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Poster by Ruth

This article was inspired by the brave people who have come forward and confessed how guilty they feel at having had their cats declawed and say they will never put another cat through such a cruel and unnecessary operation.

Yes, they are partly responsible for having this done but most of them did not do it out of unkindness, they did it simply because they didn’t know declawing is major surgery and that it often has terrible physical and mental consequences for the cat.

To those of us living in countries where declawing has never been popular, the very thought of declawing, even if it was ‘only’ the removal of the claws, fills us with shock and horror. To us claws are and always have been a beautiful and essential part of a cat, in fact the very essence of the cat. Those who don’t accept that cats come with claws simply don’t have cats in their homes.

But to those living where it has been an acceptable part of the culture for many decades now, because veterinarians have (and many still do) recommended it as if it’s a routine operation just like neutering is, it comes as a huge shock to find out that declawing is wrongly named as it is in reality de-toeing.

Most people tend to trust professionals such as doctors and vets and naturally think if vets declaw cats, then it can’t be so bad as surely they took an oath to help animals, not to harm them.

But some of these vets advertise neuter/declaw packages for kittens, some clients are asked when booking in their kitten for neutering if they would like him declawed too. Many of those clients would never have thought of having their kitten declawed, so those clinics are actively encouraging it! Some give discount coupons on declawing as if it’s a good thing, come on don’t miss this bargain!

So a supposedly last resort for very serious scratching behaviour is routinely done to little kittens which could so easily have kept their toe ends and been trained to use a scratching post. Those kittens could have lived healthy fulfilled lives with no danger of the many mental and physical problems which can and often do arise from declawing. But they had the misfortune to be born in a country where many of the very people trained to care for them, mutilate them daily instead, giving the excuse that those cats would lose their homes otherwise.

We know by the many declawed cats abandoned or relinquished to Rescue Shelters that this is untrue and that the real reason is the huge amount of money made by declaw vets from this legalised abuse.

Thankfully the truth is spreading now and true cat lovers know this premeditated abuse of cats is no longer acceptable.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Feb 27, 2011 To lets be ‘rationaak’ anonymous
by: Sylvia

Anonymous are you telling us YOU do real vet work?
My God if so no wonder cats are suffering abuse in clinics if they are being cared for by someone of your calibre.
You know zilch about cats and you can’t spell either.
Cats ‘utinate’ around the house…I take it you mean urinate?
Tell me how does declawing stop them doing that?
It actually MAKES then ‘utinate’ around the house because of their painful paws.
As someone else says, cats are NOT euthanized they are killed and that is because there are too many kittens born because of people who do not have their cats neutered/spayed.
I’m sick and tired of illiterate uneducated people like you pretending you know it all.
You know NOTHING!
I advise you to book yourself in for a ‘surgicaak’ experience which is not neccessary but is full of pain and fear and leaves you crippled for life and then answer your own question….is that better than death.
But I bet you would rather live in your fairy tale world than go through this yourself.

Feb 27, 2011 To anonymous in fairyland
by: Ruth

Anonymous you obviously live in a fairy tale world where you don’t even have to know any true facts about declawing, nor learn how to spell, nor to give your name as any rational person who wants to be taken seriously would.
Yes many cats urinate around the house and most of those many cats that do that are declawed. Raking in litter with pain shooting up from their wounded stumps is what causes litterbox avoidance.
Do you know how many of those declawed cats end up in Rescue Shelters? I suggest you look on, there are thousands and they do not include the unadoptable ones caged for life or killed, YES KILLED, NOT euthanised, because euthanasia is gentle death for incurable diseases. Those cats are KILLED because some ignorant person like yourself caused them problems by the amputation of their toe ends.
Many declawed cats are thrown out to fend for themselves against healthy animals, they have no chance of survival.
Of course cats scratch. Scratching is NOT bad behavior, it is neccessary behavior.
A cat needs to scratch to keep his muscles healthy. Have you not heard of scratching posts and pads ? They are made for them to scratch on and those of us who know that claws are essential to a cat’s health and happiness, provide our cats with them.
I think you need to do some research on cat care and on declawing and start here by seeing exactly what declawing does to cats.

