Declawing banned in Madison, WI tonight. Effective immediately.

The good news on the declawing ban in Madison, WI comes from The Paw Project via Twitter. They are the premier organisation fighting declawing. Another step in the right direction towards a nationwide ban. It’s time the vets gave up and abandoned this obnoxious and inherently cruel surgery. It’s a national mistake. An aberration. It should never have happened. And it is taking years and years to get rid of it. In the meantime, millions of innocent kittens and adult cats have been unnecessarily mutilated by veterinarians who swore to only work in the interests of animal welfare. But they are doing it at the whim of the cats’ owners. For their convenience.

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To those people who are unconvinced that declawing is cruel and unnecessary, there are some more articles below. There are declawing complications and many of the operations are botched. Why? Because they do it fast to make more money. They just chop of the end of the toe from the last joint. Simple. Horrendous when you know that cats bloody well walk on their toes for God’s sake.

Declawing poster
Declawing poster. by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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I think the best evidence comes from vet techs as the vets themselves either keep quiet or actively support it. One famous vet/author in the UK said that it is barbaric. Yes, it is and it is obviously barbaric to anyone with their eyes open. It seems the vets have their eyes wide shut. The AVMA policy on declawing cats remains unsatisfactory. I wrote about it in 2009.

Almost 40% of declawed cats have walking issues.

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