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Decline in number of pet owners vaccinating their pets — 1 Comment

  1. In the UK vaccines are strictly licensed and vets are obliged to follow the manufacturer’s directions, which is to administer annual boosters. (Unless there are compelling reasons not to do so.) Even though many vets personally might not consider annual boosters necessary, if they give that advice to a pet owner, whose animal then contracted one of those diseases they could be sued by the owner. Nor could they turn to the vaccine manufacturer for support, because of failure to follow their instructions.

    It’s not always an easy decision for owners either. As you say, there are areas where high vaccination rates have created ‘herd immunity’, almost eliminating some diseases or making outbreaks rare.

    There’s always the option to have your pet tested for antibodies, though I understand that costs around the same as the vaccine.

    Whether pets get annual boosters or not, I do hope they at least get taken to the vet for annual health checks.

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