Declawing is Horrible

Declawing is Horrible

by Hannah Stark
(Gainesville, Orlanod & Arcadia Florida)

Picture of Daniel added by Michael (Admin) - He is an English Bengal Cat - He is safe from declawing in the UK - Photo by Michael

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Picture of Daniel added by Michael (Admin) - He is an English Bengal Cat - He is safe from declawing in the UK - Photo by Michael

I am getting a Bengal that is declawed. He belonged to a friend of mine who got him from a breeder that had him declawed before he was sold!

I feel so bad that he will never get the chance to truly be a cat. I deal with the same bullshit with the horse world.

Not declawing of course but starvation and neglect of the animal and how breeding has got out of control.So many horses end up in slaughter houses because of people. Go watch some slaughter videos. It is rough, I cry my eyes out. I have rescued for many years and it gets harder and harder.

I hope somebody puts a ban on the breeding of anything... horses, cats, dogs etc. I don't know what it will take to make the declawing stop but that is not the only thing that needs to stop when it comes to animals.

People have been able to do what they want to there animals and it is pathetic some of the shit they do!

It has got out of control! As far as the law is concerned they are considered to be property and not a living, breathing creature that feels pain, experiences hunger and thirst and so much more.

This world would be a sparse place if all the ignorance was rounded up and buried.

Hannah Stark

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Declawing is Horrible

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Aug 29, 2010 Another cat robbed
by: Barbara

How sad that this breeder assumed that whoever bought the kitten would wish it to be mutilated, he or she couldn't even claim to have had the declawing done for any valid reason and certainly not as a last resort which is the AVMA's milksop statement. I'm glad that he is going to end up with a home and family that understands what an ordeal he has been through and who will care for him with compassion.

Barbara avatar

Aug 29, 2010 You are right
by: Ruth

Hannah you are one of us !
I'm so sad for the cat and also sad for you who will see this poor cat every day unable to do the things cats need to do and enjoy doing.
I admire you very much for giving him a good home.
How on earth could a breeder be so cruel ?
You are right in that all animal abuse needs wiping out and it feels like a never ending battle as there is so much of it.
But the last people you would ever expect to be cat abusers are the vets who declaw, they are people who trained to care for all animals and that makes declawing even worse than any other abuse.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Aug 28, 2010 Agreed!
by: Michael

Hannah, I totally and utterly agree with everything you say. Thanks for saying it.

I think, though, that we are in a minority. Although there are many regular visitors to this site who think like us. And I for one love you all.

Michael Avatar

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