Declawed Cats in Danger

Declawed Cats in Danger

by Ruth

Defensive cat and dog - declawed cats are at the mercy of dogs. Photo by No One Nels (Flickr)

Defensive cat and dog - declawed cats are at the mercy of dogs. Photo by No One Nels (Flickr)

Many people think strictly indoor cats don't need claws. This is WRONG !

The main reason they do need claws is of course to stay healthy, to be able to walk as a cat needs to walk and to exercise their muscles by digging in their claws.

It's a misconception that scratching is bad behaviour, the truth is that it is necessary behaviour.

But there are other reasons too why indoor cats need claws and that reason is, for self defence.

defenceless declawed cats photomontage

Maybe your home will never be broken into, but maybe it will and if you have declawed cats they are totally at the intruder's mercy.

A person bad enough to break into someone's home is hardly likely to care about the pets in that house.

A declawed cat panicking would run for cover,but could so easily be picked up and harmed by a person who cornered him. Some people enjoy torturing cats !

Or maybe the cat could escape out of the broken window. But what awaits him outside? There are many dangers, such as dogs, other cats with their claws, bad people who would hurt a cat. Imagine a handy tree and a cat in a panic running to it, a clawed cat could climb to safety. It's natural for a cat to launch and climb a tree to escape a vicious dog or any other pursuer, but a declawed cat would be trapped as he fell back to the ground.

I don't know the statistics of houses broken into in the USA and Canada, but I do know even it was only a million to one chance a burglar would target a home with a declawed cat in, that risk is one too many.

Then there are natural disasters, fires, floods and earthquakes.

To the rescue services people are a priority. Healthy animals may stand a chance of escaping and manage to exist outside, but a declawed cat would have no chance at all.

No one has the right to leave a cat in danger by having him declawed.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Until declawing is BANNED, please BOYCOTT vets who declaw and leave cats in danger.

Declawed Cats in Danger to Declawing cats

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Declawed Cats in Danger

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May 26, 2010 Thanks Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp

Thanks, Ruth. I've also put it as the featured video on my YouTube channel, it replaced Chilli's birthday video, but I'm sure Chilli won't mind, considering that basically the whole channel is based on him!

May 26, 2010 BRILLIANT video
by: Ruth

Hey Maggie, that video is BRILLIANT! I hope lots of people see it and sign our petition.
Have a look everyone who comes to PoC, you'll be well impressed:

May 26, 2010 To Maggie
by: Babz

If you have it on youtube the link to the page would be Ok and I can get the embed code from there and link to the youtube page, thank you.

You know where the group is if you decide to join.

May 26, 2010 Babz
by: Maggie Sharp

I've finally gotten the video on to YouTube, so I'm going to have a look over things to make sure the upload was successful, and then I'll get round to sending you the video. Would you like the actual file? Or the URL/embed code? I'll be posting it on PoC too...

I'm not sure if I'll be able to join your group, I don't know if I'll be able to dedicate enough time to it. I'm on break at the moment, but I'll be busy again once break is over, and I'm trying to start volunteering at the Hobart Cat Centre. (Though, I'm apparently too young, but only by a little bit.)

May 25, 2010 Crikey! Thanks for the compliments
by: Babz

You're going to have me swollen headed! Seriously though, thanks and I'm glad you enjoy my musings.

About your video, I'm wondering if you could email me it and I could add it to our new group
which is replacing the original Claws Connection group, unless you'd like to join and add it yourself. If you want to send it to me it's (at is @)

Barbara avatar

May 25, 2010 Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp

That would be great, Ruth. Thank you. As you said, Babz is a brilliant writer, and when she gets round to writing it's certainly worth reading. I would like to see the people that she wrote about in her article, to actually read it for themselves... I think it would definitely teach them a thing or two.

