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Did Jeffrey Epstein try to scare off journalist with cat’s severed head and a bullet?

NEWS/VIEWS – NETFLIX’S JEFFREY EPSTEIN: FILTHY RICH: The Netflix documentary on Jeffrey Epstein called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich was released on Wednesday. It is a four-parter. It includes the testimonies of many survivors who claim he abused them.

Graydon Carter former editor vanity fair. Photo: Getty.

Part one featured the investigation in 2011 by Vanity Fair journalist Vicky Ward. At the time the editor was Graydon Carter. Ward who was pregnant at the time said that when Epstein got wind of the investigation he threatened her. He said that if he was unhappy with her article “it’s going to be bad for you and your family”. Also he threatened to “have a witch doctor place a curse on [her] unborn children”.

Carter shared some information with Ward in a phone call. According to Ward, Carter was spooked by a macabre threat from Epstein.

He was pretty spooked because he’d found a severed cat head in his garden….He also found a bullet on his doorstep”. – Ward


If this is true it is another example of how the domestic cat is uniquely vulnerable to abuse by people who want to use the cat to get at others. It normally happens in marital splits when one party, usually the husband, wants to intimidate and emotionally harm the wife. He kills her beloved cat to achieve this objective. The cat is very vulnerable because they are so accessible.

The domestic cat is a often loved as a family member which means there is a strong emotional bond. And a man can do this with impunity as the cops are not really interested in investigating cat cruelty cases. Animal crimes are often misdemeanours (minor crimes) not worth the effort and anyway evidence is hard to come by. It is a terrible reflection of a failure in the human-to-cat relationship.

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