Deep Down Are You A Dog Person After All?

Cat and dog lovers poster by Ruth

Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

You are a fully paid up member of the Confederation Of Cat Companions (CCC)! You love cats; and have all your life. Independent minded people like independent minded animals. But do you love dogs as well? Are you the sort of person who loves cats because you lived with three cats when you were a child? Perhaps you are a people person but if you looked after a companion animal you would prefer that it was a cat for practical reasons and because that is the way it always was. The cat does not disturb the ebb and flow of your working life. She’ll be at the window when you come home and ask you for dinner before you have time to settle in but you love the low maintenance aspect of cat life.

The dog, by contrast, requires a lot of looking after. You have to train them and even when that goes well you have to walk them twice a day and while you’re out walking them you have to pick up their gooey poop with the ubiquitous plastic bag; this is a legal requirement as far as I’m aware in Britain. There again, taking the dog for a walk is a great way of meeting people (or annoying people!). And a photograph on one of those dating sites, of a man holding a puppy is catnip for a single woman; it shows a woman that he is a sensitive soul in touch with his emotions and ripe for marriage…

…Dogs do have their advantages. You might warm to a dog even if you are a hardline member of CCC. Is it possible to simultaneously be a cat lover and a dog lover? I would say yes it is. Or are you, as mentioned, more a people person? You might even be a person who wants to change over. That is sacrilegious to those of us living in the world of cats. Perhaps, you’ve retired and have more time on your hands. You want to go out for a walk every day. You want a companion on those walks and what better companion then a chirpy little dog who looks up at you with doe eyes. Of course, you’ll have to pick up that sloppy poo but that’s just a minor downside.

You’ll also have to put up with your slippers being chewed through and your kitchen floor looking like a Jackson Pollock painting during his brown era. But you’ll warm to it.

I wonder how many parents are pestered by their kids to get a dog or a cat? Is it the children who decide whether the family has a dog or a cat? What if you’re a cat lover and your daughter insists on adopting a dog and enters into a pact, behind your back, with your wife and together they chip away at you until you give in and adopt a dog. You are cunningly recruited away from the Confederation of Cat Companions to the rival Confederation Of Canine Companions!

If an animal lover wavers between caring for a dog or a cat the decision is often made for practical reasons. If you’re busy and away from home you may believe that keeping a cat is more suitable but you may be wrong. This may be a misconception. Cats miss their human companions just as much as dogs, I believe. The domestic cat is no longer a solitary independent companion animal but sociable.

Perhaps the key practical element in deciding between a cat and a dog is the simple fact that you can take a dog for a walk. You can take your dog outside on a lead as a matter of course. Whereas, exceptionally, this can also be done with a cat, but it is virtually impossible.

In the UK, it is said that a dog bred for low maintenance such as the cockapoo is a midlife status symbol for men. The cockapoo is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle and bred, as far as I can tell, exclusively for middle-class city dwellers! We are told that this breed of dog does not moult, does not smell, is great with kids and does not need long walks. Lies. You have to employ a dog groomer once a month at £40 a time and when he rolls on the grass while on walks what is she rolling in…

Perhaps the ultimate answer is to look after both a cat and a dog – while at the same time the cat and the dog are best friends. It doesn’t get better. You need to make sure that you have sufficient time to care for them both properly.

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Deep Down Are You A Dog Person After All? — 23 Comments

  1. i admire dogs and they are nice i guess. but always been a cat person. always used to be afraid of them growing up

  2. We always had dogs and i love them but to have one here i would need a large dog since walking a small one is dangerous with coyotes. No win our lives large dogs are a bit too much. Not having cats growing up i love having them now since my kids were young. I had two cats at once many many years ago but i only have one now. My daughter at one time had 5 dogs and two cats. They got old and passed away and now she only has two dogs left. They all were/are spoiled as all animals should be because they give us such love, affection and loyalty.. I think so anyway. 😉

  3. I have loved animals since i learned to walk and talk !Have had numerous pets since childhood and initially in Bombay(Mumbai) we lived just walking distance from the zoo. Hence the zoo was my playground after school and got to observe animals and birds from close quarters. Became a cat owner as a adult by default having previously owned dogs.After the death of my last dachshund dog in 1994 decided that maintaining a dog was problematic as my parents aged and i was always away from home.Thats when i became a cat owner and the rest is well documented in “P.O.C” ,being the most prominent cat contributor from Asia region.I am just happy in the company of nature and animals.

