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Definition of double standards: A set of principles permitting greater opportunity or liberty to one than to another.

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So in Dr Doublestandard’s clinic, a dog has the opportunity and liberty to keep his nails and have regular nail trims, but a cat doesn’t have the same opportunity and liberty because his nails are removed.

In fact, a dog keeps his last toe joints, yet a cat has his amputated along with his nails.

Dr Doublestandard knows that dogs and cats equally need inoculations, neutering, deworming and defleaing and she must surely know that dogs and cats feel pain equally, so why does she advise nail trims for Rover, yet major surgery for Sammy?

Toby’s mom stands there accepting that the doctor knows best, but the child immediately questions the advice to have Sammy declawed and he speaks out against it.

What a pity adults don’t do the same.

What a pity vets like Dr Doublestandard routinely advise people to have their cats declawed.

What a pity Toby’s mom accepted it without question as it ‘sounded good’ to her.

If she’d taken a moment to think about it and wondered why cats are born with claws if vets only advise that they are taken away, it might not have ‘sounded good’ to her.

It’s time people started thinking for themselves and not blindly and trustingly handing over their cats to vets like Dr Doublestandard for cruel unnecessary surgery.

On arranging the date for their cat to be declawed, people must be told to starve the cat ready for anaesthetic, does that not tell them it’s an actual painful surgical procedure?

It’s time people realised vets are not almighty and that it’s not wrong to question them about any procedure advised for their pet.

It’s time those vets stopped breaking their oath to cause no animal to suffer.

It’s time everyone realised that cats are not second class citizens to dogs, that cats have as much right to their claws as dogs have.

It’s time the declawing of cats was banned worldwide, too many are suffering because of vets like Dr Doublestandard, with clients like Toby’s mom and dad.

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Feb 28, 2012 Another light bulb moment
by: Leah England

You know something Ruth I never thought of that either they disguise the fact that its major surgery with spaying or neutering how dammed treacherous the vets are aren’t they?

Something else struck me when you wrote ‘and of course de-clawing’ because that’s what’s known a presumtive selling and seems to me they are getting better at it, you see when I was a mortgage adviser we used it however because we were regulated it was genuinely for the good of the client. Its basically when you don’t give someone the opportunity to say no; you just presume they accept everything you’re selling.

So yes that’s what it appears to be; they say ‘and of course you’ll need this’ so its just accepted however you’re right it should be questioned because why would you hand your cat over without knowing exactly what’s going to happen.

Feb 28, 2012 True
by: Rose

Another great poster and article Ruth and so very true!
The words coming out of that vets mouth “oh and declawing of course” which makes it sound like it’s something that should be done to cats,without question.
I think young people are questioning more these days and good for them.
It’s stupid and selfish to take what a vet tells you as gospel,have some people no minds of their own to think about why a cat has claws and if they have to be removed why not dogs too?
I’d love to have seen the expressions on those cartoon parents faces if the vet had said the dog should be declawed,they’d not have been smiling and saying it sounded good.
Huh I get so annoyed at people with different standards for cats and for dogs!

Feb 28, 2012 Good points
by: Maggie

Great points in there, Ruth! Why is declawing a dog such an abhorrent thought, but declawing a cat is promoted and encouraged? I would never declaw my dog, I would never declaw my guinea pigs, and if sheep had claws, I wouldn’t declaw them either! So why would I declaw my cat? It makes no sense! Vets are hypocrites, and cat ‘owners’ who agree to have their cats declawed are gullible, ignorant and selfish.

Feb 27, 2012 SO OBVIOUS
by: Mrs M

The meaning of DE clawing is so obvious even to a child that it’s taking the claws.
I can’t get my head around anyone agreeing to it.
Yes it’s double standards alright and yes dogs bite and they scratch too especially as puppies.
I wonder if Toby’s mom would have stil thought it sounded good had that vet advised declawing the dog!
I doubt it!

Feb 27, 2012 Light bulb moment
by: Ruth

What a good description!
Maybe that’s why declaw vets love to promote their neuter/declaw packages, they can then disguise the fact that declawing is as major a surgery as neutering is. In fact much more major surgery for a male cat! A female cat soon recovers from being spayed, much sooner than from ten amputations.
But even so they sell it together by saying it’s better than having two anaethetics, so surely the client is in no doubt that it IS more than a manicure!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 27, 2012 You are right Michael
by: Ruth

You are right Michael, vets don’t advise a dog’s teeth are removed just incase he bites and we do quite often hear of people especially children, seriously injured by dogs.

Dogs claws can do a lot more damage than a cats claws. Our own late mother had very thin skin due to steroid treatment yet her 4 cats and others she used to feed too caused her no injuries at all.

But a neighbour’s dog jumped at her and tore the skin on her arm with his claws and it never did heal up.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 27, 2012 Lightbulb moment
by: Barbara

Well of course, I’d never thought of that Ruth, how can anyone pretend to think they’ve booked a kitty-manicure when they have to sign a consent form for a general anaesthetic?!? It’s just a damn excuse to shift the blame onto the vet, who also deserves heaps of blame for not educating against declawing instead of cashing in on ignorance and selfishness and making piles of blood stained dollars.

Double standards do exist, somehow dogs claws are seen as necessary and normal (if they are even thought about) whereas cats’ claws are considered a nuisance and disposable. It’s sickening.

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Feb 27, 2012 Why
by: Michael

I’d love to know why vets are biased against cats with respect to these routine procedures.

I can only assume that a cat’s claws are sharper than a dog’s claws and a cat uses his or her claws as a defence. But then a dog uses his teeth as a defense and vets don’t detooth dogs.

There are many instances of dogs biting people and causing serious injuries. No one talks about surgery on dogs to deal with that.

Definitely double standards and the cat is the victim.

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