Demi Moore poses in an itty-bitty leopard print bikini with her itty-bitty Chihuahua

Demi Moore and Pilaf
Demi Moore and Pilaf. Image: Instagram.
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Demi Moore thinks that her Chihuahua, Pilaf, is very close to the world’s shortest dog record. She measures her sweet little dog using a $100 bill as you can see in the photograph. Celebrities like toy dogs as they can are able to accessorize their appearance with a cute pet. They can put their pet in a $5,000 bag. Great look.

Alright friends, we’re doing it. Let’s see if we can get @pilaf.littlemouse noticed by @guinnessworldrecords! Our sweet girl was born on November 9, 2020 and is 700 grams. (Cat and coffee cup for scale). #pilaf4guinness,’ she captioned the post.

Pilaf Demi Moore's dog is close to the world's shortest dog
Pilaf Demi Moore’s dog is close to the world’s shortest dog. Image: Instagram.

She was wondering whether she should submit Pilaf to Guinness World Records. The Indecent Proposal star, 60 (she looks great at 60), shared a couple of snaps on her Instagram page on Thursday with the caption, “Pilaf takes to the beach”.

She is wearing an itty-bitty tiny cheetah or is it leopard print string bikini! She wore aviator sunglasses. She has 4.4 million followers on her Instagram page. And the page tells me that she likes dogs. I didn’t see any cats.

Whoops! I made a mistake. She has a cat. I think she has one cat.

I can see five dogs in another picture. Somebody commented by saying that she could have measured her dog using a one-dollar bill!

Perhaps she hasn’t got any in her purse.

Am I being sexist in this article? Are we allowed to talk about women being attractive at 60? I hope so. She is.

On a more serious note, there might be an argument which says that it is not right to breed tiny, tiny dogs because they might be less healthy than more normal-sized dogs. Is that a fair point?

I can remember Guinness World Records discontinuing the smallest cat category for this reason (I believe). And they might have discontinued the fattest cat category as well the same reason. I’m unsure.

It is unwise to set world records about things which harm people and animals. Yes, I’m being far too serious because this page is about Demi Moore’s itty-bitty leopard print bikini and her gorgeous body!

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4 thoughts on “Demi Moore poses in an itty-bitty leopard print bikini with her itty-bitty Chihuahua”

  1. Hey Mike, it’s not always breeding dogs to be little. Like people some dogs are just born that way. This is my “Miss America” Boo that could sit in my hand at 11 months old. and here she is with here Taco Bell friends and this was her at 6 months old
    I’ve had chihuahuas for 47 years and many lived to 17 to 23 years old. It is a fact that small dogs live longer than big dogs.

    Why do small dogs live longer than big dogs?
    by Ray Gill, University of Melbourne

    • Thanks Tamara. In general, big animals live longer but in the case of dogs it does not apply because of selective breeding affecting health and lifespan. Sure, not all dogs are bred. Some are random-bred and some of those are going to be small as ‘they are born that way’.

      But the toy dog breeds are deliberately bred to be small and the celebs like Demi Moore almost always buy purebred dogs rather than adopting from a shelter.

      The fact that your small dogs have lived long lives does not undermine the thought that very small dogs may have health issues that the more normal-sized dogs don’t have.

      • Mike I have had up to ten chihuahua’s at one time and all rescues from shelters , Craigs List where breeders get rid of the old ones. Right now I have 4 chi’s, one yorkie and one 80 pound curb sitter. All the chi’s are purebred as is the rescued yorkie. Pretty sure Moore’s are rescues too. Here’s a article from DM of Moore with her 9 dogs. Chihuahua’s are one of the highest dumped dogs in shelters next to pit bulls.


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