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As anyone who read my posting on PoC last year will know, I miss my darling chocolate brown Persian little man "Kizzy" more than I can ever say.

There is not an hour when I do not think of him, nor a night when I do not hear his miow or feel him jump onto my bed.

I talk to him all the time, and when times are hard, as they often are, I seek his counsel. When I think of how happy he was and the full and happy life he led it makes me grateful that I live in England, and that none of my babies will ever end up in shelters because they have been let down by me.

I have penned a poem on the little chap's behalf, he was the most wonderful poet you know, and this is for all the little ones that have been abused, by the people who are supposed to love them the most. Their owners.

A Message from Heaven
Dear Mam, I miss you xx

I have seen so many things here,
I did not want to see,
Grass as green as emeralds,
Sky as blue as sea.
But I have seen some things
That are not so good,
They have made me sad inside,
I know if you saw them Mam,
They would surely make you cry.
There are little cats of every age,
And many cannot walk,
Some of them are now so scared,
They do not even talk.
I have asked among the others,
If they can tell me why it's so,
I met dear Grandma Ebby, who said
"Kiz do you want to know?"
So I sat and duly listened
To the tale she had to tell
To me it sounds like all those cats,
Came from a living hell.
When owners loved their sofas,
Their drapes and wooden doors,
So they could keep them pristine,
They'd cut off their poor cats claws.
As if that was not bad enough,
It damages their toes,
With blood and pain and damaged joints,
Their lives were full of woes.
The poor wee things then misbehave,
"No wonder" is what I say,
If we cut off every human toes,
They would not last a day,
So many of these cats end up,
Abandoned and misplaced,
Then when an angel picks them up,
It is a saving grace.
It's time the humans understand,
That ALL cats come with claws,
And if you dont, DONT have a cat,
Just polish your stupid doors.

Kizzy RIP assisted by Grandma Ebby RIP

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Aug 24, 2011 Cruel Parents
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry and when my neighbor said she had declawed her 2 cats yrs. ago so they would not ruin her furniture, I was astonished and sick. I had never heard of this before. 1 of the cats acts very strange and meows all the time-she seems mad-the other is more of a mope. I heard people do this to dogs too. Never, ever for me or my puppy. Blessing and prayers to you and your loved one. Yes, they do know how much we loved them and look down from heaven on us.

Apr 14, 2011 What next, the teeth?!
by: Anna

That declawed and therefore "biting" Main Coon which Leah had encountered at the vet...why was she (or he) there?
To take her (or his )teeth out? This is what logically comes next! I bet that vet would do it. With the same smile as the owner from living hell.
I wonder if that owner had his fingers removed or just the hands wrapped tightly by his drapes, which part of his body would he try to use to polish his stupid door?

Apr 12, 2011 I hope so
by: Leah (England)

I do so hope that their owners burn in Hell. Kizzies poetry made me cry.

A beautiful poem Kizzy. R.I.P you special little soul.

My heart is heavy with all the damaged cats both in heaven and on earth.

I want to shake sense into all the declawers who think this is as normal as yearly jabs. It is not! It is disgusting, disturbing and vile and anyone that does it or takes their cat to get it done ought to be made to suffer as they have made the innocent cat suffer.

I was watching emergency vets on the animal planet the other night when someone bought a beautiful Maine Coon into the surgery. The caretaker (happy and smiling) said 'he has no front claws so he has to bite' I switched it off because the statement appeared so normal to the vet. I couldn't watch anymore and although I used to like that particular vet I won't be tuning in again. I felt sickened.

Apr 12, 2011 Heaven and Hell
by: Anonymous

Don't worry Sylvia every soul becomes whole again when they get to Heaven.
All cats are restored to full health and have their claws and are looked after by people who really truly love cats.
Their callous owners will burn in Hell.

Apr 12, 2011 Very sad
by: Ruth

My heart aches for you Sylvia because I know how much you loved Kizzy and even though you have 15 more precious furry souls in your care you miss him so much.
There is a huge unfillable gap in your home but I know Kizzy will be looking down from Heaven with pride that you saved your latest cat Narla and worked a miracle (maybe with his help) in having her settle in so beautifully.

Our Ebby and each and every one of our cats we've loved and lost has a special place in my heart too and it upsets me terribly that some people don't appreciate every second of the time they have them in their lives.
Declawing cats, abusing them in other ways, relinquishing them to Shelters, abandoning them, I honestly don't know how people can do any of those, as to me cats are as much family as human family.
R.I.P Kizzy and our Ebby too

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 12, 2011 Typical Kizzy
by: Barbara

I had the honour of knowing the gentleman called Kizzy, he was the most gentle loving cat and he genuinely loved and cared for other cats. This poem is so typical of Kizz, I can really imagine him being upset and worried about the poor cats with disabled paws and sore shortened toes who weren't as fortunate as he was in their earthly homes. But wherever Kizzy and our beloved Grandma Ebony are I hope that as well as looking out for other angel cats they are enjoying some well earned rest, lying in the long grass, rolling in the dry earth, listening to birdsong, eating all they desire with plenty of cream to follow. Rest in peace and play in peace litle darlings, you deserve nothing but the best of everything.xx

Barbara avatar

Apr 11, 2011 heartbreaking poem..
by: Anna

I am still crying, Sylvia. Can't stop..
It is such a heartache just imagining what a horrible torture my beloved furry kitty Lyova had to go through when she had been declawed by her former parents and then dumped in a shelter..

Lyova likes to place her both front paws into the palm of my hand when I am sitting on the couch and she sleeps next to me. She then pushes my hand gently alternating her paws, like stepping in her dreams. And though it wasn't me or any body I know who mutilated my angel, I feel guilty for their sins..

The only relieve is to try saving as many new potential furry victims as possible.

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