Did public pressure start declawing?

Did public pressure start declawing?

by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
(County Durham,England)

Hi again, I admire you for giving this subject more space and as you already know, I think there is no justification for declawing cats. I thought this might interest you. I’ve also posted it on our Yahoo Claws group I’m co-founder of:

Saving Cats Claws

as well as our Claws group:

The Claws Connection, which you kindly put a link to on your other pages.

Roger Tabor (Broadcaster,author,biologist, and behaviourist) has given me permission to quote from his book The Rise of the Cat, page 184.It was a TV series too, although I didn’t see it.

‘The in-house cat

In the USA the house cat has become the house-bound cat. During the 1980s the majority of the American Cat Fancy magazine readers’ cats changed from an indoor/outdoor to a strictly indoor existence. This arose from their owners paranoia about the risk of disease, and a fear of traffic accidents. In urban New York these worries are understandable, but in the wilds, cats are jailed for the same reasons.

A house-bound cat shreds furniture, and so, forced by public pressure, declawing of the front paws is common veterinary practice in the USA – to the horror of British vets. It is not a stronger sort of nail-clipping but amputation under general anaesthetic. American vets face the unhappy choice of declawing an animal or killing it. To render a cat defenceless and unable to climb is to sentence it to house-bound internment and to destroy something of the essential cat.

Unsurprisingly, the inventor of cat litter was an American, Ed Lowe, who forty years ago suggested using absorbent clay in his neighbour’s earth-box. He started a business that now has sales of £300 million a year. A real measure of the changed lifestyle of American cats that an incredible 70 per cent of owners buy cat litter and a large part of this figure relates to rural cats. In Britain,where cats can go outside,the comparable figure is 15 – 20 percent.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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Did public pressure start declawing?

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May 19, 2011 Question about neighbors cat.
by: Loca Liisa

I am sorry to post this question on here but I can’t get onto my page on cat claws or saging cats claws. What happened?

My friends cat’s ears (especially the left one) is badly infected. Her last Vet was treating it for ear mites. Nothing was happening and it was not clearing up. She went to another Vet and she said it was a severe infection but not from mites. She did surgery and put a little tube going from the ear up. She brought him home and Pooter had to wear the cone so he would not scratch at it. She took him back and they removed the tube but now it is badly swollen again and she does not know what to do. She called the Vet and she said to put hot compresses on his ear. What else can she do? The Vet did not check for allergies to food or anything like that. What could of caused this ear infection and will it eventually clear up. The Vet hasn’t even began on the other ear yet.

No, declawing has been going on for years. Some Vets use it as a package with spaying or neutering. Nobody will ever understand the effects of declawing until they get their first digits removed. So, the one’s who are for declawing, go get it done yourself and then tell us what you think.

Love ya guys and miss ya

Jul 20, 2009 Yes let’s flood the internet
by: Ruth/kattaddorra

Yes it really is the Vets to blame, especially for the declawing of kittens.A supposed to be last resort for serious scratching behaviour, offered as a package deal with neutering ? That can’t be right, can it !That is definitely a money making racket.

The AVMA totally ignore anyone who asks about that! The only time I had a reply from them was when I first asked about their declawing policy. They have a standard reply for that.

We are always looking for new groups and message boards to post our petition on and with Yahoo and Google alerts we try to post everywhere we can to educate those who think declawing is acceptable.

Word is spreading but it’s still not enough as we can’t reach everyone, we can’t reach people without the internet! USA newspapers or TV stations won’t print letters from the UK, I’ve tried that ! I even wrote to Oprah Winfrey as she reads emails out on her TV show ….but no reply ….
If I wasn’t too old and poor I’d go over there myself !

Jul 19, 2009 P.S.
by: Anonymous

A P.S. to my last comment. Yes, I think both the people who request declawing and the vets who do it are at fault but the guardians of the gate to the brutality of declawing are the vets and they could have educated the public to not do it.

People will ask for all kinds of things that are unviable or unrealistic but it is up to the veterinarians who are meant to be wiser and have the cat’s best interests at heart who should direct and instruct people. To many vets, sadly, do the converse. They encourage and routinely recommend declawing as it is a good revenue stream and many are in denial about it. They also rationalise it as useful as it stops people throwing cats away (a highly spurious, illconceived and devious argument) and are, I regret to say, greedy and arrogant.

Jul 19, 2009 Hi Ruth
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing. I admire you for fighting the good fight. I think we all should write more and more on the subject, drown the internet with it and then concerned Americans should make applications to court for a declaration that non-therapeutic declawing is a crime.

For example, in California the criminal code:

The legislation covering cat cruelty laws USA for California is penal code 597(a). A person can be fined a maximum of $20,000 and/or imprisoned for a maximum of one year if he/she intentionally tortures, maims, mutilates, wounds or kills a living animal.

Another example:

Pennsylvania: The relevant legislation is § 5511. Cruelty to animals. If a person willfully and/or maliciously kills, maims, mutilates, tortures or disfigures a cat (or dog) or administers a poison to or exposes a poison with intent to a cat (or dog), notwithstanding that the cat (or dog)may or may not belong to the person, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree. On conviction the punishment is a fine of $1000 and/or imprisonment of not more than 2 years.

I also think that city councillors throughout American should create their own ordinances (legislation) that follows the declawing ban in West Hollywood, California, which was declared legal by the Court of Appeal in California.


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