by Ruth

A comment on another article inspired this poster and article. Kathryn said she hoped millions of amputated toe ends would return and haunt every vet who declaws cats. Thank you for the idea Kathryn.

cat declawing nightmare

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Poster by RuthThis article is dedicated to all vets who declaw and I truly hope they will be haunted by nightmares of severed or burned off toe joints for the rest of their lives because of what they do to innocent kittens and cats.

I wonder if any of those vets ever lie in bed at night and think of how many cats lives they have ruined. I wonder if they ever remember the oath they swore, to cause no animal to suffer.
How do they get around that in their conscience?

Do they have a conscience?

How can they take a kitten, just a few months old and not long left his mother, anesthetise him and then remove his tiny toe ends one by one, leaving him disabled for life?

Cats lives are short enough, why condemn them to living that short life without those essential body parts?

Little kittens love to play with soft toys, to grab them with their front claws and kick them with their back paws. They are born with the instinct to do this practice hunting and killing but those cruel vets take away their means to enjoy this game.

Those kittens face a whole lifetime of being deprived of the claws that cats need to live a happy healthy fulfilled life.

Declaw vets totally ignore the AVMA guidelines that declawing should be a last resort procedure.
The AVMA and declaw vets are now ignoring any communication from anti declaws, they obviously know there is no defence for this premeditated abuse to continue.

They must know that in countries where declawing is banned, their professional colleagues are shocked that declawing is still happening when it’s now proved that cats feel pain just as much as any other living feeling beings.

There is a spate of pro declawing videos on YouTube at present and on every one comments are disabled.

How desperate those vets must be to be afraid of any anti declaw comments and the reason for their desperation is obvious, they want the truth to go on being hidden.

Declaw doctors, you’d better watch out for those nightmares !

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Sep 25, 2011 BRILLIANT
by: Anonymous

I wish this nightmare on every vet,every tech and every receptionist who conspire in every clinic to carry out this wicked surgery.
I wish on every cat owner who has a cat declawed nightmares equally as dreadful.
They do not deserve to have a peaceful night’s sleep ever again.

Feb 06, 2011 Nightmares aren’t enough
by: Maggie

Great article, Ruth! I really love the poster too!

I agree with you, and I hope every single vet who has ever butchered the fingers off a kitten/cat suffer nightmares. But such nightmares are nothing compared to what those kittens and cats go through, I think vets should face something more than nightmares, they need to feel everything the cats feel. Cats and humans most likely have similar pain thresholds, so each declaw vet should feel everything the cats felt.

Feb 05, 2011 Really good
by: Kathryn

Hi Ruth, that is really good.
I’m glad my comments inspired you lol
I wish I was good at graphics and writing but as you always say comments are very valuable too I don’t feel so bad.
I love the spookiness of the poster and I also wish all declaw doctors hour after hour of nightmares of severed toe ends hovering over them AND with blood dripping from them too.

Feb 04, 2011 Great work Ruth
by: Rose

Like Micheal I love the art work too,the chopped off toe ends haunting the young vets dreams lol it’s great.
You say do declaw vets have a conscience?
In my opinion no they don’t,nor any feelings of compassion.
Watching the pro declaw videos lately they all have the same look about them,the desperate to keep on declawing look.
Yes all comments disabled.
If they believe what they are doing is right then why no comments allowed?
The COWARDS,it’s because they know their unconvincing speil will soon by disproved by comments.
I hope hell awaits them all,a hell full of sharp claws wanting revenge.

Feb 04, 2011 Haunting is too good for them!
by: pammy marshall

Every time I see my cat Molls use her scratching post,and see the pleasure it gives her, it makes me cry even more for all those cats whose owners are so savage and selfish!
Why don’t they do their homework before having a cat? They should be more responsible…and… where is their compassion? Why put an innocent animal through such terrible life long pain and hell?
Then we come to the vets that do this horrendous deed…I love your poster Ruthy. The ghostly claws are an inspiration!!! I hope it haunts them all until they stop it!
I sincely hope that all vets who de-claw cats are haunted nightly by their terrible deeds, mainly done for gain!
I pray the day when all de-clawing is banned globally…and forever!