Have a really good look at the pictures anonymous because they might just penetrate the one brain cell you have and change your mind about condoning the abuse called declawing.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 27, 2011 To yet another anonymous
by: Barbara

Many of those thousands upon thousands of cats though – are declawed! They’ve been surgically mutilated to please their owner but STILL end up thrown out, disposed of because after the toe ends are gone something else about the cat begins to irritate the owner, or a new baby or new dog comes along and takes the place that had been the cat’s.
I’m not sure what you mean by “utinate” perhaps you mean urinate, and yes some cats do urinate inappropriately, again many, many of them are declawed cats and often the inappropriate behaviour is due to the trauma of being declawed.
The very point that declawing is an elective procedure is what makes it so wrong, the cat owner makes the decision but it’s the cat that goes through the pain and shock of declawing, of course all surgical procedures are painful and shocking to some extent, but usually they are to improve the health or life of the animal. Declawing neither improves the health or life of a cat and that is what makes the procedure and those who carry it out, and those who assist in carrying it out, and those who pay someone to carry it out, evil!
Actually I think most of the people who write on POC have a really good idea of what vet work is all about and the person who wrote the article is a retired vet nurse. And of course you don’t have to work at a veterinary surgery to know what constitutes cruelty and this is most definitely cruel.
Finally, might I suggest you explore the spell checking facility on your PC, and consider beginning sentences with a capital letter.

Barbara avatar

Feb 26, 2011 lets be rationaak
by: Anonymous

What’s inhumane is thousands upon thousands of cats euthanized yearly simply because they have no home. mant have no home because they scratch or utinate inappropriately. you peoplr who drclare vets evil becauase they recommend an elective medical procedure should ask yourselves. what makes a cat more depressed, a surgicaak experience in a vet hospital or death. Real vet work is not the fairy tale you all live in. sorry.

Nov 07, 2010 to Alex
by: Maria Clara

I guess you were a young woman back then when you had to choose between a cat (psychologically your self?) and a man. Too bad for your cat that you couldn’t stand up for her. Most women I know would keep the cat just as she is, and kick “Mr. Not So Nice Guy” out. I know I would.

Nov 04, 2010 Declawing does not stop kittens chewing
by: Barbara

Well I’d have thrown the husband out quicksticks rather than mutilate a small kitten, and what crazy logic led him to demand the amputation of the toes for the act of chewing the remote control (jeez is a remote control more important than a cats wellbeing?)
Thank goodness you’re liberated now Alex and will not heed your lord and master commanding you to cripple a baby creature for the sake of a replaceable object.
This is why there needs to be a law stopping declawing once and for all, then cats will not have to pay the price of humanity’s arrogant assumption that they have the right to demand the ultimate mutilation for their own convenience.

Nov 02, 2010 Logical thinking
by: Leah (UK)

Ruth Your article as always just displays such logic and I loved your response to Alex in that thank God she’s never declawed any other of her cats.

I’ve maintained for ages and I still do that vets just don’t have the same consideration for cats as they do for other animals i.e dogs. Cats are 2nd class citizens and a money making stream; how useful after all that these creatures come with claws? How useful that selfish owners feel that their furniture is more important than their cat? The two go togeather nicely don’t they? Oh yes they do for the vets; just chop though those bones and remove those money making little claws. Jobs a good ‘en time after time.

Vets know exactly what they are doing and they know exactly the cost to the cat. Even if an owner didn’t know all about the procedure they still know that they are taking their cats first line of defence which in itself is bad enough. Yes I blame vets and owners alike.

Nov 02, 2010 you should have done
by: Fran

Alex you should have thrown out the husband.
No man has the right to force a woman to have a little kitten abused.
Wives don’t have to obey any longer.

