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Devocalization of Cats and Dogs — 8 Comments

  1. I recently inherited my sisters purbred Himalayan cat which was devocalized and declawed and had a very bad neutering experience at the hands of a butcher. Needless to say she is a very traumatized cat, I would love to find the vet that did this to her and have him prosecuted! Don’t know if it is illegal in California but should be. Now I’m dealing with a very scared cat any suggestions on how to build her trust?

    • It is shocking to read your comment – thanks for commenting. The only way you can build trust is patience and tons of TLC. If that won’t do nothing will. I hate these butcher vets who declaw brutally badly. People should use vets to a minimum level and never for declawing and devocalising.

  2. In such a case I would recommed you letting your cat go on the street or give it to someone else. Either she is not compatible with you as owner (they feel you hate it when seeing her in the morning), so do not say she has a lot of love, either you are not meant to have cats as pets.
    When we have small babies, they wake us up in the middle of the night, screaming for food. When they grow older, they can easily get spoiled and make fun of us in public screaming they want toys. When they are teenagers, they can argue with us in loud voice if not having had proper education. Should we euthanise or devocalize them?
    I am the owner of a vocal boy cat. A black, funny and sweet Egyptian Mau. I would not be able to live without hearing him chirp when seeing me – I know he loves me and that he is happy I am there. Without hearing him chirp when I get closer to him when sleeping – this means he is happy I am there. He does meow at nights, but I know this is what they do and I talk to him. You may not believe it, but he actually listens and after 15 or 20 more minutes he stops. You might think I am jobless this is why I put up with this. No, I am not. I work on 2 jobs, and I am very tired sometimes… but guess what?? When he sees me sick, or tired or sad, he climbes up to me in bed and tries his best, with his emerald eyes, which can throw the sweetest glares ever, to make me feel I am not alone, and that he is there to make me feel better…and no noise until he knows I am better. He had been a house cat since he was found abandoned near a trash can when he barely opened his eyes. He is not sterilized, but he does not spray around the house, he always uses the litterbox BECAUSE HE HAS CONTINUOUS ACCESS TO IT. So when he feels the need to do something, he goes there. The smell is always controled because I have an open window near the place (in the bathroom), and the windoe has a net so he can not go out. He has had some funny ideas when trying to hump on my husband’s leg when he felt the heat, but a fluffy toy took care of that as well, and extremely rare when he is not eating because of heat, I would give him medicine. He is not yet 1 year old, so I can not castrate him yet. But the medicine issue happens in extreme cases (he only needed them once).
    Do us a favor, and a favor to your soul, do not kill that sweet kitty…leave it on the street unharmed, as she will be happier without you around, or give it to someone who will honestly love her.
    And about scratching.. he has TRIMMED CLAWS!! I would never have him declawed. I would declaw pickpokets or rapists, or child and women abusers.. but not an innocent and loving pet who, if trained properly, will get to scratch an old piece of carpet (like mine does), or a pose, or a piece of thick cloth sewed on the part of the bed which he likes to scratch.
    When we get a pet, we need to make him or her a family member, not that piece of living toy which is supposed to endure every pain we put him or her through. Then after showing us he or she is alive and changes behaviour, we throw away like a piece of garbage.
    I am not angry.. I am very sad about people like you who would hurt an animal because of not accepting him or her are living creatures.
    LET HER GO AND GET A FLUFFY TOY CAT!! That does not meow, does not spray, does not scratch….BUT WILL NOT LOVE YOU EITHER!!!

  3. I understand and have read all of these arguments against devocalization many times. I would like to know what you propose a pet owner do when their cat is played with daily, has no medical conditions, has plenty of space, food and clean water, clean litter, company and love but still moans, meows, screams and screeches all day and all night. At what point dose this the sanity of the pet owner get considered?

    Since isolation, ignoring, spraying, startling, and punishment generally are also considered to be animal abuse also I have no idea what options are left a pet owner who has not had full nights sleep in five or more years. Perhaps it would be more humane to put these animal down?

    • Why not rehome this poor cat seeing as she gets on your nerves so much, let her go to someone who would love and appreciate her as a talkative cat, many a lonely old person would love her vocal company.
      Would you have a talkative human member of the family killed?
      BTW cat ‘owners’ don’t get a full nights sleep, it’s the nature of cats to be crepuscular and cat lovers love cats for who they are.
      If your sleep is so precious then why not shut her in another room overnight.
      Remember cats lives are very short in comparison to ours, regrets and feelings of guilt are too late when those short years are gone.

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