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Pierce is one of 51 declawed kittens up for adoption in Rescue Shelters in Ohio. He is offered as neutered, vaccinated, house trained and declawed.

No explanation is given for him being in the Shelter but as he is house trained it seems obvious that someone gave him a home, had him declawed and then relinquished him to the Shelter for some reason.

He was born in July 2010, which means that now he is 4 months of age, the equivalent of around a 7 year old human child and he has already been robbed of his toe ends for life.
He will never know the joy of stretching his muscles while digging in his claws on a scratching post.

He will never be able to hook a toy with his front paws and give it a good old kick with his back paws. He will be defenceless against any children or dogs in the family he is adopted into as surely he will be, he has such a lovely little face.

He is only one of many kittens suffering from this supposedly last resort surgery. How could any vet, a person trained to help animals, have offered to or agreed to, cripple for life little Pierce or any of the other thousands of kittens like him.

I only hope he and the other kittens do find good kind homes and don't end up back in the Shelter if they develop problems from being so cruelly declawed.

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Jan 10, 2011 To Kimba
by: Ruth

So sorry Kimba but I didn't get notification of your comment when you posted for some reason and having just come on to say Pierce has gone, I've only seen it now.
Did you manage to find him on Petfinder ?
I hope so or I hope he has gone to another good home.

Dec 11, 2010 I have a home to offer pierce
by: Kimba

How can I find out more about offering a home to this declawed kitten?

Dec 03, 2010 Still no home
by: Ruth

Little Pierce is still awaiting a home of his own.
It's heart breaking !

Nov 18, 2010 This is an Atrocity
by: Jo Singer

I had to read this a couple of times to grasp how any kittens ( or any cat in fact )are subjected to this brutality.

It just gets me so angry that folks prefer their own property to the life and welfare of these magnificent animals.

This procedure MUST be banned in the United States .. and I pray that day comes very soon.

Thanks for all you do for these kitties here across the sea from you.

Nov 15, 2010 Since reading this
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

I saw the sweet little kitten here and it's led me to decide to start a small foster care program for cats on death row at an area shelter. Maybe I can save some lives, even a few. I'm so tired of looking at PTS notices and knowing I can take a few in until I find them homes. So I'm starting Furby's Halfway House.

It's impossible for me to comprehend doing this to a cat. I thought declawing went out in the 80's until I joined PoC.

Nov 15, 2010 Ed I agree
by: Leah (England)

Ed I totally agree I feel the same myself. I foster kittens for the CPL sometimes and while I've tried to do my best for all of them there are the odd ones that really touch your heart. This little kitten has touched my heart. I look at that sad little face and its as if he's saying 'what did I do?' 'why did you do this to me?' I just want to scoop him up and bring him home. It breaks my heart. I want to call the de-clawing shelters and say simply 'why do you de-claw kittens when its supposed to be a last resort?' 'Aren't you supposed to protect them from pain, not cause more suffering?'

How can anyone take that little soul (or any little soul) and do that is totally beyond me. I just hope that one day they will know the true meaning of the words suffering and pain, I hope it all comes back to them and theirs.

Shelters who de-claw are WORSE than the vets because the cats and kittens have already had an awful start in life and then what do they do? They just ensure that the misery and suffering they have already experienced carries on through their lives.

They are dispicable.

Nov 14, 2010 Sad
by: Edward

Man that is so sad.Id like to go and fetch that poor little soul home myself.I dont know how anybody can be so cruel.

Nov 13, 2010 Pierce
by: Rose

Poor little kitten.My heart breaks for him and all the others so cruelly robbed of a happy healthy life.
What is wrong that some people can't see what abuse this is and boycott those vets who do it.
Bad enough being homeless at his tender age and already neutered too,do cats get any kittenhood at all in the USA before having parts sliced from them?

Nov 13, 2010 Little Pierce
by: Barbara

Thanks for pointing this out Ruth, I too have noticed tiny kittens on petfinder labelled declawed. Surely mutilating a kitten as young as this will affect the way he grows and ensure that he suffers in the future with arthritic problems. At 7 weeks the bones in his little legs and feet will surely still be pliable and if he's walking has altered after being robbed of his toes his bones will settle in a way that they shouldn't.
Pierce is well named, someone obviously couldn't wait to pierce his fur, skin ligaments and bones with a sclapel or burn through them with a laser. This is so cruel, anyone doing it to a kitten of his age here, where declawing is illegal, would be hounded on facebook and prosecuted by the RSPCA - whereas in the USA they will have been paid to do it.

Barbara avatar

Nov 13, 2010 Shelters/rescues declaw kittens
by: Susan

I have found instances when declawed kittens are on petfinder, it is the shelter/rescue that are doing the declawing, esp if there is no explanation as to who declawed the kitten. For instance, I have an email from a shelter in Michigan that states although they get a "good share" of stray (abandoned) and owner relinquished declawed cats, clearly seeing that declawed paws do NOT guarantee a cat a home & in many cases cause the cat to lose their home, they declaw as many of their cats as they can afford because they "adopt better" - - what kind of sick & twisted logic is that - - they are supposed to be protecting animals from cruelty, not committing the acts themselves!!!

The public needs to know that this is going on so they don't support, donate, or adopt from shelters that declaw. REPUTABLE shelters/rescues do not declaw cats.

Nov 13, 2010 Disgusting!
by: pamela marshall

This act is simply disgusting!
How can any cat lover think of doing such a cruel thing to their pet?
How does that vet sleep at night, knowing that he/she has ruined a little life, all for money gain?
This operation is irreversable and life changing in the very worst way you can imagine!
My heart goes out to all cats that have been
de-clawed. I hope and pray they all find understanding and compassionate families to live with who will love them and look afer them properly.
Wake up America!
PLEASE ban this evil act in every state!!!

Nov 13, 2010 Pierce
by: Maggie

I'll never understand it. There is so much information out there and proof that declawing is cruel, and yet they still do it!

They're not just robbing Pierce of his claws, they're robbing him of a life. No cat can live a happy life if they're declawed.

Nov 12, 2010 Thanks Ruth
by: Michael

The overriding feeling that I get when I read about kittens being declawed and then relinquished while still kittens is that these cat "owners' are simply not treating these vulnerable creatures as feeling sentient beings but more like an inanimate object that can be customised such a car for example.

First you customise and then when you find you don't like the "model" you take it back and try another! It is that kind of thing. There seems to be absolutely no thought about the concept that when a cat is adopted it really has to be for the life of the cat barring severe and unforeseen circumstances.

Michael Avatar


  1. I also think it is cruel to declaw cats but in return I have rescued a 4 pawed declawed black cat whom I have had for 2 years and I have been looking for another poor black cat that has no claws only because it wouldn’t be fair to my cat who has none…his name is Oscar. He would love a playmate.Could you contact me and let me know how I could adopt this kitty….pierce or anyother black cat that is declawed.

    Thank you


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