by Walter and Jozef

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We feel so sorry for any of you cats in the USA and Canada who live with people who think you don’t need your claws, so we’ve written you a poem and we hope it helps to save your claws.


Don’t they know you need your claws
And that they belong upon your paws.
Don’t they know when those parts have gone
It takes some courage to carry on.
Don’t they know the pain you’ll feel
And your mental anguish will be real.
Don’t they know you will use the soft floor
Instead of litter when your wounds are sore.
Don’t they know you’ll need to bite
In your own defence if things aren’t right.
Don’t they know you need claws to groom,
As unkempt fur fills cats up with gloom.
Don’t they know for goodness sake
With your altered walk your body will ache.
Don’t they know it’s unhealthy to sit,
That a scratching post would keep you fit.
Don’t they know your joints will be
Deformed and twisted for all to see.
Don’t they know there should be laws
To stop them taking away your claws!

Maybe other cats might like to write a poem too? After all, we are the ones who know how important our claws are!

Walter and Jozef


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Nov 23, 2011 Good one Grahame
by: Ruth

Thank you for posting your poem.
Sometimes words will convince someone how cruel declawing is, sometimes pictures will, sometimes poems will.
One day the whole world will know the truth by one means or another if we don’t give up.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 23, 2011 declawing poem
by: Grahame

Ruth liked my ditty and urged me to submit it here, so, ahem:

Little Miss Muffett
Sat on her tuffet
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a Tyger
Who sat down beside her
And nibbled her toes away!

Moral: Pick on someone your own size.
Declawing sucks!

Jan 13, 2011 poem
by: moggy moggs

Cats have claws
It’s their right
Declawing vets
Deserve a bite.

Cats have claws
So don’t you scoff
And pay a vet
To chop them off.

Cats have claws
Don’t like that?
Here’s a tip
DON’T get a cat.

Nov 12, 2010 To Bailey and Mouser
by: Walt and Jo

Good poems guys. We had no idea there are so many talented poetic cats out there.

Nov 12, 2010 I had a go
by: Mouser

Claws are good, pain is bad
Declawed paws make cats feel sad
Make cats limp, make cats cry
Sometimes even make cats die
Folks who don’t understand that
Really don’t deserve a cat

Nov 07, 2010 Cruel and ignorant
by: Bailey

Declawing isn’t cool
It’s downright cruel
Asked for by a fool

They give money to a vet
To cripple their pet
How lowlife can they get

Oct 28, 2010 To Tiggy,anonymous,Monty,Freddy and Tiggs
by: Walt and Jo

Your poems are enough to make a cat laugh
ha ha they are purr-fectly hilarious if it wasn’t such a sad subject.
We thinked we was the best feline poets but
purr-haps we are not after all.

Oct 27, 2010 Our pome
by: Monty,Freddie and Tigs

Now listen here declawing fools
Cos we’re the experts see
If think our claws are lethal tools
You’re crazy as can be

You think your chair is worth the pain
You pay to put us through
Listen mateys think again
What if it was you?

We need our claws noon and night
For living every day
Yet you think you’ve got the right
To have them chucked away

Next time you give your nails a trim
Trim your cats nails do
And don’t be so very dim
Cos we need our nails too.

Oct 25, 2010 Nuff said
by: Anonymous

Claws are on paws
Paws have claws

Don’t understand
Then hold out your hand

YOUR fingers chopped off
No more will you scoff

Nuff said

Oct 21, 2010 Have it done to you
by: Tiggy B

Claws are good stumps are not
Cruel vets talk tommy rot
They say declawing should be done
Chopping toes ends off is fun
Lots of blood lots of pain
Lots of cats coming back again
Money made from things gone bad
They don’t care if cats are sad.

Vets if it’s so great to do
Why not have it done to you?

Oct 17, 2010 All cats unite
by: Walt and Jo

Thank you Cool Tom and Ginger.
We think it’s brilliant that you are all clever cats who know so much about claws. We can’t understand why all people don’t too as they know about their finger nails.
Cats of the world unite to save our sisters and brothers in America and Canada.
Keep them poems coming.

