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Scientific Professional Cat Litter

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This is a just a note to flag up these products in case you hadn’t heard about them. Four are listed below.

  1. Scientific Professional Cat Litter which changes color as the pH of urine changes.
  2. Purina Glucotest Urinary Detection System which indicates urine glucose levels. This helps to monitor diabetic cats
  3. Hemalert, a Purina product, which detects blood in urine, which may indicate that the cat has feline lower urinary tract disease.
  4. Health Meter Cat Litter. I am not sure this product is still available. Their website appears to be unavailable. This litter is meant to detect four common feline illnesses “bladder infection, liver disease, kidney disease and stones/crystals”. I think the creators were overoptimistic and that it didn’t work well enough.

I don’t really want to try and pass judgement on them because I have never tried them and I am not sure you can trust reviews. A personal test is better if your cat has a urinary tract problem and you believe these products can assist in monitoring it. Of course the cat has to accept the litter as well.

If a visitor has tried using one of these products it would be nice to hear from them.

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