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Declawing my cat 16 years ago is my biggest regret… — 4 Comments

  1. Worst decision… about 4 years ago my girlfriend wanted me to move In with her and at the time I was not living in the best conditions. She urged that in order for me to move in with her..we would have to have Captain declawed. Of course I didn’t agree initially.. it’s not like I didn’t know how horrible it was. After some time we grew closer and for some reason my daft self agreed. I took him to my place of work and had one of the doctors do it. Upon recovery his paws didn’t look symmetrical at all. He limps, he seems to be in pain at times, and every time he goes to reach for something he shakes his paws. Clearly this indicates discomfort. I just can’t believe I didn’t need my own warning and I went along with it. I regret it every single day of my life. I apologize to him constantly for it, not only that but I have a bit of resentment towards my fiancé and her sister. The guilt is so bad I feel like I should do that procedure to myself so I can endure what he does every single day, at times I think I deserve the worst because of this. I’m sorry for doing it and of course will never do it again. My fiancé tries to tell me that what’s important is what we learned and to evolve from it. I just can’t move past it. If you’re thinking about doing it…seriously just don’t. Now thinking about it it’s something from a horror movie… sorry for the intense feelings I had to pour it out.

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  3. i agree with you completely. there is a nonprofit organization called the Paw Project that I have been around and they recently made a documentary on the horrors of declaw and have made it illegal in many parts of CA. i see you live in Georgia and they will have a screening of their movie on october 6th AT 4:00 PM
    ALPHARETTA, GA 30022

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