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Demand Dan Richards resign as president of the California Fish and Game Commission — 1 Comment

  1. Hunters are the primary conservationist in the United States. We advocate and pay for lands that are set aside for wildlife, for the programs that maintain their habitat and the rangers that ensure hunting laws and regulations are respected. We were doing this long before the nancy boys got involved and started having hissy fits about men being men.
    You don’t have the love of the outdoors and you don’t understand the connection to nature we experience through the hunt, regardless of weather we make a kill. That’s ok, but no need for your to have a panic attack, we can cure your ignorance and squeamish fear response.
    The head of fish and game did nothing wrong, and your hyperbolic response to his lawful taking of a mountain lion indicates you may be mentally unstable. I suggest you reach down between your legs, dig deep, and keep digging until you locate the testes that should have dropped at age 11″. Give them a good tug to set them in proper like, wait 72:hrs and you should start to feel a bit more confident and less like crying about something you have no control over. If not….we’ll the sissyfication is permanent and you should locate a safe place at the nearest university.

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