Oct 16, 2010 poem
by: Ginger

Cruel nasty heartless fools
Taking off us poor cats tools.

Stops us scratching that is true
But that is what we’re born to do.

We need our claws for being well
May all declawers burn in hell.

Oct 16, 2010 From the pen of Cool Tom
by: Cool Tom

Love that poster it’s so cool
It shows us how declawing’s cruel
And shows that bad things happen to those
Who’s owners take away their toes

Sadness, madness, nervous strain
Craps on carpets, phantom pain
Stitches, itches, bits of bones
Worst of all – cats losing homes

Know what really makes me sad?
Know what really drives me mad?
Those cats were healthy, fit and well
Before they entered declawing hell!

Oct 16, 2010 Stunned
by: Walt and Jo

We are purrfectly stunned by the unleashed talent out there. All the good poems that tell how cruel it is to take cats toe ends off them.
Sebasatian we renember you as you wrote that diary. Nice to hear from you again.
Stumpy you wrote a good article and pictures about peoples finger ends chopped off didn’t you ?
Aunty Pammy did your Molly help you write that one ? It is good.
Puppy and Hubble you are clever,it was short and sweet.
Blackie we think that is rap ? It is good.
Nala yours says it all in a few lines.
Chilli you are very clever indeed to write all the way from Australia.
Auntie Kathleen we know what a brave lady you are to speak out when the vets like the truth hidden. We think your poem should go on facebooks and places where lots of people go because you know exactly what it is and the real word for it.
Our mammies say we will all tell about it in as many ways as we can think of to help people know it is cruel.
We love you all for doing the same.
Walt and Jo

Oct 15, 2010 here’s mine!
by: Kathleen

I love all the poems! They’ve inspired me to share this one I wrote in 2005. The vet I was working for at the time told me if I had something to say about declawing, I was to do it on my own time and NOT at work…so I put this up at and it’s been there ever since. 🙂


holocaust of innocents: daily
the lie spawns legions of multiple amputees
condemned to object status

and the good doctor with his
all-creatures-great-and-small smile
mutilates his oath to do no harm
with euphemisms cleaner than his blades

sins of omission
and willful ignorance
have built this house of pain

this is love, American style!

what worth- a heap of severed fingertips
when weighed against the curtains
and plush carpeting?

but she will still purr when she sees you
she will not know
that you ordered her betrayal.

Oct 15, 2010 “Don’t declaw your cat!” by Nile Chilli Pepper
by: Chilli

Everyone’s done a really wonderful job at the poems. I think I might have a go now. =)

Like razor blades upon our toes,
We shred and tear like no one knows,
We’ll wreck your furniture, or so you say,
But you just exaggerate our lives away.

Our claws do not destroy your home,
They won’t kill your baby if left alone,
But still you find it fair to say,
“I want that cat declawed today!”

And so they butcher off our claws,
Leaving us with crippled paws,
Now we live in horrendous pain,
But you don’t care, it’s for your gain.

Cats and claws were meant to be,
We need our claws, can’t you see?
Cats are made to scritch and scratch,
So please, don’t declaw your cat!

Oct 15, 2010 To the poorly lady
by: Walter and Jozef

Get well soon Auntie Leah, love from Walter and Jo xxxx

Oct 15, 2010 Good
by: Edward

Man that poster is something special and the poems are good,theres some talented cats come here alright.

Oct 15, 2010 Love the poetry
by: Leah (England)

Hi Walt and Jo

Your furry allies loved your poem they’re sorry they can’t join you with a poem of their own as mom’s not too clever at the mo after a little non-declawing operation. She does say though that humans are very lucky because we can talk about our pain but cats can’t.