Nov 02, 2010 To Alex
by: Ruth

Evinrude was just a baby and would have grown out of scratching and chewing and meanwhile you could have used kindness and distraction for stopping her. Whichever vet declawed her broke his/her oath to harm no animal and also went against the AVMA policy that declawing is a last resort procedure. Declawing a kitten is like defingering a baby human, all babies need to learn acceptable behaviour not be crippled for life instead.
I’m not pointing this out to make you feel guilty Alex but you don’t know that Evinrude didn’t suffer, cats are past masters at hiding pain and also at adapting, as they have no choice.
She may have escaped the most common complications but she had to live her life as a cripple, so very needlessly. Why your husband insisted on having that done is a mystery if the last straw was chewing a remote control, declawing doesn’t stop kittens chewing, he’d have had to have her teeth removed too to do that. He probably thought the surgery calmed her down, well the amputation of her toe ends would do just that to any kitten.
Scratching is not bad behaviour, it’s necessary behaviour.
I’m very glad you haven’t put any more cats through it.
I don’t mean to come across harshly but the danger is if anyone reads that your cat had such a wonderful life despite declawing it might encourage them to think it isn’t so bad after all. Then they only have to go to a greedy declaw vet who will gladly agree to amputate their cats toe ends and another cat’s life is ruined.
PLEASE now you are convinced of the cruelty of declawing, help us get it banned because there are many who don’t know the truth yet.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 01, 2010 It was the only way I could keep Rudy.
by: Alex Hamilton

The first cat my husband and I ever owned was a stray that a friend found. Evinrude was a lovely dilute torty, but after she destroyed a few things in our apartment (she actually chewed through an aluminum remote control… I still have it), my husband told me I had to get her front paws declawed, or else give her up. She was only a few months old, and I hated to do it, but it was the only way he would let me keep her. It was a tough few weeks for all of us, and knowing what I know now, I would never, ever do that again (I’d throw out the husband first). Fortunately, Rudy did great afterwards. She demanded to go outside in the good weather, she climbed trees, she was a great mouser. And when the subsequent other cats came along, and she wanted to play, she got on her back and pumped at them with her back legs. She lived to the ripe old age of 19, and fortunately, never had any of the bad symptoms that were explained in the post. But I would, as I said, never do it again. That’s why there’s a scratching post now in the middle of my livingroom, and all my “magnificent 7” babies use it.

Oct 29, 2010 To Ed
by: Maggie

Sometimes they do, Ed. But they usually never agree with us, they don’t want to face the guilt of knowing it was their desicion that wrecked their cat’s life.

Having said that, there are some people who feel a lot of remorse for declawing their cat.

Oct 28, 2010 Yes
by: Kathleen

Another good job! The first thing that needs to happen is for more people to realize how much information is hidden from them. Then, once everyone has all the information, we can work on the people who still don’t get it.

Oct 28, 2010 Wish theyd come on
by: Ed

Man thats another great article and poster and comments.I wonder if people who would have got their cat declawed read this stuff on here.I always wish theyd come on and tell us.

Oct 26, 2010 You’ve done it again
by: Kathryn

You’ve done it again Ruth.
Another very good write up and pictures telling it exactly like it is.If words don’t penetrate some thick skulls then maybe pictures do.
Yes it’s vets I’d say 80% to blame and if they didn’t offer this cruel surgery then people couldn’t have it done.
The other 20% has to go to people who had it done but not as much blame on the ones who didn’t know and didn’t think to ask and are now sorry.
But there are people who do know how painful and disabling it is yet still have it done.They are as cruel as the vets who do it.

Oct 25, 2010 Speechless
by: Jo Singer

Ruth, again you have me speechless. Your blog is incredible. It breaks my heart what people do to these cats and I am beyond upset.

I just wanted to say that if it weren’t for the folks that are working so hard to stop this masacre, I just cannot imagine how many more cats would be butchered. AND the vets that routinely do this act of aggression… yes it is aggressive, should stop practicing. Since they think it is a routine benign procedure or tell their clients that it is.. probably have lied so well to themselves that they actually believe their lies.

Sorry for ranting but this has been a difficult weekend for me, seeing magnificent big cats that should be in the wild, but have been imprisoned by people for monetary gain.. and many have not only lost their freedom, but their claws AND fangs as well. It is a travesty.

I do hope that the folks who regret that decision will spread the word to everyone they know that are getting cats to save their claws and their happiness.

Oct 25, 2010 Tell the truth!
by: Barbara

Yeah another brilliant expose of the disgraceful things that some veterinarians are prepared to do to get money. The thought of millions of cats suffering in this way is heartbreaking and yet there are some who see no wrong in it. Is it because they think cats are some inferior type of creature and it doesn’t matter what pain and misery they have to endure? Search me, but it’s sickening and the sooner it’s history the better!!

