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This came as a Google Alert...."My 5 month old kittens were just fixed and declawed on Tuesday.

I got them back on Wednesday. The male is almost completely back to normal already - you wouldn’t even know he had it done (other than a lot of meowing which he seems to have a bit of separation anxiety).

My female, however, has not come back to being herself at all. She has done little than sleep in 3 days and is favoring one of her paws. When I try to check her paws she cries when I look at that left paw and pulls it away.

It’s obviously hurting her. I don’t see any bleeding, redness or infection. Will this get better or do I need to get her to the vet ASAP? And if not, then when do I need to take her to the vet? Thank you!"

...Needless to say all our comments were removed apart from this one from a vet tech:


'In our clinic we keep our declaws for three days and they receive heavy pain medication and anti inflammatory during this time.

I would suggest having her seen asap this baby needs pain medication if nothing else she also needs to have this paw looked and she may need to be sedated to have it looked at it is possible she is developing an infection that you can not see."

...So for all this person knows how painful declawing is she continues to work in a clinic where it is obviously commonplace.

THREE days on heavy pain medication says to me how excruciating the pain from declawing must be.

An addition from the asker revealed that those kittens had been given NO pain medication.

5 month old kittens being declawed is hardly the last resort procedure it's supposed to be!

The clinic probably pushed a neuter/declaw package deal. The male a lot of meowing put down to separation anxiety, no thought that he was in pain and shock too!

The female very obviously in serious pain and trouble with one paw. The vet tech giving advice as if this was necessary surgery performed.

How can this be right?

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Aug 29, 2010 Poor kittens
by: Sue

Did you hear any more?
I can't stop thinking of that little female in so much pain.I hope that scum of the earth took her to a decent vet for treatment.
I'd not put it past declawing vets to charge a consultation fee for treating the paws they mutilated.

Aug 27, 2010 More Weasly Reasoning
by: Kathleen

Vets get around the "last resort" recommendation for declawing by the AVMA by citing the fact that it is easier for younger, lighter animals to recover from a declaw than older, heavier ones. While it is generally true that young cats recover from ANY surgery more easily than adults (this is true in human surgery as well), the fact remains that this pre-emptive declawing DOES violate the stated policy of the AVMA on the procedure-which, as we know, is doublespeak designed to cover their backsides and make them appear beyond reproach. And by these vets' OWN ADMISSIONS, then, declawing is a procedure SO difficult to recover from that it is best done when the cat is as young and light as possible. Doesn't that tell the clients anything? It should.

Aug 27, 2010 Thank you
by: Ruth

Thanks everyone, it wasn't a wonderful article as it was rushed but I was so upset thinking about those kittens I just had to write it.
I also must apologise for using graphics I'd used before for my poster.
Thinking cap on for next article now ........

Aug 26, 2010 Too awful
by: Edward

Im crying for those kittens especially the one suffering so much is enough to make a grown man cry.
Bad enough getting neutered but we know thats for their own good but getting them declawed as well and even no pain killer is more than cruel its downright criminal.

Aug 26, 2010 Poor little souls
by: Rose

If I could have got hold of that idiot I'd have shaken every tooth in her head out.
Asking if the litle female should see the vet, torturing her by messing about with her painful stump of a paw which was so bad she couldn't put it to the floor.
Then the vet tech blithely saying she might have to be sedated to have it looked at,I bet she's never had a hysterectomy let alone her toe ends amputated on top with no pain medication.
How much longer is that blatant cruelty going to be allowed to go on?How much longer are idiots going to be free to pay those butchers disguised as vets to cripple their cats?
There must be something Americans can do to stop it.

Aug 26, 2010 Declaw/desex packages
by: Maggie (Aust.)

These declaw and desex packages are horrific. They need to stop. They scream scam, rip off and torture. This little female kitten had just gone through a major operation, and then had her toe tips butchered off. It's different for the male, his surgery isn't nearly as complicated... But clearly both kittens would have been in pain so horrendous that it exceeds our capability to imagine it. ANY vet who declaws is a devil in disguise, but a vet who offers declaw and desex packages needs to have a gun put to their head. What they do to those kittens is disgusting, and they should not be allowed within seeing distance of any animal...

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for desexing, but declawing is cruel, and putting a kitten through desexing and declawing at once is nothing less than animal cruelty and torture.

Aug 25, 2010 Too stupid to care for any animal
by: Leah (England)

Seperation anxiety, favouring one paw, crying when I try to look at her paws what do I do? What planet is this woman on for gods sake?
These are little babies and she's talking like she hasn't just put them through utter torture! She talking as though excruciating pain just couldn't even be a possibility! Oh no they don't feel pain, clearly it can't be that, must be an infection or something!!! You stupid, stupid woman! Wake up! You've just put them through hell thats whats wrong!!!

I have a 5 month kitten and I could no more do what you've done than I could stop myself slapping you even more stupid than you already are!!

Aug 25, 2010 Shocking
by: Barbara

This is just awful! The owner of the poor kittens (yes OWNER what else can this person be called?)doesn't seem to realise that she/he caused the kittens the pain and anxiety in the first place and doesn't seem to know whether she/he can be bothered to take the female back to the butcher who declawed her, even though it's obvious the kitten is in severe pain, can you believe someone sitting asking a question on the Internet about a cat in obvious distress? Both kittens have been maimed for life by this ignorant selfish oaf and apparently she hasn't even asked for pain relief. I would like to put her up against a wall and shoot her. I am NOT exaggerating.
As for the know-it-all vet tech who airs her obvious knowledge and is so unconcerned that she refers to butchered cats as "our declaws" she is as guilty as any of the butchers who chop off innocent toes.
They make me sick, the lot of them. How long is this going to be allowed to happen? WHY isn't the majority of America doing anything to stop it?

They'd rather delete answers that tell it like it is and keep their arrogant heads in the sand (or up their backsides!)

Aug 24, 2010 Ruth - There's no way to reach you.
by: Sylvia Ann

Wrote you a letter, which aborted twice. You can send me your Po Box (whatever), if you wish - or another e-mail address if you have one.

Aug 24, 2010 Vets
by: Michael

The vets keep them in pain so that they don't use their paws. This stops the wound opening up and becoming infected.

It is quite shocking and it is all in the name of human convenience and monetary profit.

If a person asks a vet to declaw their cat it tells us that he or she is not suitable for cat caretaking. And any vet who declaws (the vast majority in the USA) are not fit to be veterinarians.

It is a sad world.

Michael Avatar


  1. My cat has some of the sharpest claws I have ever seen. And even though he tries to be gentle he is a big cat and can hurt people even when he is trying not to. I’ve got scars from him getting to rough or kneading into my neck too hard (When I go to be he likes to lay on my chest and wrap his arms around my neck and cuddle). Trimming his nails can be a bit of a hassle. He is a rescue and his previous owners were abusive. We don’t know what they did, but after a year of spoiling him he is just now comfortable with me touching his feet. I could never imagine declawing him. I could never hurt him like that just to keep me and the furniture from a scratch here and there. I feel bad for people whose vets pushed it on them without giving them the chance to research it themselves. I mean, it sounds great to not have to worry about another cat scratch. And that’s the selling point a lot of money hungry vets push. I just wish more vets would be honest with owners and were looking out for the animals they are supposed to treat, not their wallet.


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