Oct 15, 2010 My effort
by: Nala B

It’s elementary cats have claws
So idiots should take a pause
And wonder why they get a cat
When they know we come like that

Oct 15, 2010 I LOVE THIS
by: CJ

I love this and the poster is your best yet Ruth.
I love the poems but sadly I don’t think my cat has a poetic bone in his body and me neither lol

Oct 14, 2010 we needs dem claws
by: Blackie G

Don take dem claws cos it aint nice
We needs dem claws to catch dem mice
Takin dem claws is bad to do
Howd you like if it was you

Oct 14, 2010 What More Can be Said?
by: Jo Singer

We absolutely abhor
Veterinarians who declaw.

Hush Puppy, Hubble and our fur-mom, Jo

Oct 14, 2010 Shame on you!
by: pammy marshall

Shame on you, you de-clawerers of the USA
Who de-claw cats and think it is O.K!
Try using her hands for just one day
with YOUR finger ends taken away!

You cannot put them back again,
They are gone and in the bin!
You are not though feeling pain,
And wishing them back in vain!

You just don’t want to know or care,
As long as you don’t have to bear,
The daily agony year on year,
A life ruined and in fear!

Tell me why are you so blind?
What stopped you from being kind?
I hope that one day you will find,
Remorse..too late to change your mind!

Oct 14, 2010 Love it
by: Rose

Especially the Phantom lol lol
Great poems Sebastian and Stumpy.I’m going to have to set my gang on to it now.

Oct 13, 2010 My little effort
by: Stumpy the Cat

Why would you do it?

Why would you do it? What is so wrong with me?
When you came to choose me did you really never see
That I’m a cat as cats are made and so I come with claws
Do you really need to alter me now that I am yours?

I need my claws to stretch my back; (you call it working out)
But when I start to do it and you start to scream and shout
I don’t know what I’ve done that’s wrong so please don’t spray me wet
But most of all, my keeper, please don’t take me to the vet

I’ve heard some awful tales of woe of cats that end up lame
And cats that can’t use litter trays as digging causes pain
And cats that cried and cats that died the list goes on and on
Would you do this awful thing to your daughter or your son?

Without my toes I have no grip, I cannot scratch it’s true
But owner if you’re kind to me I swear I’d not scratch you
Unless in play and my mistake I catch you with my claw
But surely a mistake like that is not worth declawing for?

I am powerless and can’t stop you if you decide to go ahead
But owner please remember what the learned people said
Cats are brave and cats are strong and we try to hide our pain
But don’t be shocked to find that I never trust you again

If I’m frightened or in danger I will bite I’m have no choice
I can’t scratch them, I can’t fight them, I can’t speak I have no voice
And if one day you grow tired of how I bite and pee and poo
Please don’t kill me or abandon me as lots of keepers do.

Oct 13, 2010 ahaa
by: Rose

I thought it was strange not seeing one of your famous posters with it lol

Oct 13, 2010 Thank you
by: Ruth

Walt and Jo say thanks Chilli and Mae and Maggie,we are very poetic cats lol

Rose it somehow has the wrong picture, hopefully Michael is sorting it out as it should have a poster to go with it.

Oct 13, 2010 I LOVE IT
by: Rose

Wonderful poem Walter and Jozef but I don’t get the concept of the picture above it?
I’d set my felines on writing one but I don’t think any of them are very poetic lol

Oct 13, 2010 It happened to me
by: Sebastian

It happened to me you may recall
As I wrote a diary about it all.
They had me declawed,it made me sad,
And the fear and the pain were really bad.
I was helpless and hurting every day
After they took my toe ends away.
One day I bit them and messed on the floor
And they didn’t want me any more.
I lived in a cage and once a vet said
I really would be better off dead.
But it turned out lucky because one day
The cattery lady took me home to stay.
I feel much better now I have a good vet
Who refuses to declaw anyone’s pet.
It’s too late for me so he helps my pain
Because my claws can’t grow back again.

Don’t they know ? I think most of them do,
They know but don’t care is probably true.

If you didn’t read my diary,here it is:

Oct 13, 2010 To Walt and Jo
by: Chilli

What a great poem! Mum, Mae and I loved it!

I agree with everything in the poem. Declawing is sick and cruel. Mae and I are so happy that declawing is illegal here, but we know Mum wouldn’t declaw us anyway. She loves our claws.

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