Delivery man who stole woman’s cat and released him far from home apologises in letter

Heidi Dalbec has offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to the recovery her cat Dot who is very friendly and greatly missed:

Dot is a VERY VERY friendly/outgoing feline. He is greatly missed.

Dot a stolen cat
Dot. Photo by Heidi Dalbec.
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Brian Vieau stole her cat. Brian was delivering something (an auto part?) to her house, saw Dot and stole him. As he drove away he started to regret it and eventually released Dot from his vehicle on another bad impulse decision outside Watertown. This is in Minnesota, USA. As the crow flies Watertown is about 7 kilometres from Heidi Dalbec’s home on County Road 127 due east of Watertown.

After Vieau initially lied to Dalbec (I dont’ know the nature of the lie) he wrote a confessional letter to her which explains everything:

Letter from cat thief to cat owner
Photo: Heidi Dalbec

She can’t find Dot. I have suggested that he might be trying to make his way home as cats are generally good navigators returning to their home range. I’d search between the release point and her home. Just a hunch.

Vieau should know the exact place where he released Dot (update: I note that he said he abandoned him ‘near B’s on the River restaurant in Watertown’). Dalbec is enraged that Vieau has not been fired from his job. She writes on Facebook that he can’t be trusted and yet every day he goes onto peoples’ property. A good point. She says that he has lied twice; once to her and once to the police. He works for his father delivering auto parts, she discovered.

Dalbec uploaded a security camera video of Vieau with Dot at the time of the delivery:
He has been charged with misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor animal abandonment, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office Jan. 2. If you can help please contact the police: 952-361-1212.


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