May 25, 2010 Blog
by: Ruth

Hi Maggie, I usually send an email round to the people who like to know when Babz writes a new blog.I can add you to it if you like ? It goes to 'undisclosed recipients' so it's very private.
She's a brilliant writer but doesn't have a great lot of time with working and all the on-line stuff she does too,where as I'm lucky to be retired.Mind you I wonder how I ever found the time to go to work lol

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 25, 2010 Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp

What disgusting people, they're not a rescue centre, they're the exact opposite! People like that are the reason that declawing is still happening, people like that are the reason that cats are living lives in pain! That's really made me mad, people are just so shallow and selfish, it makes me sick!

I like Babz's method of making people look at it from a more personal point of view, I look at Chilli now who is lying on his back with legs in all directions sleeping happily in front of a warm fire and it just makes me so happy to know that he's not in pain. But if he were declawed I think that it would be quite different, I don't even think he would be able to sleep because of the pain... Having said that, he just started doing that cute little groan that cats do when they stretch, but he did it really loud and he's still asleep!! Maybe he's dreaming....

I'm already following Babz's blog, but is there anyway that I can set email notifications or something that will let me know when she updates it?

May 24, 2010 Well done Maggie
by: Ruth

It doesn't matter about being basic, getting the point across that declawing is cruel is all that matters.
Look at this, we can hardly believe a Shelter is actually encouraging people to declaw !!!

May 24, 2010 Declawing video
by: Maggie Sharp

I'll try YouTube one more time, and if it doesn't work I'll talk to Michael.

The video doesn't actually include motion footage, it is basically made up of text and photos (some of which are quite graphical) and a song playing over the top, it didn't quite feel right with out sound... It is very basic, and is somewhat focused on the petition...

I made on the Windows Movie Maker program.

May 24, 2010 Video
by: Ruth

Maybe Michael could put your video on here Maggie ? Especially if you wrote another article about declawing to go with it. A lot of people read these pages and we often use them as links to educate people asking questions about declawing,too.They also come up on Google alerts a lot.
I wouldn't know where to begin making a video apart from a short clip on our digital camera !

May 23, 2010 Declawing
by: Maggie Sharp

In Australian schools we don't so much focus on animals, we generally support people-based charities, though some charity events will be organised for the RSPCA on occassion. Having said that, I live in Tasmania which is considered to be somewhat in significant in comparision to the mainland. People are very passionate though, hence why declawing is banned, though, from research I've done it seems that no one declawed cats here even when it was legal... That is also the same for the UK, the UK banned declawing in 2006 but it says that most people who lived there had never seen a declawed cat. Whereas in the USA approxamitely 25% of cats are declawed, that's a huge statistc... So in your country and mine, no one needed to fight for declawing to be banned, we sort of already knew it was bad, as so it was banned.... I don't know how we can encourage Americans to help us out, we are in a situation which never occurred in our countries, and yet we're the ones who have to stop it in theirs? It seems so wrong...

I've finished the video which YouTube doesn't want to process, I've uploaded about 3 times, but YouTube spends hours processing it, eventually I get frustrated and close it. Last night I had it processing for more than 5 hours!!! I'll keep trying though, and if I can't get it on to YouTube I'll put it on Flickr or Photobucket... I couldn't help slipping a picture of Chilli in, and there is also a picture of his happy healthy paw. =)

May 23, 2010 Too right
by: Ruth

I agree too and I also feel for the Americans who have been fighting for a ban on declawing for years,some whose health has suffered because of it,some who have got so depressed with getting nowhere that they couldn't go on.
There are some wonderful Americans and Canadians who never give up and I think like me Maggie, you are glad to help them as much as you can.
But we aren't on the spot, we can't go out on the streets and educate people, we can't stand wih a petition or leave posters around.
Enthusiastic people are badly needed over there, to do that and to go round schools and anywhere else people meet,to educate about declawing,as we do about animal welfare here.
Do you do that in Australia too ?
Too many people are lethargic about it, yes they know it's cruel and they care but it won't be banned if the declaw vets and the AVMA don't know how many people are against it, will it?
Posters and bookmarks are so very easy to make and distribute but there's no point in distributing them in our countries where it's already banned.
I rack my brains as to what more we in other countries can do ......

