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Del Monte Foods donated over 700,000 dollars to a single animal shelter — 12 Comments

  1. On behalf of Roberta:


    I don’t have a working computer but I would suggest that Delta quickly have someone get on the phone to the people on this list (see link below) and see about another like kind arrangement. I don’t personally think it is wise to publicize that Del Monte abandoned them, although I do notice that the information may have been from a TV source.

    Good luck to them. I didn’t know how to get this on the blog.

    Best regards,




    • Nancy, I take your point. Good point. But I don’t think the law forbids them giving away as a gift this pet food and also the recipient will have agreed to accept it. Therefore there’d be no possibility of being sued under these circumstances.

      There is too much waste as you suggest.

  3. Many big pet food companies give their food to those who look after cats and dogs. Majority do that for promotional purposes to build brand awareness and attractiveness in the eyes of consumers (alignment with a good cause). From one side yes, shelters/rescues need food, from another side, companies that produce not the best food for pets use this opportunity to raise their brand. If somebody produces good food and donates, fantastic! xx

  4. DelMonte is a favored company for me. In my opinion, they are, incredibly, conscious if consumer pocketbooks and keep their prices within reason and produce quality food.

    They are makers of the 9 lives line of cat food. I have moved closer to that brand because Purina has been having so many problems recently, claiming that they are having problems finding an ingredient. The ingredient is pork which is not listed on any of their products.

    Anyway, I feel badly for Delta H.S., but they had a good run of 6 years; but many, many shelters are in need too. I can’t really muster a whole lot of sympathy for any Humane Society since they have “Big Daddy H.S.U.S.” raking in big bucks.

    What angers me most is that Petsmart doesn’t donate their broken bags of food to anyone. They say that “Corporate” doesn’t allow. They, further, slice the bags open and dump in a dumpster. A few of us are joining to form “dumpster divers incorporated”.

    • Nice comment. It helped me understand the situation. It really wouldn’t take much to recycle “waste” pet food to pets in need. It is a bit like the supermarkets here in UK which throw away millions of tonnes of perfectly edible food every year because it is out of date. Some charities recover it and give it out to the poor but the supermarkets could do a lot more to assist in this.

  5. Thank you for sharing Michael, I am not much active on PoC after the work of terrace cat shelter of mine because I get tired after the job (teaching students as I have adopted for more earning for my cats) but this post has made me happy because if a shelter is denoted 700,000 worth of cat/dog food, it is a great help for the tiny friends and a lucky shelter in one way. The other inside aspects of the story are secondary as the food is not contaminated.

    A country like Pakistan where people even not care for humanity rather than thinking of cats and dogs, for me as compared to my country, this is a positive step and I was thinking that alas there should be some efforts here, at least for them who really look after cats and kittens. 🙁

    • Don’t work too hard Ahsan. Sorry you are tired. Mind you I am tired too 😉 There are some big businesses in Pakistan I am sure. It’s about commitment and desire whether they donate to charity. It’s about the nature of the man at the top of the company.

      • No Michael, here the companies are importers, and importers are only profit greedy people, not think about welfare of cats 🙁 I have tried.

        And let me clear that you are the only person on this planet who have ever donated me 110 pounds. Otherwise I am on my own 🙁

  6. I share your view of the sitution Michael. I know it’s a massive blow to Delta Humane Society that they’ll no longer be receiving free pet food from Del Monte, but they were incredibly fortunate to have had their help for so long. I hope they can find a suitable new donor.

    In the UK I know that both Pets at Home and Animal Friends Pet Insurance, both donate to animal charities at home and abroad. Animal Friends will donate £1 to animal charities for every “like” they receive on their Facebook page.


    I also do the daily clicks on web sites such as FreeKibble (sponsored by Halo pet foods) and Animal Rescue / The Greater Good as a way of boosting donations to animal charities.

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