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Devocalising the Thin End of the Wedge — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks. I have signed it. I’m pretty sure my neighbour in Canada had his dog devocalized since I never heard it make a sound ever – and thats the kind of guy he was – I bet he did it. A**hole. Why do they want to declaw? Why do they want more money – dont they earn more than most already? I dont understand. Its almost like a conspiracy to think they actually want our animals to be unhealthy so they can earn more money but if they are willing to declaw then I dont see why they would give a damn about our animals well being. The question is which vets are these? There must be many decent vets in the USA. So who are they that are either incompetent or downright evil? How do we find them out? Where can we findf out if they are willing to declaw a cat. I guess the only way is to ask since if they aren’t totally incompetent they wont advertise the fact – since they probably arent stupid and know its bad and will cause people to attack them. And so people should. They should fell like hell frozen over but rich when they wake up in the morning. I’d love to become some kind of terrorist on these guys and graffiti their practices in the night until it becomes such a pain for them they just give up. Plus other people would find out with enough drama and coverage. They really actually do literally have blood on their hands.

  2. One of the purposes for vocal cords is to catch food before it can make it into the trachea. They are sort of a last line of defense against choking. I know it’s true, because I’ve felt it happen to me. It’s sort of a relief when the vocal cords catch the piece if food. You think you’re going to cough for hours when that hunk of broccoli you just aspirated hits your wind pipe– but it’s over because your vocal cords snapped together and caught it so you never aspirated anything. Take that last line of defense away from an animal and you put him at great risk of choking. Vets know this, just like they know that the distal phalanx they remove to declaw a cat is the weight bearing structure in the cat’s paw.

  3. Signed and shared the petition, declawing and devocalisation are both horrifically cruel and there is no justification ever for either surgery for non medical reasons.
    How can these procedures which are banned as animal abuse in so many other civilised countries, be allowed to go on in the USA and Canada?
    It’s VERY wrong and the vets who do this know full well they are causing animals to suffer! The only conclusion to be drawn is that they don’t care!

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