  4. I’m, simply, an animal lover with a preference for cats.
    I’ve had a handful of dogs and loved them all, most especially my Hobbes who I had from 7 weeks old until 18 years old.
    I love their loyalty and enthusiasm.
    But, their requirements are different from a cat. Walking and bathing are mandatory.

  5. No contest for me, I love cats more than dogs, I have loved them from my conception so to speak and the older I get the more I love cats.
    I do love dogs too but there is no comparison in having cats in the home and living in peace and harmony than having a needy yes man dog.
    Right now we have two dogs each side of us, their barking drives me mad at times, it seems people here aren’t content with one dog, they need multiple dogs and then can’t train them….do they even try? When we had dogs they didn’t bark day and night, they weren’t shut outside for hours on end and bored out of their skulls with nothing to do but bark.
    A friend’s daughter has just taken a cat in whose family have a new dog and the poor cat is terrified of it, notice the 5 year old cat had to be rehomed, not the dog! That makes me very annoyed, when cats are treated as inferior to dogs.
    I’m rooting for cats, a fully paid up member of CCC until the day I drop off my twig!

    • Me too. I probably care for a cat because my mother always did but to be honest, I love all animals and I like dogs but not too large. That would be too much for me (I mean too much impact on my life).

    • Thanks Dorothy, I always get a surprise when an old poster I’ve designed pops up lol I’m glad this one fits in with Michael’s article.
      Yes rain, hail or shine, dogs must walk, only they don’t here, so in my opinion they are bad dog owners.

        • Not these, one side do get out sometimes on leads but are mostly let out to run around the lawn and yap, the other side don’t even get that very much but hey ho the RSPCA think they are acceptable owners.
          Rosie the King Charles here goes everywhere with her dad, she’s adorable, she loves cats.
          Luckily no dogs run free here which makes it safe for cats.
          It seems all the bad owners have multiple dogs but why if they can’t be bothered to walk them?

            • A rottweiler and a jack Russell in kennels with runs one side of us in the garden feet from our adjoining fence, 2 small mongrels the other side in the house, but the people go out to work and leave them to yap all day.
              Opposite, the two anti social women have 3 huge barking dogs and numerous un-neutered cats.
              To be fair none of them let their dogs run free apart from in their own gardens, they all love cats and the barking doesn’t bother our cats at all, so because they are safe we put up with the noise and stink from the kennels. You can imagine we can’t enjoy our own garden right now. There’s a possibility the kennels one will be moving soon, but we worry who will come next, after we’ve had the conwoman, then the criminal druggies now the layabout, but our cats safety comes first. When (if ever) Babz can retire we will move right away. I wish our Cat Village existed in reality:

        • Not these, one side do get out sometimes on leads but are mostly let out to run around the lawn and yap, the other side don’t even get that very much but hey ho the RSPCA think they are acceptable owners.
          Rosie the King Charles here goes everywhere with her dad, she’s adorable, she loves cats.
          Luckily no dogs run free here which makes it safe for cats.
          It seems all the bad owners have multiple dogs but why if they can’t be bothered to walk them?

          • Well, it’s not hard to guess why they are barkers and can be annoying. They don’t get that one-on-one attention that they need.
            Poor dogs.

            • Yes it’s a shame because the dogs get the blame and yelled at to shut up for 5 minutes when they drive neighbours mad, but it’s not their fault.

              • Too sad.
                And, you and Babz are sandwiched between.
                Here, complaints called in would result in hefty fines for the “owners” and probable confiscation for subsequent calls. The dogs’ fates would be in serious jeopardy.

  6. It is a commitment of time and devotion on both fronts. I’ve been without a dog for nearly a year since Daisy died. I haven’t been motivated to get another one. The cats keep me entertained and happy, and worried about them at the same time.

    I recently visited a much younger sister whom I hadn’t seen in some time. I met her very cute and precocious young cat who has a bobed tail. Here she is with her companion. I was sorry I didn’t get a good picture of her while she played, stalked really, the chickens who were running around. But I love this photo, two peas in a pod! It is hard to see her pastel colors in this photo. Sort of a dilute tortie tabby?

    • It is a v.good photo. It seems to me, DW, that you are both a cat and dog lover. Your sister too? There is a big size difference here. Cute. There seems to be some orange in the cat’s coat. If so we have to say tortie and if not a dilute (ish) mackerel tabby I’d say. I like the short tail too.

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