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Poster by Ruth

My inspiration for this article was a comment on another page that ‘Cats are resilient and can handle a lot’.

This was written by a person who has a declawed cat, seemingly one of the lucky ones with no complications from the declawing …..yet …..

This truly shocked me! As if a totally unnecessary operation to amputate the cats toe ends was excusable because cats are resilient and can handle a lot!

Why should any cat HAVE to be resilient,why should any cat HAVE to handle a lot by suffering cruel surgery for the convenience of people who don’t like it that cats have claws!

Each and every cat deserves the good health, happiness and fulfillment their claws bring them. Each and every cat has the right to use those claws to exercise, to groom, to balance and of course to defend themselves.

Indoors or outdoors, cats NEED their claws!

Cats lives are very short in comparison with ours, so why risk their health and take the enjoyment of that short life from them by taking their toe ends away?

I long for the day when declawing is history worldwide and the only people with cats in their lives are those who truly love cats, claws and all.

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May 16, 2011 Another great one
by: Mrs M

Hi Ruth,well done once more,I love your latest poster.
Your posters don’t actually need words underneath because they say it all!

May 15, 2011 Just for convenience
by: Leah (England)

I’m so sick and tired of all these ‘experts’ on their sad little websites bragging about how clever they are just because they can spout this crap and then disable the comments because they can’t handle the back lash.

What and a arrogant waste of time someone is who says that cats can handle a lot! Just who do they think they are to say its ok to declaw a cat! Just who do they think they are to say cats are resilient so its ok to declaw them?!

These idiots make me sick but all we can do is just keep the awareness going on PoC that it definately ISN’T ok!

I agree with Barbara as well! Where are all the people who said they would be at the demonstration with Michael? Come on Americans! Stand up for what you say is wrong! Stand by your convictions!

May 15, 2011 I love that Ruth
by: Fran

I love it!
Very simple but hopefully very effective.
I saw that comment and I could hardly believe someone could be so cold hearted after seeing the cats in the pictures on that article.
Here it is for anyone who hasn’t seen it

I know some people think we should be nice,even to cruel idiots like that,but they make that impossible.

May 15, 2011 Hopefully Karma will catch up
by: Bert T

I’ve missed your articles and posters too Ruth.
This one is excellent!
As for the person who said cats are resiliant and can stand a lot,they are obviously blind to the suffering they have caused their cat.
By their reasoning because cats are like humans and can stand a lot,it’s OK to make them suffer. Well I just hope when Karma catches up with that person they can stand their share of the suffering they caused for themselves by inflicting it on their innocent pet.

May 13, 2011 They just don’t get it
by: Anonymous

The mentality of it being acceptable that cats can be horrifically mutilated because they can stand a lot shows that person should never have owned a cat.
People like that just don’t get it,do they!!!!!!!!

May 13, 2011 They just don’t get it
by: Anonymous

The mentality of it being acceptable that cats can be horrifically mutilated because they can stand a lot shows that person should never have owned a cat.
People like that just don’t get it,do they!!!!!!!!

May 13, 2011 Good one Ruth
by: Rose

I love that poster.
It illustrates perfectly the difference between a happy healthy cat with claws and a sad cat without.
I’d like to have a few words with the person who thinks cats can stand a lot.
I wonder if they could stand a lot too by having their finger ends amputated on someone elses selfish cruel whim.
I very much doubt it.

May 12, 2011 Brilliant statement of fact
by: Barbara

Again Ruth has nailed it. Why should anyone even consider how much pain cats can take, why should cats have to bear any amount of pain at all for a procedure that they don’t need and don’t want. It is sheer stupidity and cruelty on the parts of both the veterinarian and the owner to amputate perfectly healthy and much needed toe ends. Ignorance is no excuse, almost everyone has access to the Internet now, no one can pretend any longer that they don’t realise what declawing is. Surely the time is coming when these people will be treated like the criminals that they are and prosecuted for cruelty.
And while I’m on the subject where are all the US residents who profess to hate declawing but have sunk into apathy about the demo in July? Actions speak louder than words!
Come on! Get out and shout about it!

Barbara avatar

May 12, 2011 What?????????
by: OJ

Whoever said that cats are resilient and can handle a lot must not have even half a brain cell in their skull nor a single ounce of compassion.
Why should they be expected to handle a lot!
That person is in fact saying that they know declawing is a lot to handle.
All I can say is that they must hate cats with a passion.
Good write up Ruth and I love the poster.

May 12, 2011 Brilliant
by: Ted

Striking in its simplicity!

I’ve missed your articles and posters Ruth and I’m glad you are back with a vengeance!

May 12, 2011 Declawed vs Clawed
by: Maggie

I love the poster Ruth! It’s great!

Just because cats can handle a lot, doesn’t suddenly make them immune to pain and suffering. Cats shouldn’t have to handle a lot, as you said, their lives are so much shorter than ours. Shouldn’t we make their short lives the best they can possibly be without having to force them to unnecessarily ‘handle a lot’.?

Butchering their fingers off does the exact opposite.

by: Rudolph.A.furtado

Excellent “Caricatures” of “Declawed” and “Clawed” that speak a thousand words.

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