Declawing is Premeditated Abuse Part 2

Declawing is Premeditated Abuse Part 2

by Ruth

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Part 1 is here, which told the story in pictures of the first of five kittens to go to a new home. Each kitten wanted to be chosen. Susie chose one and called her Snowy. But Susie's mommy, in her ignorance had Snowy declawed and now poor Susie's kitten is crippled for life.

How much better it would have been for Susie to have a healthy little kitten with her claws and to learn that kittens have feelings and are not soft toys.

Snowy often holds her paws up and that makes Susie sad as she knows they must hurt. Her mommy had no idea that the vet would take off the ends of Snowy's toes as well as her claws, no one had told her that.She had only taken the kitten to the vet for a check up and to ask about vaccinations and when Snowy should be spayed.

But the vet said it would be a good idea to have her declawed.

Susie's mommy feels very guilty now and will never go to that vets again. But it's too late for Snowy, her life is ruined, declawed kittens can't use scratching posts or hook toys to play with as cats love to do. She faces lots of problems in the future because she can't walk, groom or exercise properly without her claws.

Thankfully the other mommys who took Snowy's siblings home knew all about how cruel declawing is and those kittens have scratching posts and the mommys have learned how to trim their claws regularly if necessary too.

The children they live with are learning that kittens love to play but they must not hurt them. Kittens are born with claws because they need claws, no one has the right to take those claws away and disable perfectly healthy little animals.


Declawing is Premeditated Abuse Part 2 to Declawing Cats

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Declawing is Premeditated Abuse Part 2

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Apr 03, 2010 Great
by: Bob

I don't think it can be laid out any better than it has been here in the article, and in the comments as well. I remember once when my cousin came to visit, and brought her two year old son. Of course he wanted to play with the kitties. I told his mother that if he got too close and they felt threatened, he WOULD be scratched. Sure enough, he tried to hold Ozzy and got it! Now, bear in mind that these are people who owned two dogs at the time. Even though I WARNED her, she got angry with ME! Well, she mentioned, "there IS such a thing as declawing", and then I got mad. I suppose I should have had my cats declawed just in case she decided to visit. She took her kid and left in an uproar.

I guess she won't be visiting anymore. Good boy, Ozzy!

Apr 02, 2010 Thank you
by: Ruth

Thanks for the comments everyone.
It would be interesting to know how many kittens really are declawed,probably more than the one out of five I portrayed.
It breaks my heart to think of even a single one tiny innocent kitten abused this way.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 02, 2010 Well done
by: Babz

Another great piece of information,again used on the Claws Connection group home page. I hope all the Susies grow up and learn that declawing is NOT acceptable and teach their mommies.

Apr 01, 2010 Brilliant articles
by: Tracey (UK)

ANYONE who has a child and gets their cat or kitten declawed is not worthy and never will be of having any living creature under their roof.

You are IGNORANT, SELFISH, LAZY, excuses for parents and cat keepers.

You are IGNORANT because you can't be bothered to do your homework.

SELFISH because you don't give a damn about the poor defenceless creature you have mutilated. Imagine having the ends of your fingers cut off and then being mauled, squeezed, poked prodded by someone much larger than you!

I say LAZY because you just can't be damn well bothered to explore other options.

You are a sad excuse for a parent because you are not treating your child to respect animals, you are teaching them to abuse them.

You make me angry beyond belief. If you don't want your little precious scratched then either teach them to respect a cat with claws or don't get a cat at all!!

Ruth's article was spot on. We've tried to spell it out that this is cruel I just hope Ruths words hit home because your child will remember what you've done for years to come with constant reminders through the years like wanting to know why her cat can't play with toys like her friends cat or climb, or scratch and groom.

Hope you're all happy with yourselves.

Apr 01, 2010 Wake up mommys
by: Anonymous

Oh for the day when ALL mommys realise that kittens are born with claws because they need them to be cats and oh for the day when all brats are taught cats are not toys.

Apr 01, 2010 de-clawing is de-boning cats
by: Susan

Well done Ruth! I talk to people every week that deeply regret having their cat de-boned and have made the commitment to never do it again.

Once people understand why cats scratch, how destructive de-boning really is, and how many ways cats use their claws, even as indoor-only cats, they accept that the claws are here to stay and find it easy to accommodate them so they don't cause any damage. It's not rocket-science, just common-sense!

Apr 01, 2010 Great work
by: Carol

Very well simplified to surely penetrate even the thickest brain of anyone who thinks declawing is an acceptable procedure.
It seems some people need to see it in pictures and easy to understand stories for it to hit home.
Great work Ruth and I hope it saves some poor little kittens from exactly what you say
'pre meditated abuse'
My kids love and respect all animals and I'd never have any pet cruelly crippled to give them a distorted view of the way to care for and about them.

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