Declawed Cats Need Wheelchairs

Declawed Cats Need Wheelchairs

by Ruth

Declawing is a major operation which removes the last joint of the cats toes along with the claws.

It is in fact TEN separate amputations (or even EIGHTEEN if the back paws are declawed too) by whichever means the vet does the procedure.

Some cats are sent home with their paws bandaged, some are not. Some are give pain medication, some are not.

But all are expected to immediately walk on their painful feet and to dig in a litter tray too. Some vets even believe that medication to dull the pain when the cat goes home is a bad idea because if the pain is dulled the cat will try to act normally, jumping as cats do, and of course jumping could re-open the wounds. The pain suffered by a cat on no pain medication must be excruciating.

Marmaduke demands a wheelchair

Wheelchairs are not an option for cats, despite Marmaduke above, making his ‘owner’ pay for her ignorance and for not finding out exactly what declawing means.

Imagine a person being forced to walk immediately on feet with new wounds, unthinkable isn’t it? They wouldn’t be able to hide their pain. Cats do hide their pain because to them, showing it is a sign of weakness.

A tiny cut on our finger end hurts us a lot because of the nerve endings in them. How much more agonising for us a wound on every finger stump would be from having them amputated.

A cats toes are just the same as our fingers in that they have nerve endings and that they need their ‘fingers’ to grasp things, just like we do. Laser declawing may seal those nerve endings (IF a properly trained skilled operator uses the laser machine) but the fact remains that laser declawing is not proved to be less painful and after any declawing a cat is disabled and faces a lifetime of possible physical and mental problems, at the very least almost all declawed cats develop painful arthritis.

Why would anyone who professes to love their cat, pay someone to disable him? Why would this someone who was trained to help animals, not to harm them, agree to perform this pre-meditated abuse?

38 countries say it is cruel. The civilised world watches and waits for the USA and Canada to ban declawing too.

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Declawed Cats Need Wheelchairs to Declawing cats

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Declawed Cats Need Wheelchairs

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Jun 20, 2010 Cats saved
by: Ruth

Kathryn,I do know of a few cats saved by articles on PoC but as it’s not a question and answer site as such,like Yahoo Answers is,we don’t really know how many.
Where with Yahoo Answers we know for a fact we saved well over 100 cats by educating people on that site as they came back on to say that after reading the truth about declawing, they would never consider it again.
It’s nice to see that a lot more people come on there now against declawing,so word has obviously spread.
Thanks everyone for your comments,all much appreciated and it seems more people who come here are against declawing too and that is wonderful news !
Thanks again to Finn too for his petition banner.
We now have 3682 signatures and some very telling comments.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 19, 2010 I get so angry!!
by: Tracey (England)

Well done Ruth even the dumbest of people should be able to get this into their thick skulls.

Yet sometimes you know I just can’t make up my mind; Do they know what they do and just don’t care? Or do they just think ‘oh thats a good way to save the couch’ and do it without giving no thought for the implications to the cat?

I know there are many true cat lovers in the USA and Canada that know all about cats and love them for exactly what they are claws included but I still hear time and again about how wrong the remainder have got it. The more I hear about the types of cruelty (de-clawing by far the worst)the more I blame the USA culture, ignorance and a total lack of respect for the domestic cat. (Mostly perpetrated by ‘vets’)

I hear things like ‘my cat doesn’t like the car’ Well no! there’s ignorance for you! some Americans seem to think you can treat a cat like a dog; you can’t!! cats usually hate trips in the car so don’t force them! Dogs like cars not cats!!

I hear ‘my cat hates being bathed’ again you can bath a dog but not a cat! a cats fur should lie flat to keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer; by bathing you are stripping his coat of natural oils. A cat is not a dog! Dog shampoo is for sale in the UK but you’ll never see cat shampoo because we know that you don’t bath cats!!

I hear of cats tortured and burnt alive by children and adults watching and laughing what is wrong with you all?! If that was in the UK or an country where de-clawing is illegal there would be absolute public outrage and the perpetrators would be caught and severely dealt with!

Sorry to all the genuine cat lovers in the USA and Canada but the more I read the more I can’t help but think that cats are viewed as worthless pests. You think dogs are far superior. Until you understand cats and understand that they need their claws please don’t get one.

