Despite the odds, cat rescued from the streets of Greece is recovering

This is Iron, a silver beauty whose condition is devastating. He suffers from everything a cat can possibly suffer from: FIV, fungus, two broken legs, and a mutilated tail. Pus keeps coming out of his eye and his ears. Despite the odds, this feline warrior has managed to survive a month now since his rescue from the streets of Greece.

Iron a few days after his rescue (photo SCAR-Greece)
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Iron was rescued in by SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, Greece) after someone posted a video of him on the streets. A SCARS volunteer rescued him the next day and he was immediately taken to the vet. X-rays showed a mutilated tail and a shattered leg that needs to be amputated. A medical exam showed Iron has a left eye full of pus, he was covered in fleas and near starvation. In addition to all of this, Iron also tested FIV+.

**Video is graphic, but the care Iron’s been given and his friendship with Powder will make you cry**

Within just a few days, Iron turned into an affectionate, loving cat, who waits impatiently for his human servants at SCARS-Greece for his food. He’s a heavy eater and is gaining strength daily. Iron also wants to be petted all the time.

Not only has Iron began his journey to good health, he now has a close friendship with a cat named Powder (whom the volunteers say he looks up to as an older brother), whose crate was beside his in the same room. The two began purring and meowing at each other as they rubbed their bodies closer within their crates in an attempt to be together.

Together they heal (photo SCARS-Greece)

Powder suffers from skin cancer on his ears and is FIV positive. Unfortunately, the FIV has affected Powder’s kidneys, he has lost his appetite and is not gaining weight. He was on an IV for a few days and the rescue is working very hard to put weight on him. At that time his ears will be removed in an attempt to stop the skin cancer from spreading. Neither has been healthy enough to be neutered.

Powder(left) & Iron(right) (photo SCARS-Greece)

Iron and Powder are both in foster care with a SCARS volunteer, where they share a room, eat and nap together.

If you wish to make a small donation for Iron and Powder, you can use the charity’s bank account or PayPal: Eurobank / Swift: ERBKGRAA / IBAN: GR5302601420000900200479872 For updates on the two friends, you can follow the charity’s Facebook page.


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5 thoughts on “Despite the odds, cat rescued from the streets of Greece is recovering”

  1. Michael
    I am so greatful to you for providing a site we can all come to share our grief and our appreciation for animals. I am not a member of facebook, but can read posts etc… But I chose to participate on your site because you allow so much to be brought for. I too pray for iron and powder. both touch my heart. Iron like my Brutus is a gray kitty who also has fiv and skin issues. I found him in a rescue and knew he was a special needs. Cats are so special and until one shares their house, they miss out on so much. I hope those two can at least enjoy all the time they have for now to be together. stories like this make me realize there are special people in the world who still care as much as all of us do.

    thank you again

  2. Iron and Powder are two precious souls. Thank you for this story. I am praying for them. I hope that Powder’s kidneys remain stabile. It would be great if they could find a home together, whether in a rescue center or a private home. My heart aches fo both of them.

  3. Poor little guy… both of them. I noticed that Iron also has the one eye dilated (or the other constricted) and so maybe some brain damage too? I’m hopelessly in debt but I’ll send something when I can.

    • Cat rescue become more meaningful the more needy and vulnerable the cat is. This is a great rescue. I love it.

      They look badly beaten up. God, it is so hard for these cats sometimes.

  4. Please note if you ever have a cat with pus coming out like that, get to a vet. We’ve had several who recovered and it took a round of antibiotics as well as antibiotic eyedrops/gel. Plus lots of warm soft linen to keep the eye from gluing shut.


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