Declawed Cats Need Joanna Lumley

Declawed Cats Need Joanna Lumley

by Mr Cat

This is written from the point of view of a declawed cat!

“Declawed cats need Joanna Lumley. I am a declawed cat. I have nightmares about what cats call the “Ministry of Fear”. Twolegs (people) call it the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). But we know better.

Cats in the United States of America live in fear of being declawed and the Ministry of Fear oversees and promotes it. They say they don’t but they actually do. They manage this by using strange double talk language. Only twolegs uses this language. It is used when twolegs wants to give the impression he means something but actually wants something else.

Dear Miss Joanna Lumley, declawed cats need you because we believe that you are the best person to help stop the American vets who attack us with their knives and lasers. We want to be left alone to behave naturally. That is all we ask. We need you to save all the cats who are to be declawed.

Some of the twolegs think they want to own us but they are fooling themselves because they want to own a furry cute animal that is nice to touch and who keeps them company. But cats don’t just do that. We like to use our claws. They are a big part of us. I am sure lots of people don’t know how important they are to us. Here is a video which explains it:

My fellow cats who are not yet declawed need Joanna Lumley because we know that you are kind and courageous. And you understand cats. You’re also famous and we need someone who can “move and shake” (twolegs use this phrase to mean someone who can get things done).

We cannot fight on our own. You know there are 20,000,0000 declawed cats in my country. I was in agony for 3 days after the operation. If all my cat brothers and sisters felt the same that makes 60 million days of agony..that is 164,000 years of agony…..

But it is much more than just about our agony. It is about our relationship with twolegs. Twolegs can be very kind (and they understand us) but there are some twolegs who must learn that they shall not abuse and use us. We have the right to be able to behave naturally and normally. This is not much to ask and a basic right for all animals.

We need a figurehead to lead us to the bright light of a brave new world were cats are understood by all twolegs and were twolegs respects us for what we are.

If you read this Miss Lumley, please leave a comment. I think you can help us. It is a big fight because the vets make lots of money when they hurt us. And they don’t want to give that up. You are the perfect person to lead us to a better world.”


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Declawed Cats Need Joanna Lumley

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Sep 07, 2009 Poor cats!
by: Feline

Dear Mr Cat. Cats’ are wonderful creatures that should keep all their claws! My two have a full set of claws and lots of scratching posts to use, they have never ever caused any harm to any person or furniture. I live in England so de-clawing is not allowed. Ask the so called caring vets in the US if they would like their finger tips chopped off? I’ve got a chainsaw!

Sep 06, 2009 How awful to have your claws taken away
by: Edward

Mr Cat,we are so sorry for you, however do you manage with no claws ? We are real glad we live in England where nobody ever thinks about doing something so cruel.We’ve heard in the USA you cats never get out in the sun or to eat grass or to chase mice and the two legs think you don’t need your claws cos you don’t do that. But how do you exercise to keep your muscles right, does arthritis not get you when you get old ? Have your two legs not heard of scratching posts ? We hope Miss Lumley can help you by making it known about this as she is famous about cats and will surely help if she gets your plea.It is very unselfish of you not to want other cats to suffer your fate.

From Edward’s cats.

Sep 06, 2009 Salute to Mr Cat
by: Everycat

Mr Cat you have put forward the truth so well, with such blinding clarity that I salute you.

I hope Ms Lumley reads your article and gets involved.

With 38 countries around the world that have banned declawing, it is time that America caught up and put its own house in order.

Sep 05, 2009 Clever lad
by: Babz

Mr Cat you are a brilliant ambassador for felines of the USA, I hope Miss Lumley step up to the plate (thought you’d like a reference to food) and gets her finger out! I hate to think about your sore toes and I think maybe you are playing down the effect it had on you and your colleagues and not telling us how long it really hurt you for after you were robbed of your toes, I know how brave you cats are and how much you like to pretend all is well, when often it isn’t.

If it were in my power all cats would have rights, and the right to keep those tiny toes with which you were born would be up there at the top of the list.

Sep 05, 2009 “DECLAWED CATS”
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Excellent awareness article.As an Indian from Mumbai, in a country where few people compared to the population keep cats as pets, the statistics of “De-clwaed cats” in America reads like a horror story.I am reading and understanding “DE-CLAWING” through this very educative blogsite. Hope “de-Clawing” is banned in America and in other Country’s where cats are a big business of the “Pet Industry”.

Sep 05, 2009 Good one Mr Cat !
by: Ruth

Mr Cat, I do hope Miss Lumley can help all your fellow cats and stop them being mutilated in the future.

Many of us are fighting to save them, we are very sorry it’s too late to save your toe ends and claws,life must be very difficult without them as we know they are very necessary to you.I wish we could put them back for you, but once gone they are gone forever.It’s dreadful that it is so easy for the two legs to have you cats declawed, it’s terrible that the two legs at the AVMA and the two legged vets who mutilate you, care more about money than they do about you who are just like us, living feeling beings but in a different form.It’s heartbreaking that a supposed to be last resort painful operation for serious scratching behaviour is done to little kittens,it’s so easy to have their toe ends removed, much easier than providing scratching posts and pads for them.

We have a petition started in the UK, to help your fellow cats in danger of this mutilation but as you say Mr Cat, we need someone famous to head our campaign.

I do hope Miss Lumley will be that person, Mr Cat.

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