Jun 19, 2010 Well done
by: Kathryn

Another great article Ruth.
Thank you for your never ending ideas to get the message across to those who still don’t know how wrong declawing cats is.
I can’t bear the thought of cats having to walk and dig with wounded paws.
It’s dreadful that the very people they should be able to trust…their owners …and their vet …..are the ones who cold heartedly do this to them.
I’d dearly like to know if the declawing articles here on PoC by the regular posters have saved any cats from declawing?
Has anyone reading them been convinced not to do it to their cat?

Jun 19, 2010 Yes it’s cruel
by: Ruth

Hi Teddy,yes declawing is very cruel.It started in the USA when people started keeping their cats indoors and thought more about their furniture than the cats welfare. They use all sorts of excuses, like being frightened the cat scratches the baby or the dog or the frail person.Worse still is that some American and Canadian vets offer people this cruel operation as a package with neutering kittens (spaying or castrating) and some give discount vouchers.Even though it’s supposed to be a last resort for serious scratching behaviour. Those vets make a lot of money from declawing, that’s the truth of the matter ! Many cats are suffering and many are killed too because of problems from declawing
Cats need to scratch to stay healthy and all it takes is a scratching post or pad and the cat leaves the furniture alone.
There are lots of articles about declawing here on PoC if you want to read more about it.
People from all over the world have joined together to tell everyone the truth about declawing and to hopefully one day get it banned.

Jun 19, 2010 Why do people do that
by: Teddy

Well, that is just too cruel. I do not know much about what they do to cats besides spaying, just learning this. Why would anyone who loves their cat put them thru that? Is it because they like scratching things, my cat does that alot. I got something for it to scratch on when it feels like doing so. just trimming the claws is agony for it and how about that. I used to cut my cat’s nails and it hated it. One day i found a dog chaceing my cat and the only way it could save itself was climbing very fast up a tree. From then on, i knew there was a preety good reason why cats must have heir claws intact.

So if the poor cats are declawed how are they supposed to save themselves in face of danger?

Strange what people do make themselves comfortable witout consideration for anything else.

Jun 19, 2010 Good one
by: Edward

Another good article Ruth man.I only hope more people are reading them than are commenting.
It seems to me that a lot of people are losing interest in saving cats claws and I cant say as I blame them as we seem to be getting nowhere fast.
I wish I could think up something to write but Im not good at that sort of stuff.
Kudos to those of you keeping on trying man.

Jun 18, 2010 Full marks again
by: Babz

I bet if a few of the “owners” were required to have their finger and toenails removed in the exact same manner as the cats are deproved of their toe ends there’d be a steep drop in declawing overnight! Can you imagine anyone with any decency at all booking their cats in for de-knuckling procedure knowing they were booking them pain, fear, confusion and life-long disablement? And being prepared to pay someone for this? It’s beyond belief.

Thanks for this Ruth, another great article.

Barbara avatar

Jun 18, 2010 Full marks again
by: Babz

I bet if a few of the “owners” were required to have their finger and toenails removed in the exact same manner as the cats are deproved of their toe ends there’d be a steep drop in declawing overnight! Can you imagine anyone with any decency at all booking their cats in for de-knuckling procedure knowing they were booking them pain, fear, confusion and life-long disablement? And being prepared to pay someone for this? It’s beyond belief.

Thanks for this Ruth, another great article.

Barbara avatar

Jun 18, 2010 Right
by: Rose

Maggie you are right,no one cares about cats in pain.
Most of the time no one knows.
Declawed cats are hidden behind closed doors,the only time they go out is for trips to the vets.
To the very place where they were disabled!
So no one there is going to care are they?
They are happy not to have to watch out for being scratched and happier still to hear more money going in the till for the numerous consulations about problems from the declawing.
Trained to HELP animals?
Don’t make me laugh.
USA and Canadian people please don’t patronise vets who declaw cats.
That would soon make them think twice about what they are doing.

by: Fran

Poor Marmaduke.The horrible thing about this is that it is true,that there really are cats like Marmaduke painfuly hobbling about with part of their paws missing.
It’s such a horrible thought I can’t get my head around why anyone in the world would think it acceptable.

Jun 18, 2010 Declawed cat
by: Maggie Sharp

Great article, Ruth! And so true, if this was happening to a person, there would be no hesitation in getting them a wheelchair or any other type of beneficial equipment, but cats, well, no one seems to care about them, who cares if they’re in pain, they’re not humans so they’re not worth it!

As far as I’m concerned, a declawed cat should most definitely come before an injured person! They are in indescribable pain, and no body seems to acknowledge that, selfishness and greed of the human race causes incredibly suffering for our feline companions. It’s so wrong!

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