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Our World. Nature is bigger than us. Photo NASA, restored by Royce Bair (Flickr)

Our World. Nature is bigger than us. Photo NASA, restored by Royce Bair (Flickr)

I was given permission to use this quote by Poochu who lives in India:

'Declawing a pet is a crime against Mother Nature'

He is a very wise man who cares about all cats and like the rest of us who truly love cats he knows that Nature provides cats with claws because they need them.

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Knowing all the possible consequences both physical and mental which declawed cats face, even if declawing was not extremely painful and traumatic for cats and even if it didn't disable them for life, how can anyone think it is acceptable to put a cat at risk of those consequences?

Declawing is a crime, it's the stealing of healthy body parts necessary to a cat's health and to his fulfillment as a cat.

A comment on another page,which I also have permission to quote, says:

'Declawing is a serious crime by the vets who get away with doing it. What's more, the people who work for them and help them are accessories and they should all be prosecuted as should the people who pay them to do the crime'

I can only agree.

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Aug 27, 2010 I Agree
by: Kathleen

I have worked at veterinary hospitals in the US off and on for over a decade. The reason it was off and on is because I tried for years to balance (in my own mind & heart) the good and lifesaving work that is done for cats against the horrifying and incredibly hypocritical practice of declawing. I grew up believing the veterinary profession was a noble one, as most pet owners and animal lovers do. It took a long time for it to sink in that yes, most veterinary practices in this country exist to make money first and foremost and not, as their oath states, "to relieve animal suffering". After being recently fired from my last veterinary job for speaking out about declawing, I'm now happy to say that I feel I am doing more good for cats by being free to speak the truth than I ever could have really done by staying at the job and keeping my mouth shut and doing what I was told.

Aug 11, 2010 To Poochu
by: Ruth

Thank YOU for the inspiration for this article from your wonderful quote and thank you for signing our petition.
Maybe your orange kitten did develop your wisdom but the seeds had to be there in the first place for it to grow.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Aug 10, 2010 Thank You.
by: Poochu

Dear Ruth,
I feel honoured to be called "wise", but this wisdom did come from the essence of knowledge gained by adopting a motherless orange kitten.

I feel I must mention here that declawing is akin to Circumcision(without medical necessity) performed on an Infant.

I hope that this good work you have started will find all the global support.

Thanking You once again for all the excellent work.

Aug 10, 2010 Politics
by: Leah

I totally agree, Ruth; its unbelievable that this still happens.

Unfortunately its all about politics and money.

I emailed a politician recently to state that his comments about another politician who bought about a ban in part of California were out of order.

He did have the courtesy to email me back stating that I was a Liberal and Lunatic. He also stated that 'no politician should hinder someone's freedom of choice'. He states this even after I ranted about a cats freedom of choice to keep his claws. Clearly he is no animal lover.

I will email him back at some point as clearly a little more education is required. I am no politician; my view is very basic; Cats are born with claws for a reason. If you don't like claws don't get a cat.

Aug 09, 2010 Good blog
by: Mel

How much I agree with this blog and with everyone's comments on it.
What strikes me is that pro declaws know it's wrong and they show they do by being so defensive about it.
Has anyone else noticed how they often come on and attack us in other ways?
Such as cats should never go out,they won't live long,they decimate birds and so forth.
Some are even outright rude using disgusting language.If that isn't being on the defensive then I don't know what is.
They try to justify declawing for all sorts of stupid reasons.I don't want my babies eyes scratched out,my house torn to shreds,my dog injured and so forth as if those little furry cats are big dangerous monsters with a fistful of sharp knives.
It makes me sick to the stomach that in reality those people don't give a fig about cats suffering.

Aug 09, 2010 Yes it is a crime
by: Kathryn

You are so right Ruth, declawing IS a crime against Mother Nature and it's a crime against cats and against all of us who love cats.
I tend to think like Pammy,that KARMA will pay those criminals back in some way or other.
But meanwhile what more can we do about the cats suffering at the hands of those criminals?
I wish I knew.

Aug 08, 2010 Another brilliant way to bring home to the public how cruel declawing is to cats.
by: Pammy

Another brillant way to show how cruel it is to de-claw a cat. There is no excuse, rhyme or reason for this barbaric act to be carried out ever! Try to imagine for one moment how you would feel to be de-clawed, and feel the pain. Then try and live an everyday life permantly maimed and in pain.Those who agree with de-clawing be warned.
What goes round comes round, and it is in your KARMA.

Aug 08, 2010 Too true
by: Rose

Premeditated abuse of cats is a crime and should be punished so how come it isn't?
How can something be banned in some countries as animal abuse but be encouraged by the animal abusers(the declaw vets)themselves in another country?Namely the USA.
Causing cats pain and lifelong suffering is either abuse or it isn't.
We all know which country has it wrong!
The one with the people paid to abuse cats and get away with it.

Aug 08, 2010 Criminals!
by: Petra

This just would not be allowed to happen here in England, anyone advertising cruelty for sale, or going on youtube describing how they commit cruelty, is tracked down and prosecuted. And yet in North America it is wholesale and readily available, even advocated!
No wonder Mother Nature is crying, she's probably thinking how much better off this planet would have been in humans hadn't evolved.

Aug 08, 2010 Declawing
by: Maggie Sharp

Another great article, Ruth! And so true! Declawing is as natural as global warming, and hurts mother Nature just as much.

I agree that declawing is a crime, and those who commit such a crime should be punished for it! But it seems that's not how it works, the vets and pet owners don't pay for the crime, the cats do. They pay through a life of pain, they're disabled and guaranteed not to recover. They're mutilated for the convinience of furniture-a pile of wood and material used to house a human's rear!!! It's twisted, sick and incredibly cruel.

Aug 08, 2010 I still can't believe it is allowed to happen
by: Barbara

I can't believe that this mass cruelty is not only allowed to happen in such a modern country, but also that people actually advertise this "service", give discounts off it and happily make a huge profit from robbing cats of their toe ends. It's plain to see that those who make the laws in the USA care nothing for animal life. The one small oasis of decency is California where 8 cities have banned declawing. A drop in the bucket, but a candle of compassion in a country that is dark for cats.

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