Did bleaching the kitchen sink make my cat deposit urine near it?

This is very peculiar. We know that household bleach, which is sodium hypochlorite, is an attractant for a majority of domestic cats. It makes them react in a similar way to catnip or at least they are very interested in it. No? My cat certainly falls into that category. When I put bleach down the plug hole of my kitchen sink he became very interested in the kitchen sink. He wanted to get into it.

Bleach made my cat pee?
Bleach made my cat pee?
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Sometime later I noticed the smell of urine in the kitchen. I thought it was a visiting cat spraying but I now think it isn’t. This is because the urine is not being sprayed in a classic marking behaviour but is simply being deposited near the sink. It is always near the sink, right on the edge of it which makes me think that the bleach has somehow motivated him to deposit urine.

It seems to have tweaked something in his brain which gives him the impression that he has to mark territory but not by spraying. If the bleach is not the cause you could argue that it is idiopathic cystitis. However, the urine is not bloody and it only happens next to the sink. If it was idiopathic cystitis it would probably happen in the corner of rooms and on carpets or in the bath. These are the sort of areas where cats suffering from idiopathic cystitis end up depositing small drops of urine, usually bloodied. Also he is not stressed and he eats 80% wet food.

These is not small spots of urine but quite large amounts and as mentioned it isn’t sprayed. He has access to the outside with plenty of places to pee. The non-active ingredients of household bleach such as Clorox are: sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium chlorate, sodium hydroxide and sodium polyacrylate. None of them are known to tweek the brains of domestic cats.

Has anybody else observed this behaviour in their home.


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