Declawing: What is the matter with humans?

Here is an image from The Paw Project FB webpage which I like and to which I have added a little speech bubble. There are a million alternatives but it seems the cats would be bemused watching the film trying to figure why the human wants to hurt them so badly. What is the matter with people who declaw, they might ask because it does not make sense and it is a major breach of trust in the relationship between cat and person. It is a grievous assault in criminal parlance.

Declawing cats: What is the matter with humans?
Declawing cats: What is the matter with humans?
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16 thoughts on “Declawing: What is the matter with humans?”

  1. I will say again, don’t let the vet give your animal a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, like Baytril. These horrible drugs are still being given to animals and people because: We’ve always done it this way!

    As the numbers of people harmed by FQ antibiotics grows every day, more and more people coming to online forums, terrified, not knowing what is happening to their bodies and their minds, their doctors telling them it can’t be the pills they took because “Cipro is very safe” (despite a 43 page warning label.) Many of these “floxies” (people harmed by fluoroquinolones) never fully recover. Some people would say that no one fully recovers.

    I know a little bit of what those declawed cats feel. I am a Floxie and I am not fully recovered. My future is uncertain, and my body is not the same as it was. I want to ask why this was done to me, but the only answer I get is a variant of “we’ve always done it this way.” Certainly doctors don’t want to create life long systemic illnesses when treating simple sinus infections. But they can’t see the mountains of evidence, including clinical research studies saying these drugs are dangerous.

    “We’ve always done it this way” is deadly, and not just in the medical field. That attitude kills pyro technicians every year. It’s the guys with thirty years experience falling victim. New safety regulations are written, new protocols– but most of the old guys don’t follow them. Their excuse for doing things unsafely? We’ve always done it this way. Logic is of no use. You can’t explain why the new way is safer. They will say idiotic things to you like: “If you’re so afraid if this stuff you shouldn’t be working in this field.” Every so often an accident happens to people working in fireworks, but I guarantee you every time the guy in charge had thirty years experience and was not following what are considered safe practices today. They died because “we’ve always done it this way” is stronger than common sense or even self preservation.

    This is why I hold out little hope that declawing can be banned unless we start teaching kids right now not to declaw– we need to make their “we’ve always done it this way” to be “we’ve never declawed cats.”


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