding even discounted vet bills as we have plenty of animals that need neutering, but our ” humane ” society and shelters have ignored us. We can get discounted rates but from only that source.They don’t return our calls.most of the time we get an answering machine. if they do, they are snide, assuming, rude and hateful. It’ been years since I called, and will be years more.

    But, Deb, we all have inside animals, too, that we love and appreciate. I hope you will screen the home before you give Buddy to a new home. No dogs other cats or untrained abusive kids! People who just give away animals to unscreened homes are irresponsible and uncaring too.

    Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. If any of you readers win the lottery or have cash lying around, hiding under mattresses, please think about helping others like us to get our well-loved ferals fixed, provide funding for food, outdoor catteries, and watering vessels.

    • Thanks Deborah for taking the time to share your experiences. Do you have a PayPal account? I am not saying PoC will send money. I am just saying it may happen in the future.

      You sound like a very decent person but I wish you had not declawed. For that reason alone I cannot say you are a good cat caretaker. Sorry.

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