Dedicated servant to animal welfare dies aged 68

Nancy Rubino
Nancy Rubino. Photo: PAWS Hancock.
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Nancy Rubino was by all accounts a great lady; full of compassion for animals and their welfare. She died last Friday aged 68 of colon cancer. She was much admired. She founded and was the chief executive of PAWS Hancock – Partners for Animal Welfare Society of Hancock County. They have a Facebook page on which her passing was recently announced:

The P.A.W.S. family and the Greenfield community lost a wonderful friend, mentor and advocate last week when Nancy…

Posted by PAWS Hancock on Monday, January 14, 2019

The picture below shows Nancy picking up a cheque from a bank under a successful fund raising scheme.

CHECKING IT FORWARD saves lives! Big thank you to Ameriana Bank for its $500 donation to the PAWS veterinary care fund…

Posted by PAWS Hancock on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Her obituary is online. Here is a quote from it:

“She practiced law for many years, specializing in mostly commercial litigation. She was a former partner with Miller Johnson Snell & Cummiskey in Kalamazoo, MI from 1988-1997.

Nancy’s and Michael’s lives have been all about animals. She was involved with various humane societies for many years. She founded Partners for Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (P.A.W.S. Hancock) and was the executive director for many years. Nancy’s love for animals began at an early age and continued throughout her adulthood. She nurtured, rescued, and rehabilitated a variety of wildlife, including their own menagerie.”

Sara Johnson an a volunteer at PAWS in response to what will happen next said:

“I don’t have an answer right now,” she said. “Right now, we’re all pretty much devastated and dumbfounded that we’ve lost her.”

It will go on and continue to be successful, I have no doubt.

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9 thoughts on “Dedicated servant to animal welfare dies aged 68”

  1. Woodie seems to be back, Michael. (see “Native_Catvocate” above). No one else has been that cruel and ugly on here, so it’s likely him; in any case they need to be gone.

  2. I’m concerned about remarks in the story. Hopefully PAWS has a board of directors to ensure the rescue will carry forward her plans.

    So sorry for her family’s and friend’s loss.

    • More racism & crass hatred from you Native_Catvocate and you will be spending the rest of your life in isolation with only chlorpromazine for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

  3. It is always a great loss for one of our animal sisters or brothers to pass on. May she find her wings and watch over all those at the bridge.


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