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Dementia Sufferer’s Therapy Cat Taken from Her — 7 Comments

  1. In the US she could probably sue the facility for discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act if a Doctor had certified that the cat is part of the patient’s treatment as an emotional support amimal. Also report them to a governing board over care facilities – I forget the name – for not following treatment protocol, elder abuse, abusing a disabled person, etc., there would be an investigation at the least. These facilities have come under intense scrutiny for abuse of patients recently, especially by staff members. It is abuse to replace the cat with a fake one for a disabled patient at the very least. The ACLU would be all over this. I would have them talking to my attorney, not asking nicely to get my cat back. They only understand loss of their pay checks. It is also just downright mean, so many black souls around now. I am sure the cat is very stressed also. If a cat gets too stressed they become seriously ill. Hope it is not too late for the poor cat too.

  2. I think these people should find a better home for their mother…one who takes cats which is happening more and more and more! The bottom line was probably money….these places will agree to anything to get people’s money and then think they can change the rules after you’ve gone to the trouble of moving in. Screw them! Get the mother and her cat out of there!! That cat is an emotional support companion for their mother and that is important to her condition.

  3. Heartbreaking & I hope they continue the fight. Thank heaven at least that the family recovered Snoop & she wasn’t otherwise disposed of by the facility. But if Dawn gets her back I would be worried for her safety in that hostile environment.

  4. No one moves into a care facility without a contract.
    Where is that and are there other pets in the facility ?
    Most senior living facilities in the US provide additional housekeeping at the resident/family expense.
    Lots of questions here. 24 hours is not sufficient time for a cat box to become offensive.
    Anyone that allergic to cats will have a reaction from visitors having cat dander on their clothing. If pets are allowed then anyone working there cannot expect to remain employed if they are allergic to animals that are allowed.

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