Declawing Enlightenment?

Declawing Enlightenment?

by Michael

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I attempt, once again, to try and understand why a large percentage of Americans declaw their cats. I do this in a series of why questions and answers, drilling down until I come to an answer that provides a conclusion.

Q: Why are cats declawed?
A: To prevent furniture being scratched.

Q: Why do people want to prevent furniture from being scratched?
A: Because it looks unattractive when it is scratched.

Q: Why does furniture look unattractive when it is scratched?
A: Because it looks damaged and some of the surfaces are rough and torn.

Q: Why are the surfaces rough and torn when scratched?
A: Because a cat's claws are sharp.

Q: Why are a cat's claws sharp?
A: So that they can (a) defend themselves (b) mark territory (c) catch prey (d) grab and stretch - all natural forms of behaviour.

Q: Why are these natural forms of behaviour?
A: Because God made cats that way (note: a lot of Americans believe that God created the world).

Q: Why do people modify what God created?
A: Because when cats are kept indoors they don't need their claws for natural behaviour.

Q: Why do Americans keep their cats indoors?
A: To protect them from the dangers outside.

Q: Why protect cats from dangers outside?
A: It keeps them more healthy and prevents injury.

Q: Why keep cats more healthy and prevent injury?
A: Because the cat will be happier and the person will not need to pay vet's bills.

Q: Why is it good to keep the cat happier?
A: Because it keeps the person happier.

Q: Why avoid vet's bills?
A: Because it keeps the person happier.


People declaw cats because it makes them happier.

Q: Is that a good reason to mutilate a cat?
A: NO.

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Declawing Enlightenment?

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Mar 05, 2012
Hi Jo
by: Michael

Glad you liked it Jo. As I said the idea is to see if we can get to the reason behind declawing. I think it sort of works.

Obviously to declaw a cat simply because it makes a person happier is a sign of great selfishness and thoughtlessness, which is exactly what the declawing process is.

Mar 04, 2012
Beats me
by: Leah England

Totally beyond me. Its a twisted logic that comes from twisted people. How can anyone do something that causes so much pain and fear? Its true when you say that they keep them indoors to keep them safe then they hurt them! Cripple them for life!! Its just something I will never ever understand.

Mar 04, 2012
One Missing Question
by: Jo Singer

Great piece. Missing a question though.

Q: Why do you have a cat if beautiful furniture is what you crave?
A: Heck if I know!

Mar 04, 2012
cant think
by: Edward

Man thats a new way of looking at it asking questions and answering them yourself
I cant get in the mind of anybody who would do such a cruel thing as axing cats toe ends off so their minds must be different to mine but how can it be when humans are all the same.
Is there two sorts of humans them who dont care about how cats suffer because some know declawing hurts cats a lot and still dont care.
I cant think why people love and protect lumps of wood rather than loving and protecting warm purring cats.
No man I cant.

Mar 04, 2012
by: Michael

Thanks for the comments. The idea behind this page is to apply strict logic to see if we can find out what is behind declawing. I am pleased with what I did. I did not know the outcome when I started to ask these questions and then answer them.

Mar 04, 2012
Beyond my understanding
by: Ruth

When you put it like that Michael it does sound crazy logic.
Why anyone would deliberately starve their cat in preparation for unnecessary major surgery, leave him terrified in a place that smells of pain and fear, walk away, then later collect him, pay the people who abused him, then take him home shocked, in pain and crippled?
Do they blank out of their minds what happens between the leaving and collecting of him?
Do they care?
It doesn't seem so to me, as long as their precious furniture isn't scratched.
Does the enlightenment that cats come with claws because they need claws not strike them?
Have they never heard of scratching posts and wondered why they are made for cats?
These people should NOT have cats!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Mar 04, 2012
Twisted logic
by: Barbara

Save us from American people who keep their cats indoors to keep them more healthy and prevent injuries - then go to the "doctor" and ask him or her to injure them and make them unhealthy via a surgical procedure and pay him or her to do so!
Wierd or what?

Barbara avatar

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