Deli cat customer says ‘Put the cost on my tabby’!

Community cat customer fed at deli
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Picture of community cat customer being fed at a deli

This is a cute little video. We do see quite a lot of community cats going into shops in countries such as Turkey, the Middle East in general and occasionally in America as well. My guess is that the video was filmed in Turkey.

Community cats are looked after by the community which is usually a community of shop keepers. The shopkeeper certainly has a nice relationship with this sweet cat. I’m sure that the cat has visited this delicatessen before and I’m also sure that the kind gentleman has fed him before.

There may be a symbiotic relationship between these two which harks back to the origins of the domestic cat. The cat may keep mice and rodents away while being fed the occasional treat. If that’s the case, it’s a lovely arrangement.

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