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 23, 2010 VERY well said, Kathryn!
by: Maggie Sharp

Exactly, Kathryn! I mean, there are some wonderful Americans out there who are kind hearted people, and who are strongly against declawing, but they won't do anything! Is it our job, as those in countries where declawing is illegal, to get them motivated? No, I don't think it is. I think it's up to them, WITH our support. Though, my thoughts clearly aren't a reality, which in this situation does sadden me, it makes me feel like Americans don't care, like declawing is just something that can be left in the background, like it's something that can wait. It's wrong that as we speak a cat is most likely being abused and tortured at the hands of a vet with a scalpel or laser who has a full wallet because of this cruelty, cats are suffering because people don't care, are too lazy to do something about it and are just plain greedy...

May 23, 2010 Me too
by: Kathryn

How I agree.
WHY is it allowed to go on?
The USA and Canada know that it is banned in our countries so why do they think it's acceptable in theirs?
I don't understand how so many cat lovers can sit back and do nothing.I feel sorry for the people who ARE doing something,but they need back up from their fellow countrymen,they shouldn't have to need it from other countries.
Where are you all?Why don't you DO something?
Look at the articles written by the UK people here,look at the articles and videos by an Australian fighter,look at the comments also.
For God's sake DO something all of you.

May 23, 2010 Declawing
by: Maggie Sharp

I find it frustrating that something actually has to be done. It should already be banned, like it is in so many other countries.

Why are they so far behind? Any country who is hesitating to ban declawing is, in my opinion, selfish and shallow!!

May 22, 2010 Frustrating
by: Colin

Yes it's very frustrating for us in the UK fighting on and nothing seems to be happening.
Are we wasting our time?

May 22, 2010 Ideas
by: Fran

Where do you get all your ideas from Ruth ?
A lot of work goes into your posts,that's obvious.
How I agree with what everyone else has said,especially Petra.Yes what difference amputating toes to amputating ears,both are essential to the cat.In fact come to that,toes are more essential than ears.
I like your idea Edward,why isn't someone over there doing this sort of thing,making posters to educate idiots?
What ARE they doing?Are they doing anything at all?Where are the Paw Project now?We donate money then hear no more.
There seems to be a lot of American people against declawing,but they must make their voices heard on the streets in the real world as well as here in cyber world.
If I could I'd go over there and put my money where my mouth is,except I have no money and I'm unable to travel far.
Come on Americans,FIGHT this as we would in our country.Make your voices heard,use pester power.
It's gone on too long already.

May 22, 2010 Why is declawing allowed?
by: Petra

This is brilliant and opens up a new can of worms to think about, on top of the pain and distress and for cats caused by declawing there is also this physical danger to consider. I've been following these pages for some time now and have read the various pages about declawing and joined in some debates about the rights and wrongs of declawing (correction - the wrongs of declawing, there are no rights). But I have to say that as far as I can see, those people who declaw a cat without a medical reason for that cat's own health, must surely be liable to some sort of criminal charge under cruelty laws? If someone asked a veterinary surgeon to amputate a cats tail or it's ears then surely they would be in serious trouble? What is the difference to amputating parts of it's paws? Why do the authorities allow this to happen? When is this atrocity going to be outlawed in America?

May 22, 2010 All true
by: Rose

Well said Ruth and everyone who has commented.
Yes cats need their claws to defend themselves and it's inexusable for anyone to want a cat left vulnerable in times of danger.
But declaw vets couldn't give a damn about that,they are the sort of people who would abandon any animals in their care and save their own skin in a crisis.
Cold hearted doesn't describe those cat abusers!
Surely anyone with even a tad of a brain cell would know kittens come with claws because cats need claws.Even if it was the most painfree operation in the world and had no after effects at all(which was know it isn't and hasn't)it would be MORALLY wrong to take healthy necessary parts from any animal.
I just read about a 4 paw declawed cat,imagine that,18 agonising stumps
It MUST be stopped.

