Did my dog just pet my cat and did my cat just hug my dog? Yes!

This is a video from Jordan Ireland on Twitter. She write, “This blew up way more than I expected. Thank y’all. Maggi and Pumpkin appreciate it.” She means the video when viral and it was unexpected. People love this sort of interspecies affection and friendship. I confidently say that the actions of the dog was petting and the cat returned the favour in a hug. In truth it might not be exactly like that. The dog could be trying to attract the cat’s attention but the cat does do a version of the human hug and however you describe it, it is definitely a sign of affection.

Here is Pumpkin, the cat in the above video. She is a tortoiseshell:

And here is Maggi, the dog:

There are a lot of stories on interspecies friendships on PoC. You’d be surprised at the sort of friends cats keep. Below is one of the more strange relationships.

Cat’s Close Friendship With Bearded Dragon

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