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Declawing Alternatives — 3 Comments

  1. I have to put in my 2¢ here. I don’t normally comment on these sort of things, and for the most part I agree with this post on the stance of not declawing cats, because I COMPLETELY regret having my cat declawed 21 years ago(when she was a kitten, she passed a year ago at 20)! But, I was a child at 15 and my parents didn’t know any better either. Now, of course with my new kitten I know the horror that goes on when they preform this grotesque procedure on kittens/cats and would NEVER do it again!! BUT, I am appalled that you would make people feel horrible for looking for an alternative to declawing. 1. Because if they are “googling” this subject it means they love their pet and are looking for a way to keep them happy and healthy and also still keep their home in a tidy manner without sacrificing either of them! 2. Because you make people feel like any alternative means they don’t love their pet enough to have one in the first place, and that their pet should come before ANYTHING. Now DON’T GET ME WRONG, I love my fur baby to the moon and back, but hell be it if there is a humane way for me to have her claws intact, and my furniture not be shredded, then by God I would/will find a way. Which is how I’m sure most people feel (at least I would imagine). Which leads me to 3. Telling​ people that claw covers are just as inhumane as declawing. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Have you actually done any personal research on them, or are you only going by what people have told you, or the ONE article you read?? This is a great alternative to declawing, if they are applied and cared for properly the kitten/cat is easily able to use their claws as intended and can scratch, climb and play just fine. All while saving your home, furnitures and sanity! I have been using them properly on my cat for almost 8 months now with absolutely no issues what so ever. I would be ashamed of myself if I were you; you think you are informing people of a important matter, yet after making them aware of the issue you turn around and make them feel bad for trying to find a alternative measure so they DON’T HAVE TO DECLAW! Make up your mind, not everyone has $$$ to throw down the drain on furniture just because we love our pets, AND I DO LOVE MY CAT, so we do have to do our best to find a middle ground for the cat and us. If sometime is fine with just trimming their cat’s nails and that works for them, GREAT. But, truthfully, I feel like if I’m rescuing a cat off the street and having her spayed, and she is now loved and cared for and I’m putting on claw covers, which in YOUR opinion is just as inhumane as declawing, you are the one who needs to sit and think about priorities. Just like kids, I don’t let them determine how my life or house is run, neither will my animals… and I love them both more than life!

    • Thanks for commenting Katie. The claw cap article was not written by me and is the opinion of someone else. I am happy to make people feel bad about declawing. I have a black and white purist attitude to declawing. If you consider your furniture more important than the claws of your cat and the health and wellbeing of your cat then you are not suited to having a cat. Don’t adopt a cat if you want to declaw him/her. Yes, initially there will be more unwanted cats but in time there won’t be and there will be millions of happier cats with their claws. Declawing is barbaric. My mind is fully made up thank you. Don’t declaw every unless it is absolutely necessary for the health of the cat.

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