Declawed Cats Dumped By Unthinking Owner

Declawed Cats Dumped By Unthinking Owner

by Judy Duston
(Massachusetts, USA)

Stray/feral cat - photo by Shenghung Lin (photo added by Michael). This is not the cat in the story.

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Stray/feral cat - photo by Shenghung Lin (photo added by Michael). This is not the cat in the story.

I feel any mutilation to any animal is in fact inhumane. It saddens me to know Corrupt America allows such mutilations on any human or animals for the sake of money.

What would happen should this be reversed and a doctor did this to their child? But we need to look at the bigger picture, what is or does the government teach these so called vets.doctors? any type clergymen?

Every thing that happens has been taught via the gov. (schools & church etc.) then our parents. The Christians fear the devil. In all honesty the devil comes from within not out side sources. If we have evil thoughts of doing harm to another human being(?) - that's the devil within us not the devil himself.

If we live with constant fear of dying then sooner rather than later we die; that's our own making not the devil's. In other words there is no such thing as a devil, our minds/thoughts are the devil & we create hell on earth via our thoughts & actions. If Christians so strongly believe in God then how can you also believe in the devil? The two just don't go together. It's like trying to mix oil & water....

I found two stray beautiful long haired cats dumped on the side of the road, both were males and they fought constantly.

I captured one and hoped to catch the other later on. I caught & kept the timid one. He had been declawed. This cat was such a poor sight. He looked so sad - like he was ready to give up.

By some tacky luck I ran into a little boy that saw me holding one of the cats. He said there was two of them. I said how did you know this? He said they used to be his & his mom's cats. I said so why did you two just dump them off where there was no where to keep warm or even find food?

Plus the fact they had been declawed where they can never fend for them selves or catch food to survive. The boy said that they too were homeless. I said there are many homes that would have taken your cats in forever or until you & mom get another place. He said they didn't know what to do. I said local & long distance news papers have all kinds of information concerning animals, there is always so many options to choose from rather then leave them out here with no where to go & absolutely no way to fend for themselves.

Death would have been an option rather than lengthy pain & suffering. Eventually I never did find the other cat (both declawed) & the one I kept ended up very sick & dying. I could tell many, many stories of people I have come in contact with not knowing any real information on taking care of animals. Some choose to learn, others don't have time or care to take the time. etc.

Here is a great but sad story:


Hi Judy... I edited your story a bit. I hope you don't mind. If you have any photos or text to add please contact me by email...Michael

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Declawed Cats Dumped By Unthinking Owner

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Nov 26, 2010 Very very sad
by: Leah (England)

Judy your story upset me greatly. The story entitled 'how could you' moved me to tears I think because we know thats what happens so often. Animals are a commodity to some to be disposed of when they no longer fit into their life.

I don't care if someone falls on hards times, Do you know why? Because we can speak, we can ask for help, we know whats going to happen to us and therefore we can take action. When animals are dumped they don't know about this until it actually happens. They cannot possibly understand why this has happened. You're right Judy how are they supposed to hunt for food if they are declawed? How can they climb to escape from danger?

I have no sympathy for the family at all that threw out these cats but I'm sorry in my heart for the cat that wasn't found; God knows whats happened to him.

Anonymous you made Zoeys last weeks safe and as comfortable as you could, you probably made her as happy as she had ever been in her sad little life. I hope with all my heart that those that experimented on her get their comeuppance.

You are very caring to do all you did for that poor little soul. At least when she passed it wasn't in a cage wondering when she was going to be hurt again. She passed in your arms safe and not scared anymore.

Nov 25, 2010 My thoughts
by: Ruth

I found this article very sad Judy and also the anonymous comment with Zoey's dreadful story heartbreaking too.
I truly believe there are two breeds of the human race, there are those who feel for animals and there are those who don't.
Many of those who don't are merely ignorant of the importance of every living creature and that animals have feelings of fear and pain, just the same as we do. They don't actually hurt animals but they don't help them either.
Sadly though there are also some who don't feel for animals,who are truly evil, they think animals are there to be used and abused.
Those people are inadequate and hurting a defenceless animal makes them feel good and powerful, but they don't realise it makes them bitter inside and I think their Karma awaits them one day, I hope it does anyway !
All we can do is our best for all the animals we can, the ones abused for people's pleasure, for lab experiments, slaughtered for food which we don't need, etc.
Animals are not ours to use in any way but we forget animals came before us and we are merely their caretakers, but sadly some are doing a very bad job of that !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 23, 2010 Animal(s)
by: Anonymous

I buy my pet foods at whole food markets in Andover,Mass.It was suggested to not buy where animals are sold,also I do not have any thing to do with iams ever since I lost too many of my ever so beloved cats & dogs.I was so hurt when all my poor little one's from a little kitten to teen age years on to older adult cats & dogs.
I recently bought a cat from a shelter where obviously this cat had gone through some severe & major lab tests,she would sit with me for hours,when she tried to get up on my couch all I could see were her cute little eyes & tiny pushed in nose then jump up on the couch,one time while sitting with me I reached for my remote for the TV; she gasp a look of fear as though I was going to do harm to her,she jumped down & never got up on my couch again,I was very saddened by this because I was trying to gain her trust.I had the feeling she may have been in some bad pain,even so(Zoey)tried her very best to play,she loved catching butterfly's and moths what ever was flying through the air.I was so deathly worried about her not eating or drinking,after her stay here with me and many attempts of trying to get differents brands of food into her she still could not eat,with very little to no water.After a week or two I decided to take her to the vet.against my better judgement because the vet.gave her what he chose to say the meds.given to Zoey was to help her get an appetite,later I found the pill forced into her mouth was in fact a antihistamine(
for allergies)I also discovered from her blood work when I got her from the shelter,Zoey had no liver and had cancer.She was the sweetest little kitty ever & it was in my best interest as well as Zoey's to live as happily & as much & as long as she was allowed to live.Zoey died six weeks after I bought her from a shelter.During the few short weeks at least I got to see a better side of Zoey & that was her true freedom.No matter how much or how many of us speak up & speak out, will there ever be any resolutions to unnecessary lab tests? Animals always used to be self healing,never needing a vet.unless it was major such as getting hit by a car.All animals were God's very first creation here on earth.They were once free then forced to be domesticated..."The greatness of a nation can be jugded by the way it's animals are treated" by:Gandhi Any animal or human being purposely injured or put to their death will return to this resting place & resume residency.
Thank you Michael for allowing me to share.
I have a picture of Zoey(?)

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