Feb 04, 2011 Evil vets
by: Anonymous

I wish on every evil vet who ever declaws long nights of nightmares and waking up in a cold sweat every hour.
Also days of looking over their shoulders at the feeling of some invisible evil following them and ready to pounce on them on behalf of all clawless suffering cats.
Burning in hell for eternity is too good for them.

Feb 04, 2011 Wow
by: Anonymous

Wow do they really take that much of the cats toes?
That is so horrible it doesn’t stand thinking about.
Why ever are vets so cruel and people so stupid as to get cats and then do that?

Feb 04, 2011 Perfect Example of Life without Claws
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

I’ve attached a link to our shelter’s available cats page below for everyone to see what happens to a cat after declaw. This cat, Shadow, is the most beautiful and gentle cat; however, Shadow is extremely shy and cowers whenever anyone comes near. Shadow’s owner had this cat declawed in its infancy, then asked a neighbor to babysit and then abandoned the poor thing. Shadow is only 5 years old and is condemned to life wondering why it has no claws and is different from other cats. I would love to adopt Shadow; however, with my Abby being a very feisty Maine Coon cat with a full set of huge claws and very boisterous personality, I shudder to think what could happen, innocently or not.

Vets who declaw are a DISGRACE to their profession. They don’t think of the ‘collateral damage’ that their mutilation causes. May you be haunted FOREVER!!!

** link broken June 2013 – Sorry**

Feb 04, 2011 Another good one
by: Edward

Man I dont know how you think them up.
I love the toe ends threatening to haunt that young doctor and I wish that nightmare on every single doctor who declaws cats.

Feb 04, 2011 Nightmares
by: Barbara

Striking in it’s simplicity Ruth and a brilliant message. Vets who declaw kittens at 2lbs in weight and 10 weeks of age upwards to elderly cats certainly don’t deserve to sleep easy at night. How can they go home and go to bed to relax leaving cats suffering with pain and fear in cages in their surgeries, do they think they’ve done a good productive day’s work I wonder?
I wish them all many years of disturbed sleep and plenty of time in the wee small hours of the night to imagine how it must feel to be robbed of one’s finger ends.

Barbara avatar

Feb 03, 2011 eye
for eye -claw for claw

by: alf peer

there is nothing what i woulden do to the person who try to hurt my ,cats,as i made it clear here in town wenever a catch the motobike driver who killed the mother cat ,THA SAME WILL HAPPEN TO THAT PERSON,OR CALL IT ANIMAL,WHAT THINKS THE ROAD IS JUST FOR HIM.SO TRY TO DECLAW MY CAT BY LAW OR ANY OTHER WAY YOU WILL FACE THE HORROW MEETING ME ON RAGE.WHAT HAPPEN TO THE ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE ??THE SAME LIKE HUMEN RIGHTS TO NOTHING

Feb 03, 2011 Great article
by: Michele S.

The old saying “The truth hurts” always come to mind whenever I come across pro-declawing articles or video clips where comments are not accepted or the facility has been disabled.

If these people are so sure that there’s nothing cruel or unethical about declawing, why won’t they allow anyone who disagrees to express an opinion?

It must either be because they know that every single one of their “justifications” can be disproven, or they realise that the majority of people are opposed to maiming cats.

Not only are they abusing cats, but they’re also too arrogant or cowardly to accept criticism of that abuse. They deserve to suffer nightmares. It might give them an inkling of the living nightmare that thousands of declawed cats have to endure.

Feb 03, 2011 Love the haunting images!
by: Leah (England)

Great graphics as always Ruth! You are right I don’t know how they can do that to trusting little kittens. Animals have no choice but to rely on us to do right by them and not harm them but what do these vets do time and again?! Yes mutilate their little toes!

They are happily playing with toys one day grabbing them to play fight as nature intended then the next they are in agony wondering what happened never to play properly again.

These are Gods creatures perfectly made claws included and it makes me sick to think of them being tortured and ruined by money hungry vets.

All I can think is that they never trained as vets to help animals thay only trained because of the amount of money they could make by burning of those toes.

Feb 03, 2011 Love the artwork
by: Michael

I love the artwork, Ruth. The message is beautifully clear.

If there is justice in the world they will be haunted for an eternity. The payback will be massive because they have caused millions of hours of agony all in the name of the almighty dollar.

Michael Avatar

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