Did Grumpy Cat die of kidney failure and did stress play a role?

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat. Twitter feed of Grumpy Cat
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I am basically asking a question in this post. We are all saddened to hear the premature death of Grumpy Cat of a UTI. The complications from the UTI killed her. UTIs are not killers normally, as I understand it, and complications don’t often arise. I am inclined to believe that the infection got to her kidneys. Damage there can be fatal.

I am being provocative in the title but deliberately so. We know that Grumpy Cat died of ‘complications’ arising out of a urinary tract infection (UTI). These infections are normally containable. They can be fixed and most cases resolve without treatment. Most UTIs have no identifiable cause.

The key word from Grumpy Cat’s social media sites is ‘complications’.

“encountered complications from a recent urinary tract infection that unfortunately became too tough for her to overcome..”

UTIs normally concern bacterial infections which have entered the cat via the urethra from where they can progress to the bladder and to the kidneys causing an infection there: pyelonephritis. Chronic pyelonephritis progresses insidiously (gradually and subtly) and with harmful effects.

The most obvious and serious complication from a UTI is kidney damage leading to kidney failure which can cause death. Is this what caused Grumpy Cat’s death?

Notably idiopathic UTIs such as cystitis can be caused by stress. Part of the cure is to remove stress from the cat’s environment. I have always argued and provocatively so, I agree, that Grumpy Cat’s lifestyle was stressful. It was bound to be. I would reject counter arguments which state that she was well cared for and never showed signs of stress. She was loved and cared for well..except for the fact that she was a money making asset which entailed stressful activities for a domestic cat.

She was taken to strange places all the time and forced to be with strangers in noisy environments and even held by many strange people for photos (for commercial gain). These sorts of events are normally stressful to domestic cats. Stress was part of her life. I see a potential connection but have no evidence of it. I am speculating.

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