Declawing Vets Deserve Retribution

Although so much more is now known about the consequences of declawing a cat, many American vets still continue to perform the surgery. The information from Paw Project Utah that many cats have suffered from a botched declawing and have fragments of bone in their paws is horrifying.

Their latest case is Davis who was four paw declawed. According to Paw Project Utah, the procedure probably took 5 minutes and cost the cat’s owner 100 dollars.

Davis has now undergone 5 hours of reconstructive surgery on his back paws where 15 fragments of bone were found and which has cost the Paw Project 1300 dollars so far.

declawing vets should suffer like the cats they declaw
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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It’s a wonder to me that declawing vets don’t jump on the repairing of paws bandwagon and profit out of it! But no, that would be admitting declawing does cause problems! It would be admitting they know full well how cruel they are! been through 2 extensive surgeries totaling 5 hours of reconstructive paw surgery and used $1300 of donated money and supplies to fix what took another DVM 5 mins and likely $100 to mess up.

Dr. Doub, state director of Paw Project-Utah has removed 15 P3 fragments from Davis’ paws, repositioned all his paw pads to cushion P2, as well as explored every toe, the surface of every P2, and treated and debrided abcesses and nail fragments growing under the skin. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Just ask Davis! This guy is a purr machine and tearing around Lyn’s home like a mad man. Today we finished Davis’s start to a new life by addressing his

The evidence is there for all to see on the internet, I don’t think any vet can deny seeing it, yet they ignore it.

They are deliberately crippling cats for money!

I don’t imagine that any declawing vet ever remembers any individual cat he has declawed, cats are just numbers to him. He amputated a cat’s toe ends, received his blood money for doing it and moved on to the next victim.

How many cats feel like they are walking on broken glass?

The Karma those vets deserve is to walk barefoot on broken glass themselves, for the life span of each cat they have crippled and caused to live in pain. This means that they should walk on broken glass for eternity.

No one will ever know how many cats relinquished to Shelters when the problems from the declawing begin had fragments of bone causing them pain. Many of those cats are dead, killed as unadoptable. Their lives taken from them because of some declawing vet who has long forgotten the innocent frightened kitten he anaesthetised, whose toe ends he amputated, the kitten who woke up disabled, shocked and in pain.

The kitten who grew into a cat but unable to live life as a cat should. The kitten who developed mental and /or physical problems from the declawing, who the family called a ‘bad cat’ and didn’t want him around any more. The family who PAID a vet to ruin that cat’s life on their behalf.

All declawed cats are not affected by fragments of bone but they suffer in other ways and we will never know how many are living in pain and how many more will be, as long as this abuse of cats is legal.

When will this legalised cruelty stop?

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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30 thoughts on “Declawing Vets Deserve Retribution”

  1. As usual a wonderful Poster Ruth done with so much love. I really cant stand anyone that declaws their pets,it dont understand it. I agree that someday they will have to answer for themselves where ever they have to go. I guess our world is just getting worse and worse. Even felt way over here in New Zealand. Not to the point of declawing but other things happening.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thanks Kylee, yes things are getting worse worldwide and it’s very sad because it’s a beautiful place meant for all species to share but humans have ruined it.

      1. Exactly even over here they want to drill for oil in places in scenic in our Forests and scenic reserve here in South island. 🙁

        1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

          They won’t care about the wild life living there of course, it’s all about people and money!

  2. Written with passion and eloquence, Ruth. It took five hours of surgical repairs – just on the hind paws – to minimize some of the damage? You write, though, that the poor cat is feeling better. A happy outcome, though presumably his front paws are still messed up?

    And yes – you’re right: the repairs could be a juicy cash cow, but then they’d have to admit their wrongdoing, which will never happen. At this point, though – crikey! – their silence is getting stentorian. They must be starting to feel the heat. Have pro-clawing DVMs, to your knowledge, come forward in defense of the practice — or even decided to give it up? Or are they lying low?

    As for your poster: I agree in principle with eternal torture. But not in practice. What I would want, though, is not to have to associate with the son-of-a-guns at any time in present or future – that and iron-clad laws that exacted a penalty of $100,000 and a year in prison if they dared to continue the practice under the table. But eternal torture? To add to the suffering in this life or in a hereafter, real or fictitious — no. There’s enough misery to go around already.

    Heard on my satellite radio at 6:00 this morning that vets are trying to restore the health of sick cougars they’re rounding up in public parks. There are rodents everywehre and people are putting out poison pellets which cause an agonizing death: slow bleeding into the stomach and joints and finally the lungs – at which point the rodents drown in their blood. AS if this weren’t cruelty enough, the cougars and other scavengers and raptors eat them, then sicken. So right now, according to the radio broadcast, the cougars are being tranquilized and pumped full of Vitamin K, which counteracts Coumadin (don’t know if that’s spelled right). Even so, they’re grey around the gills, lethargic and mangy. Hope Senestech in Flagstaff was on the up-and-up when they said last year that their contraceptive will be on the market this fall, pending EPA approval. Without causing them to suffer, it plunges lady rats and mice and chipmunks, et al. into instantaneous menopause, so they gradually die off. (Not that it would be good to annihilate every rodent on the planet, as they’re part of the food chain). But they said their product has had great success in other countries, where it’s suppressed the rodent invasion in rice fields.