Oct 25, 2010 What other creature?
by: pammy marshall

Thank you Ruthy for an excellent poster, hitting home at the cruelty of this insane act!
Your talent knows no bounds!
The poster and its message made me weep.I cannot believe any human would want to do this to a pet that they love
What other creature would they think of doing this to? What will it take for the public in the USA to get this insanity banned through every state?
Only then will i have any regard for them.
Only then can the public of the USA hold their heads up and feel proud that they have caused de-clawing to be banned.
We lead in this country as in other countries, by example. We would never dream of doing something so horrific and disabling to cats that live in our homes as a well loved pet and part of our family, that we love so much.
Come on the those states of the USA that allow this babaric act and lag behind!
Wake up to the shame of declawing which is happening every day, thanks to ignorant and selfish owners….and greedy vets! This act cannot be reversed….PLEASE BAN DE-CLAWING!!!

Oct 25, 2010 Declaw vets hate cats
by: Rose

Another wonderful poster and article!
At first I blamed the people who had their cats declawed as much as I blamed the vets.
But now as Ruth says although they do have to take some of the blame it’s the vets who should take the brunt of it.They are the ones who chose a career with animals and as such they owe it to all animals to use their training for the good of them.
Instead they encourage the mutilating of cats, they deny the damage they cause by this mutilation and they keep on doing it even in the face of the suffering it causes.
They say there is no scientific proof of that suffering and no statistics.Well whose fault is that?Surely they should have kept records of their patients illnesses and problems which result from being deprived of their toe ends.But why can’t they see the suffering for themselves,why need statistics when the evidence is staring them in the face.
They say it saves homes,what utter pathetic rubbish,anyone can look on Petfinder and see the thousands of declawed cats shoved in shelters.
I’ve heard many times that to those vets cats are second class citizens,I agree and the only conclusion I can arrive at is that those vets hate cats but love the money they make from abusing them.

Oct 25, 2010 Let the truth be told!
by: Maggie

I loved the poster, Ruth! It was great! As usual!!

Lying vets are getting away with this torture far too easily these days. The rip off the ‘owners’ and destroy the cats’ lives. When you think about it, it’s cleaverly constructed. The cat gets declawed for little money, the cat gets many mental and physical problems, the owners have to pay for the treatment of the cat’s forever continuing issues and the vets get stacks and stacks of money…

The can’t get away with this anymore, it’s shallow, greedy and cruel. Here, in Australia, any vet who declawed would possibly be facing a prison sentence. It should be like that everywhere!

Oct 25, 2010 Vets that declaw cats can’t be real vets
by: Maria Clara

Living in a country where declawing a cat is unknown, I was absolutely shocked when I read about it at Poc a little while ago. I still can’t believe that vets that promote declawing are actually real, professional vets with a proper education, and a proffesional conscience. In Holland a vet is an animal doctor, and also a real pro who advises pet “owners” what is the best way to go. This means that a vet will refuse to do some things, and take the risk of loosing a client. It has to do with professional integrity.
I am truly sorry for people and pets living in countries where vets don’t get a proper training.
It is true, a professional vet tells the truth, and is supposed to be the one that knows more about animals than the layman/woman in such matters. Instead of promoting declawing, a vet should refuse to do it, and explain why.

Oct 25, 2010 Hillary
by: Michael

Hi Hilary, on a one off basis, if you go to Amazon and pick out a modestly priced cat scratching post, I will see if PoC can buy it. Please leave a comment here in response.

Michael Avatar

Oct 25, 2010 Declawing a cat is cruel and unacceptable
by: Hillary Martin (Winnetka, CA. USA)

I am totally against declawing a cat. Some people think that it doesn’t affect a cat. But I have seen declawed cats and they are timid and afraid. Of course, why shouldn’t they be? Their primary defense mechanism has been taken away.

It this cat gets outside, they have no means of escape if another animal tries to atack. I would never declaw my cat. I would really love to have a scratching post for her, but I can’t afford it right now. If you could help me, I would be forever grateful..

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