May 22, 2010 Claws are essential
by: Ruth

Thanks everyone !
Just an example of how important claws are because some people think even a clawed cat couldn't defend himself enough to save his life.
The other day I was in our garden with Jozef,we were playing 'peek a boo' round the shed, and having great fun.
Next door's dog suddenly poked his face through a gap in the fence and started barking.You should have seen Jozef,he zoomed across and hissing and spitting he lashed out and the dog backed off immediately,Jo was still whacking the fence after the dog had long gone lol
Needless to say, I blocked the gap and checked there were no more as we wouldn't want the dog hurt.
But it only goes to prove that if a clawed cat comes face to face with a dog, that dog would meet its match ! Or, a more timid clawed cat could and would climb to safety up a tree, run up a fence or whatever height he could.It's amazing to see just how clever cats are at climbing.
I think any burglar picking up a clawed cat to torture would soon drop him again when those claws got to work on him.
Claws are essential, indoors and outdoors that's for sure.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 21, 2010 Declawing is a death trap
by: Maggie Sharp

Ruth you are too right, as you know I own an indoors only cat, he's fully clawed (and has been paw pumping all morning!) and would not stand a chance here if he got out and were declawed. There's a vicious dog just up the road who mauled my neighbour's arm once. Let's pretend that Chilli IS declawed, say he got outside, do you think that dog would stop and think "that cat is declawed I better leave it alone..." no, he would rip a declawed cat to shreds in a matter of seconds. As would them many birds of prey and the stacks of feral cats. And not to mention a cat I saw in the bush once, it was the size of a cougar and completely black, no one believed that I saw it, but my gosh, it was most certainly there... I don't know if its still around now, and I'm not about to go looking for it, but what if declawed Chilli came across this big cat? How long would he last?
And finally, our area is in high danger of bushfires, a crippled cat would never be able to find its way to safety. Chilli, with claws, would easily be able to find safety, I mean, he could run away without worrying about to pain of his mutilated paws, and he could easily crawl into the safety of a pipe or creek tunnel with knowledge that he can protect himself against other animals... Declawing is cruel, dangerous and selfish. It's just not worth the risk...
-By the way, I've started the declawing video! =)

May 21, 2010 Declawed cats murdered.
by: Susan

There was local incident where a condo was broken into by an ex-boyfriend turned stalker who beat the womans 2 cats to death. They were both 4-paw-declawed. If they had their claws, they could have defended themselves, gotten away & hidden from their attacker, but instead they were murdered.

May 21, 2010 Its true
by: Tracey (England)

Ruth your article was spot on as usual, even the thickest should understand that cats need their claws!

Sometimes though I have to say I really think that some 'guardians' just don't care. I've read some awful comments ranging from 'I know its painful but I'm gonna get it done anyway' to I know its painful but I don't want the cat scratching up my sofa or my kid' These people just do not care!

The only way to stop this awful torture is to get it banned. Until then please do your research or even better if you don't want claws in your house then DONT GET A CAT!!! They come with claws!! You wouldn't cut a pet birds wings off because you don't like the feathers everywhere; you wouldn't cut your hamsters legs off because you don't like the sound of his wheel every night!
Well don't do it to your cat! Just because this has been happening for generations doesnt make it right.

It will be banned eventually so think on.......

May 21, 2010 Another great blog
by: Sue

Well surely one of your blogs will get through to even the thickest person.Even if they can't read they should know the story by the pictures you post.
More and more facts about the cruelty and dangers of declawing,I really don't know how anyone can even consider having it done to their cat these days when there is so much information.

May 21, 2010 ALL cats need their claws and toes
by: Michele S.

It always amazes me that some people think indoor only cats dont need their claws. I think this is mainly because they don't realise that cats walk on their toes and it's the tips of their toes that is amputated when they are declawed. Perhaps if they understood this anatomical fact, they would realise immediately why declawing causes physical disabilities.

As you rightly say, there's no guaranteeing that the cat won't escape the home at any time and without their claws to help them climb to safety they are at great risk. I often wonder how many declawed cats died or were seriously injured after Hurrican Katrina simply because they were unable to climb out of harms way. House fires or any other emergency situation when the home needs to be evacuated immediately can happen at any time to anyone.