    But not to digress…I wouldn’t want to chop off the toes of declawing vets But I’d want to stop the son-of-a-guns from declawing cats. Cam’t thiok of his name at present, but I have his photo on my wall amongst my gallery of heroes: (Cesar Chavez being one — am presently reading a fine biography of this guy). But the man mentioned a moment ago watched on the Internet the beheading of his son, who was captured by an Islamic sect four or five years ago. He watched the act over and over, and still was able to find forgiveness in his heart. He forgave his son’s executioner rather than wanting to kill him in return, his reasoning being that retribution leads to additional suffering: suffering for the murderer’s family, and then revenge, in an unending cycle.

    I was impressed with your essay, though – keep it up, good ol’ pal; Ruthie! (Went to the library this aft. and dashed off a quickie hello to you — hope your computer is up and running fairly well again. Confounded computers. Almost can’t stand ’em. xx

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Give me a sharp axe and I’d want to chop the toes off declawing vets so they would know what the millions of cats they’ve mutilated feel like.
      Bring back the Biblical ‘an eye for an eye’ and ‘a tooth for a tooth’ and ‘a life for a life’ and it would almost wipe out cruelty and crime overnight!

  3. I just love this poster. You are beginning to bring a sense of more reality to your posters. Not that the others haven’t hit the mark, this one, to me, has a more realistic comparison. I just love it!

  4. Ruth, Michael and all. . .you already know my stance on this. . .another great post. . .LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the poster!!!!!!! love and prayers for all the mutilated kitties out there — including 2 of mine who were already declawed (front only, thank goodness) when I rescued/adopted them. . .I do keep an eye on them for walking/physical problems as a result, but, so far, they have been good, but I am always watching for signs of pain. . .

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Thank you Michael 🙂 I’m just happy that the Paw Project vets and some Rescue Shelters and anti declaw advocates are using my posters, I only hope they are saving some claws.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thank you 🙂 I hope your adopted declawed cats stay well, they obviously have a wonderful home with you.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Yes Karma for them Dee, animal abusers deserve no less, whether they have a degree or just lack humanity, they are evil!

  5. I totally agree Ruth, anyone who deliberately harms a cat should be made to suffer retribution, I see no difference between a veterinarian amputating healthy toes and any other cat abuser, it stinks, it’s obscenely cruel and it wants stopping. If greedy grasping vets and ignorant stupid “owners” can’t stop it themselves then they should be stopped legally. Seeing a cat of your own poorly is terrible, deliberately making the cat not only poorly but crippled for life is abominable, I hate people who are associated in any way with declawing with a vengeance!

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Me too Babz, I hate them with a passion! To know that some people deliberately ruin a cat’s life is just unthinkable to those of us who love them

  6. An excellent blog as always, Ruth. You have hit the message out of the ball park. How ANY compassionate, feline savvy veterinarian (and there are many “feline only” vets who continue to rob these cats of their claws) would ever perform this surgery.

    Well- I guess it’s to help pay off the huge debt they incurred while learning HOW to do the procedure in vet school. It is simply disgusting.

  7. I can’t imagine what anyone is thinking by wanting to declaw a cat. I have had cats all my life and it never entered my mind to do that to one. What is the point? It is not normal!

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      I know Cindy, it astonishes me too that anyone would want to take a cat’s claws away, even if it was ‘only’ the claws, let alone the last toe joints.
      I really can’t understand why anyone who doesn’t like claws, gets a cat.


    With more and more people referring to their pets as their “babies”, their “children” their “fur-kids”, I say we hold them to the sentiment. We would never advocate or leave up to individual preference the maiming, hobbling or other mutilation of someones human “babies” or “skin-kids” in order deal with some destructive, damaging, annoying behavior. So why is it okay for this to be carried out upon one’s self proclaimed “fur-kids”? Seems to me anyone who would de-claw their feline “babies”, willfully mutilate and cause suffering so horrible and far reaching to their “children” in the name of some inanimate bunch of cloth and stuffing to sit their fat asses on, may not truly feel pretty sentiments they’ve been spouting. BUT IT’S HIGH TIME WE MADE THEM LIVE UP TO THOSE WORDS REGARDLESS OF THEIR INSINCERITY! WE MUST TAKE ACTION TO MAKE SURE NO CAT IS EVER MUTILATED AND TORTURED WITH THE DE CLAWING PROCEDURE AGAIN…WE MUST BAN THIS PROCEDURE COMPLETELY, PASS A LAW DETERMINING IT TO BE ANIMAL ABUSE AND THERE BY A FELONY.

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