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‘Devil Cat’ found her forever home just in time for the holidays — 6 Comments

  1. So glad she found a forever home. This is such a blessing indeed. I can’t say I blame her for belting the kids though. They are a pain in the ass. Have a Merry Christmas sweetie.

  2. I have a cat named Lucian a.k.a Lucifer (by the kids) who is alot worse. She’ll go up to people for attention then attack w/o warning or provocation. I’ve had her since she was 5 or 6 wks old never been abused and is the bully of the house to other cats and people. I’m thankful that should she out live me my middle boy will take her as she’d never do good in a new home. I love her to pieces and would never give her up even though she’s mean to everyone but me and the one son.

  3. Not hard to come up with a reason or two why Sky does not like children is it? A shame she was labelled ‘devil cat’, sometimes a mix of experience & personality results in an individual cat like Sky.

    Her new people sound like just the right family for her.

    One of mine is his own cat, he won’t put up with any nonsense, from anyone. Sadly, he got that way via trauma & fear, but he is happy here.

    Pauline is very well thought of in cat rescue in the Midlands & beyond.

    Happy endings are so needed.

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