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We are emailing every Rescue Centre in the UK and asking them to sign our petition to ban declawing in the USA: Petition

This is a huge job as there are hundreds of them, but it's a worthwhile job too as we are getting a wonderful response! Signatures are pouring in and messages of support too. The link to our petition is being posted all over various counties on web sites, one has even posted a particularly gruesome picture of a newly declawed cat with bandaged paws soaked in blood.

I'm so proud to be British!!!! So, as this strikes horror into every UK heart who hears about it, would it strike horror into every USA heart too if they knew the truth about it? We know it wouldn't in the hearts of those we have reached and told the truth to but they've gone ahead anyway, but there must be millions of USA people who would be as horrified at the truth as we are.

We need to reach every person in the USA somehow

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Feb 01, 2010 every country
by: Ruth

I would have broken it to you gently dear when we'd finished the UK and the USA ..if we ever do !
We need some more troops desperately !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 01, 2010 Every country in the world?
by: Babz/Barbara

You kept that idea quiet my dear sister..... One thing's for sure, you'll move mountains to get declawing banned!

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Feb 01, 2010 To Maggie and Susan
by: Ruth

Thanks for signing the petition Maggie, I too would rather have my own hands and feet mutilated than let anyone do it to our cats !
Well done Australia for banning declawing !
Thanks for that link Susan, to Petfinder,I've had a quick look and it's going to be an enormous task contacting every Rescue Centre in the USA but we'll make a start as soon as we have finished the UK.
Unfortunately there are only 3 of us troops working on the UK list but maybe USA troops will help with their own country.
We'll need to word it differently of course as there is no doubt in any UK person's mind who rescues cats that declawing is wrong,but some Americans are going to be different.
This has all set me thinking, I wonder if we can find links to the Rescue Centres in every country in the world, at least the ones where declawing is banned would surely support us.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 31, 2010 Declawing ='(
by: Maggie Sharp

I signed it, I hope it gets somewhere, declawing is a cruel heartless practise. I would rather have my fingers and toes chopped off before having my cat declawed.

In Australia declawing is banned, it's one of the things that makes me proud to be an Aussie!

Jan 31, 2010 I belong in the UK!!!
by: Susan

Most every shelter and rescue in America has a page on ( where they list their adoptable animals, it's broken down by state. They also record declaw status. It used to be that if a cat had a black paw symbol next to their profile it meant they were declawed so you could sit & count the ratio of how many declawed vs clawed cats were in the shelter, although that way doesn't include if they were owner relinquished or from a feral colony which is imperative info. It did hownever reveal what groups declaw prior to adoption at a glance. Now though you have to open up each profile to see the declaw status - not sure why they made that move unless they are part of the conspiracy to hide the data.

Jan 31, 2010 This makes me wonder
by: Babz/Barbara

I wonder if there is a similar site to the UK one we are using with the list of each cat rescue in each county anywhere on the Internet with USA cat rescues state by state and city by city. It would be a monstrous job but imagine if those USA signatures flooded in, surely ALL cat rescues can't subscribe to the myth that it's better to declaw than surrender, because as we know it surely IS a myth.

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