1. My cat has some of the sharpest claws I have ever seen. And even though he tries to be gentle he is a big cat and can hurt people even when he is trying not to. I’ve got scars from him getting to rough or kneading into my neck too hard (When I go to be he likes to lay on my chest and wrap his arms around my neck and cuddle). Trimming his nails can be a bit of a hassle. He is a rescue and his previous owners were abusive. We don’t know what they did, but after a year of spoiling him he is just now comfortable with me touching his feet. I could never imagine declawing him. I could never hurt him like that just to keep me and the furniture from a scratch here and there. I feel bad for people whose vets pushed it on them without giving them the chance to research it themselves. I mean, it sounds great to not have to worry about another cat scratch. And that’s the selling point a lot of money hungry vets push. I just wish more vets would be honest with owners and were looking out for the animals they are supposed to treat, not their wallet.

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