Declawing created a cat from hell

This is a very instructional video about the impact that declawing can have on a cat’s behaviour and health. It is such a classic. A genuine cat expert, Jackson Galaxy (exotic name, sensible thinking), properly analysed this sweet looking Himalayan cat’s behaviour. Her name is “Fi”.

The problem that this cat suffered from, which made her a “cat from hell” is very typical of Persian cats in particular and any cat who is litter-averse and who has been declawed. She was, and is, not a cat from hell at all. She was put through hell by the person who asked a vet to declaw her. She is an example of people creating problems for themselves and at the same time grievously hurting a cat. Many declawed cats are relinquished to shelters because of the exact same problems described in the video….

Persians are particular susceptible to not using the litter box. They are quite emotionally sensitive cats. The key in this instance is that she found the litter uncomfortable because of tenderness in her paws caused by the declawing. She later developed arthritis in her limbs caused by an unnatural gait as a result of the declawing, which compounded the health problems.

The first time she goes into the litter box after the declaw surgery she goes “ouch”…(Jackson Galaxy) – note: watch Fi’s reaction when he palpates (feels) her paws..

Once a particular experience becomes unpleasant, a cat, like any other animal or person, will avoid the experience again. Common sense.

So, she goes to the toilet anywhere other than the litter box, which causes mayhem for her caretaker who inherited the declawing. She did not instigate it herself. She is the fifth “owner”.

“Five homes in five years….Declawed very young. Probably a botched up job”

These are Jackson’s words. It makes me wonder how many botched up jobs there have been and how many times the vet who botched it has no idea what he has done. Lots. You bet.

Fi also had a digestive tract problem. Jackson refers to “half and half”. I presume – I could well be wrong – he means dry and wet cat food. He changed her diet which improved her faeces. It is pretty well essential that cat owners observe their cat’s poo! Sounds disgusting but it is a good way of checking on health and diet.

This is a very useful and instructive video: thanks Jackson. My thanks also to Ruth, aka Kattaddorra, for spotting this video.

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Declawing created a cat from hell — 6 Comments

  1. I like Jackson very much too he’s so down to earth and so sincere about helping cats with problems and usually it’s problems caused by the stupid owners yet he keeps his cool for the cats sake.

  2. Poor little Fi – what a sweet cat – this makes me want to cry – it’s such an awful thing she must endure and furthermore having to change homes 5 times is any cat’s worst nightmare. Very sad indeed. I like Jackson too – he is good news for cats in the US. They need him.

    • It’s nothing too horrible Dee, it’s a success story she now uses her litter tray since Jackson visited her, five homes in five years but the lady she’s with now didn’t give up on her.

    • It is not a bad one to watch. It is positive and not uncomfortable. I know what you mean, though. I deliberately avoid all nasty animal videos. Too damaging to my brain.

  3. I love Jackson Galaxy AKA Cat Daddy, he unashamedly loves cats and is such a character too.
    He worked one of his miracles with this poor cat, you can see she hates her mutilated paws to be touched.
    I feel so sad for her and for cats like her, declawed as kittens, never recovering from the trauma and having to live with pain.
    It never ceases to upset me that declaw vets can be so cruel as to ruin cats lives day after day for money!

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