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Sometimes it seems as if there is some sort of conspiracy amongst pro declaw people. They write on-line articles advising the declawing of cats and listing the pros of it but those pros are always for people’s benefit, never for the benefit of cats. They play down or totally dismiss the seriousness of the operation, the pain the cat suffers and the mental and physical effects declawing has on cats.

When other pro declaws post comments agreeing with the writer, they appear under the article. But when anti declaws comment (and I do know of many articles anti declaws have commented on) pointing out the cruelty and the cons of declawing for the cat, those comments very rarely appear as the writer of the article deletes them.

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

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This makes it obvious that the writers are afraid more people will read the truth. Those writers don’t want declawing to be stopped.

Maybe some are Veterinarians making a huge profit from the declawing of cats, maybe some are their staff who earn blood money and maybe some are people who just don’t care that cats suffer as long as they can continue to take this easy way out for themselves instead of providing the cat with scratching materials and training to use them.

Whatever the reason, the truth is that they are running scared because if people reading their biased articles read comments against declawing underneath those articles, most would join those of us who already know that there are no pros to declawing, there are only cons.

For the cat NONE

For the cat MANY

Cats are born with claws because they need entire healthy paws with claws for balance, walking, grooming, exercise and self defence.

Declawing is the amputation of the cats end toe joints, there is no other way to remove the claws except by removing the bone they are firmly embedded into. Laser declawing is equally as cruel as any other method.

Declawing causes many cats a lifetime of physical and/or mental problems. Despite the tired old excuse vets who declaw use, that if they didn’t declaw cats there would be more homeless cats, many declawed cats are relinquished to Rescue Shelters.

On admission to Kill Shelters many declawed cats are immediately killed because of problems which render them unrehomeable. Many declawed cats admitted to No Kill Shelters are unrehomeable and caged for life.

Cats should never be declawed for the sake of babies, children, people with compromised immune systems,elderly frail people, dogs, or furniture.
There are plenty of alternatives which work very well in the countries where declawing is recognised correctly as animal abuse and is banned.

The most basic truth of all is that it is not compulsory to have a cat,a cat is not a possession, he is a living feeling creature with the right to live the life he was born to live,with the claws that he needs to live that life.

It is wrong to take a kitten and have his toe ends amputated just incase he scratches where he shouldn’t.If a kitten does scratch where he shouldn’t then it’s not his fault, it’s the fault of the people who haven’t provided him with something to scratch on and taught him how to use it.

Declawing is the uneccessary, cruel abuse of cats.

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Jul 11, 2010 yes
by: Anonymous

Yes there is a conspiracy all right.It’s a conspiracy of greedy corrupt vets who don’t want their easy earned money to come to an end.
Cats aren’t important to them.Money and currying favour with clients are.
They of all people should know what pain and stress cats live with after this outrageous senseless surgery.

Jul 06, 2010 You are right
by: Sue

It’s a conspiracy of vets who declaw,the AVMA, and the lazy selfish folk who don’t want the world to know the truth about the daily mutilation of cats.
They think we will get fed up and go away and leave them in peace to carry on their torture but they are so very wrong.
Our numbers are growing and won’t be ignored for very much longer.

Jul 06, 2010 Absolutely
by: Michael

Yes, Ruth, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a conspiracy of sorts amongst the veterinarians and their associations and even some shelters and rescue groups. They are all driven by money of course. We all need money. Only most decent people don’t need or want to abuse other animals to get it.

Declawing is big business. It is bread and butter business for vets. They depend on it and will do all they can to protect this source of profit, including lying, misrepresenting the truth, fudging the truth and providing distorted statistics.

Thanks for the article, Ruth.

Michael Avatar

Jul 05, 2010 You are so right
by: Tracey (England)

You are spot on Ruth. There is a money making conspiracy. The pro-declawers will always delete our comments because they know we are right; otherwise what would they have to fear?

I too get sick and tired of the same old excuses, old people, sick, kids etc.

