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Declawing video… What do you think? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi there! Thank you for sharing this video with others to share the horror about cat declawing. We’d love your support of our documentary which we are using to help ban cat declawing in the US and Canada.
    Check out the trailer It is an excellent film that is totally inspiring because Jennifer Conrad has managed to help ban de-clawing in 8 cities in California already! We need nationwide support, though to get this to happen. If you can share the trailer link on facebook or on this site, that would be great!

    Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work! Together we can do this!


    • Hi Michelle. Thanks for commenting and linking to the video. I can’t watch these videos anymore. It is too sickening. There are about 150 pages on this site that criticise declawing. I think for the time being I have done my bit. I’ll do some more later.

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