Diary of alleged Buffalo shooter recorded cat stabbing and mutilation

NEWS AND COMMENT: The self-professed white supremacist, Payton Gendron, 18, who is accused of shooting 13 people in Buffalo, USA, of which 10 died, kept a diary in which he detailed the stabbing and mutilation of a feral cat. In the diary he said: “My current beliefs started when I first started to use 4chan a few months after Covid started”.

Payton Gendron
Payton Gendron. Image in the public domain.
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I am not going to repeat his diary entry concerning the cat cruelty, which is reported online on the New York Post website because it is unnecessary and too unpleasant. These sort of details can be difficult to erase from one’s memory. And I think it is voyeuristic to write about that kind of animal cruelty. Let’s just say that it is horrible and that it includes the beheading of the feral cat.

It appears that he killed and mutilated the feral cat because it attacked his cat: Paige. Yes, he appears to have been the owner of a cat. Surprising, seeing as he is capable of doing what he did to a cat and because of the alleged mass murders.

He took meticulous notes of his cat killing. He recorded the time at which blood came out of the cat’s mouth for instance. And he detailed the type of knife he used. It seems that he was obsessed with blood and killing and perhaps in some ways he was preparing himself for mass murder.

It is another example, of which there are many, of the link between animal abuse/cruelty and violence against humans. The FBI recognise the connection and use it to profile people to keep track of them.

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The New York Post reports that he posted disturbing photos of the mutilated cat together with photos of his face sprayed with splatters of blood. After the killing of the cat, he said: “Honestly right now I don’t feel anything about killing that cat. I thought I would be in pain but I literally just feel blank.”

He reported in his diary that he told his mother about the killing and she handed him a box in which to bury the cat in the backyard. A decent response. She could have gone one step further and reported him to the police for animal cruelty. It might have stopped the alleged mass murders he carried out later. He then took a shower and dug a shallow grave. He commented: “Well my cat Paige is safe now from that evil feral cat, may you find bliss from consciousness less [sic].”

He said that he hoped that his family would take care of his cat Paige “when I’m gone”. This appears to be a reference to his plan for mass murder and possibly the end of his life because it seems he expected to be shot dead during his alleged mass shooting. He wore extensive body armour and was shot by a security guard more than once but the armour protected him. He killed the security guard.

He wrote the entry on February 27, 2022. Technically, he could be charged with animal cruelty as well as the murders. His diary entry is an admission of animal cruelty.

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