I cannot think of anything more awful than a de-clawed kitten given to a child to maul. What is it other than a living breathing stuffed toy? Why if the ‘owner’ is stupid and callous enough to de-claw in the first place then they don’t have the brains or the compassion to tell the child ‘no! don’t maul!’

Vets! yes you! you are the worst! You are the instigators of this cycle of misery; you know what horrors lie in store for an innocent kitten and you still de-claw a kitten that would not yet understand that he has to bite to defend himself. For you I have nothing but utter contempt.

Jul 05, 2010 Another really good article
by: Babz

I get so tired of seeing stupid and dangerous “advice” given about the care of cats and declawing them and of the number of times that for all there is a comment box you just know before you even start typing that your comment is going to end up in the big black void that is deletion! If those who advocate declawing are so sure they are right why do they cover up arguments against declawing? I can only think they are not as 100% sure as they make out to be!
Thanks again for another good exposè Ruth, keep them coming.

Barbara avatar

Jul 05, 2010 Kill off the demand
by: Colin

Yes that’s how we have to do it.
Kill off the demand by educating educating educating just as these blogs are educating by words and pictures.
Boycott declaw vets.
Comment on all pro-declaw posts as yes the writer reads them.
Comment on all anti-declaw posts encouraging the writer and posting our petition link.
People power is the only way to stop this corruption of vets abusing cats routinely.
US people,print off Ruth’s posters and stick them up around your neighbourhood.
There is too much lethargy and not enough being done to stop declawing.
Come on guys,let’s DO MORE to stop it.

Jul 05, 2010 Thank you Ruth
by: Kathryn

Another well thought out hard hitting write up telling the truth about the cruel senseless de-toeing of cats.
You put me to shame because my comments on so many google alerts declaw promoting have never shown and I was thinking it was a waste of time.
To be honest I sometimes feel the whole fight is a waste of time but if we give up,who will fight on?
Surely some day soon those stupid selfish buffoons of vets…I LOVE your description of them Maggie…will get the picture of how many of us are disgusted at their greed and cruelty.
PLEASE Americans and Canadians BOYCOTT vets who declaw.
Hit them in the pocket.
If their clientele drop to only people as uncaring about cats as they themselves are it might penetrate their brains the wrong they are doing.

Jul 05, 2010 I agree
by: Rose

I agree with Michele and Maggie that your articles are truly educational Ruth.
I don’t know how you think up so many different ways to get the truth out there.
That’s awful about that poor cat blinded and then dumped at a Rescue Centre and that cat is only one of many who suffer or die because of declawing.
The words I would like to use to describe vets who do this cruel procedure are unprintable!

Jul 05, 2010 Great article, Ruth!
by: Maggie Sharp

Yet another wonderful article by Ruth! Fantastic and every word is doubtlessly the honest truth.

Recently on Facebook I heard of a cat whose heart stopped during a declaw procedure. The cat awoke blind, and was then dumped at a shelter where it was frightened and alone. How can vets say that this is beneficial to an animal? How can anyone live with themselves fully aware that they are destroying the life of that animal with every claw that they rip off! But then, why should they care? That cat’s suffering has made them money, and that’s apparently all that matters… Stupid selfish buffoons!

Some people should not be allowed within an inch of an animal…

Jul 04, 2010 They may run from the truth, but they cannot hide forever
by: Michele S.

I agree there seems to be a fair amount of “censorship” when posting comments against declawing. Often the original poster heads their article up as a “debate” but then chooses not to make public anything that disagrees with their pro-declaw opinion. I take comfort from knowing that even if my comment doesn’t make it past “moderation”, that the OP had to read it before hitting delete.

The sad fact is that some vets would prefer to put financial gain above patient welfare, and some peope refuse to acknowledge the truth about declawing because that would be admitting they conspired in act of animal abuse.

Ruth, your articles are educational and a fantastic expose of all the myths and fallacies about declawing. Education really is the way forward in persuading individuals to understand that declawing is unacceptable. Unfortunately we can’t rely on the vets to abandon the practise so we have to kill off the demand from client.

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