Accidents happen within the home too. My somewhat clumsy male cat would have had many a fall if he hadn't been able to use his claws as crampons to stop him slipping off somewhere high.

Claws are also their front-line of defence. A swipe may fend off an attacker and or at the very least it will buy the cat valuable seconds in which to make their escape. It's also their way of teaching others to respect their boundaries. A quick scratch helps educate boisterous children, excitable dogs etc., that the cat is not a toy and sometimes would prefer to be left alone. In the dog's case they learn to read the cat's body language to avoid repeat episodes, and children should be taught to read those signals too.

Anyone who thinks declawing cat is acceptable, should read the story of Homer the blind cat who attacked and scared off a burglar in his home. Homer's role in defending his owner, actually povided the physical evidence which lead to the arrest of the culprit.

Cats deserve to keep the equipment mother nature gave them for their own protection.

May 21, 2010 An Incredibly Important Blog: Thank You
by: Jo Singer

It is so crucial to get this information out to people so they have a true understanding of how important it is NOT to declaw their cats. There is so much inaccurate information that is being provided by "so called" professionals who actually, here in the United States are breaking their oath to do no harm, and greatly harming cats by performing this surgery.

Only done for human convenience and to preserve property, there is no medical reason for the surgery to be performed. I so agree with your suggestion about boycotting vets who continue to mutilate and harm our wonderful felines. Bless you for writing this blog.


May 21, 2010 It Does Happen
by: Merrily

Recently , I was in bed for the evening, and the wind was howling, I heard loud noises at the front door, and thought it was just the wind.
The next morning I found my security door had been pried and bent, from someone trying to break in.
Just last week it happened again, this time while I was out shopping. Now the door is so damaged that it will have to be replaced.
My cats have their claws, but they are too friendly, I am not sure they would run from an intruder. Hopefully their instincts would tell them they were in danger.
My point is this..... you never know when it will happen to you. A declawed cat has no ability at all to protect itself.
If you think your furniture is more important than the safety of your cat, then please find a more suitable home for your cat, and find a more appropriate pet for your lifestyle.
Beleive me ....when you come home and find your declawed cat dead beacuse it could not defend itself, you will realize how wrong your priorities were.

May 21, 2010 Shivers down my spine man
by: Edward

Man thats too horrible and realistic but its what happens and Im glad people are going to know that because Im sick to the back teeth of reading about them saying inside cats dont need claws.
What do they think they come with them for if they dont need them.
That picture must have took some doing,I wish them lot on America would print all your poster pictures off and stick them up where they can be seen.
I would if I lived there man.

May 21, 2010 Thank you
by: Ruth

Thanks Babz, no I can't get my head around it either that the very people who swear to harm no animal, do just that !
Thanks Michael, I remember reading your stories and we have heard many stories like them where declawed cats have been killed by dogs,one even in her own home when dogs got in through pushing a door open!
It makes my blood run cold to think of cats left so defenceless.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 21, 2010 Too Right Ruth
by: Babz

This is the kind of thing that people think will never happen, but it DOES happen and a cat with no claws is vulnerable to all sorts of injuries and death by the hands of crazy individuals and dogs. Likewise with floods etc, as you say the emergency services only evacuate humans and sometimes people are forced to abandon their pets when they are not allowed to stay in their homes, those pets have to fend for themselves. Well a declawed cat in that situation might as well be carrying it's own death warrant.
Whichever way you look at it declawing is a BAD idea and even after all the time I've been involved in this fight I still can't believe professional people take money to cripple cats knowing full well that they are disabling them for coping with feline life.

Barbara avatar

May 21, 2010 Stories
by: Michael

Hi Ruth, when I read your post, two "fictional stories" that I wrote about dogs attacking declawed cats came to mind.

They are on this page:

Declaw Cats

The thing is this: these two stories are accurately based on real events. It is quite horrendous to be honest and what you say is very true and very real.

We don't know how many declawed cats are attacked by dogs each year but it is likely to be a significant number.

Michael Avatar

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